A peek at the Shop they call Top

Arcap_2 It’s a funny thing, press previews for collections going into high street stores seeing as the nature of the high street is that everything is so fast moving that what they predict will be hitting stores might not make it all the way, might drop at different times or something else might take its place.  However, in the case of Topshop, I guess a press preview of what is to come for AW08-9 seems to make sense in that it is a high street brand like no other, the mags need to shoot the stuff and for the New Yorkers awaiting their shiny new Broadway store to open on October 9th this year, this will be even more relevant for them as to what will be in store. 

Tsap Yesterday was the Arcadia AW08-9 press day which encompasses ALL Arcadia brands but in reality everyone was jostling around in the Topshop area inspecting everything and taking many a snap.  I sort of ended up feeling a little sorry for the Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge, Evans etc. areas which were more technically spacious but that neon TOPSHOP was alas too much of a draw.

So onto what we can expect.  First thing that hit me was the MANY MANY pieces, inspired by Miu Miu SS08.  For the Kirsten Dunst in Miu Miu ad lover, you shall be able to fully indulge in much tutu/harlequin/double skater skirted/top hat action.  There’s just a bit of a time delay, that’s all…

Tsapm1 Tsapm2

Black sequin alert!  On a frou frou skater skirt.  Well, the BLK SQN robot me has to say yes to that.   

Tsapm3 Tsapm4

There will be a few boob-focused bodices in tops/dresses…

Tsap1 Tsap2

See a bit of Prada AW08-9 in the sleeveless coats and texturised metallic knitwear?  It’s both shiny and matt at the same time…

Tsap3 Tsap4

A bit of exaggerated knitwear that can be quite hard to find on the high street.  //  More ‘Kirsten Dunst would so wear this’ dresses…

Tsap5 Tsap6

Sheer is still about and it comes in loops on a top and really delicate and fine grey lace. 

Tsap8 Tsap7

Softer takes on the tuxedo in the form of a jacket with ribbed knitted sleeves and tuxedo jacket lapels on draped cotton top.  Yes to both. 

Tsap9 Tsap10

I love this print they have developed for a few pieces.  This tiered cape is one of those directional items that may not make it all the way but I hope so for the sake of my Little Women fantasies. 

Tsap11 Tsap12

The shoe section was where I started really inspecting things properly seeing as I seem to acquire Topshop shoes at a rate of about a pair a month….

Fringe pom poms , velcro straps and the mega platform will be abound.   

Tsaps1 Tsaps2

Chunky shoes encasing the ankle… 

Tsaps3 Tsaps4

Gold and black contrast effects and the descriptive theme of ‘fierce’ is still running through…

Tsaps5 Tsaps6

Heels are both chunky and spindly thin.  The ones on the right are quite possibly the highest Topshop shoes I’ve seen yet. 

Tsaps7 Tsaps8

The colour palette is fairly neutral throughout the shoes but these ones on the left pop a bit and it seems Topshop also heard my praise about cut-out platforms…

Tsaps9 Tsaps10

The standout accessories included this belt and this hardcase spherical bag, both real statement pieces.   

Tsapa1 Tsapa2

I know a few of you will be loving the bows and there are necktie options as well as the headband.  I sneakily tried on a sort of hat/headband amalgamation…. 

Tsapb1 Tsapb2

Jewellery wise, it seems I’m feeling the Topman stuff more than the Topshop stuff…. I was questioning whether they had tacked on the wrong label as I’m not sure how many guys out there would wear multistranded necklaces such as these….

Tmj1 Tmj2 Tmj3

Over at Topshop, the YSL influence kicked in and the key theme was ‘multi-stranded and heavy’. 

Tsapj1 Tsapj3 Tsapj4

In conclusion…. well… there is no clever/smart conclusion other than I know there’ll be a few Topshop entries on my bank statement (and on your’s?) but then again that’s no big revelation…

38 Replies to “A peek at the Shop they call Top”

  1. wow thanks for all this!
    i’m very very excited now and i’m loving some of the more directional stuff especially.
    kind of a shame if harlequin is going to be everywhere though. i have a couple of skirts/dresses with this print and am awaiting the celeste stein tights too… hope there isn’t total high street overload.

  2. boob-focused – hehe, i love that expression
    and what i love too is short tuxedo jackets and the metal details on shoes… maybe that’s what i would pick for a girl… a hint of trash combined with a very classical menswear inspired jacket…nice!

  3. gosh how blatant is the colourful harlequin dress! don’t they ever get sued? i love the shirt with the black collar and that cape, yum! i tried to just skim over the pics though, don’t want to get too attached and be dissapointed if they don’t show up, but thanks for the eye candy!

  4. yeah I agree the harlquin print is very very “borrowed” from miu miu. Love the headband/hat and quite a few other things. Love the YSL rip off necklaces the most though methinks. The stars and the last one. I would definately wear those. When is this stuff purpoted to hit shops susie?

  5. Oh my gosh! These look amazing! But I bet only a teeny fraction end up being produced. LOVING the exaggerated knitwear, the ‘boob’ tops, the sheer black and white thingy and the tiered capelet…mmmm!

  6. Susie, this post is drool worthy! I was surprised to find so many pieces I like! I love the sleeveless coats, crazy knitwear and so many shoes! I think those YSL-inspired star necklaces will be very popular indeed.

  7. GREAT post; thank you! I strongly heart those “boob-focused bodices in tops/dresses”. Can’t wait for them to come out and try them on!

  8. Thanks for posting these! I think I like the necklaces most . . . maybe the bowtie one and the YSL star one and that last one is my favorite favorite.

  9. Loving the knitwear, shoes and the little hat thingy you tried on – if i was there that would of accidently ended up in my bag (oops did I say that out loud??). I am hoping some of this is put into production but guessing the items I love wont be.

  10. ooh! Don’t shoot me if I confess I was never that into the harlequin trend, but some sheer boobiness and doily-esque tea dresses do the trick for me- now this i would line up for ridiculously early (Next? bah humbug)..

  11. Wow, the shiny textureised mettallic knitwear…how is that done? was it like a foil paint on the knitwear or was it the yarn?

  12. I can’t believe this is Topshop! I lvoe teh tuxedo draped cotton top and the silver knitwear. I keep wondering if i can find a silver paint that will stay put and a chunky jumper from the charity shop

  13. I want close to 90% of what you posted. Let me see now… that collared tiered cape! huge purple bowed headband! gold/black booties on the left! looped sheer collar b/w top! frou frou sequinned skater skirt! sheer bodice dress/skirt…
    but top of my lust-have list is that puffy knitted top that screams vampire chic of the old..

  14. Glad ppl liked the post…
    Gemma: Oh well… if they ask me to take down the pics I will but I was told it was ok…. the Evans shoes were pretty…
    The clothes/accessories/shoes will probably hit stores around August/September time but it won’t be all at once of course so it will be through the winter months…

  15. Susie, do you think these topshop clothes will be sold online, or only in topshop stores??
    Love from the topshop-less australia!

  16. Susie, do you think these topshop clothes will be sold online, or only in topshop stores??
    Love from the topshop-less australia!

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