Getting Tactile

Getting Tactile

I‚Äôm a simple child really.  Give me a few jolly experiences and I‚Äôm a happy bunny.  In clothes, I ask for very little but if I get  a few tactile experiences out of a piece of clothing, there we have the fashion equivalent of Prozac.  The tactile experiences that I speak of have been accumulated over the years as clothes have been sucked into the black hole that is my wardrobe (it‚Äôs the place where no garment is ever going to make it back out alive again….).  They‚Äôre particular to myself and not necessarily everyone is going to enjoy the same things.  For instance, I know one person who hates the feeling of gloves on her hands because she feels they‚Äôre claustrophobic whilst I luxuriate in the feeling of pulling on a properly fitted pair of snug snug gloves.  Expense/labels/designers are quite irrelevant in these tactile experiences as they can occur anywhere and these days, my very picky/selective high street shopping means that I keep an eagle eye out for any potential fashion Prozac buzzes that might come about….

So what are these tactile experiences I speak of?  Excuse the reeling of lo-ong list but some of them need a little explanation because as I exclaim ‚ÄòWooden fasteners‚Äô to the boyf and friends, their eyebrows raise and it‚Äôs all a leeeetle bit strange to them as to why I‚Äôm squealing over what are essentially buttons…. 

Pulling silk stockings over the legs ‚Äì Talc required first on the legs but once you get the scrunch motion going and the top band has been securely hoisted up….. it‚Äôs all silky gravy….

Wriggling into bandage elastic dresses ‚Äì It‚Äôs probably a pain pleasure thing (not an S&M thing…) but there is a feeling of being an elastic cocoon when being zipped up into a bandage dress.

Wooden Push Snap Fasteners ‚Äì The sound isn‚Äôt as clicky as the metal ones but the very silent ‚Äòsnap‚Äô motion and the little stitches that go over them to fix them to whatever clothing makes these my snappers of choice.(right now,  a pair of wool leggings with wooden fasteners gong up the calves are making me all giggly…)

Hook and Eye ‚Äì These can be fiddly but I‚Äôve never had to ask people to do these up for me because I love doing up rows of them.  Thankfully, I have a shirt that has them diagonally across my chest which basically has the happiness equivalent of a few dollops of Ben and Jerry‚Äôs Chunky Monkey.

Ribbed Sleeves – If I’ve knitted them myself, even better, but a good bit of ribbing on some longish sleeves that I can pull over my hands is pretty awesome.

Fastening wide belts to the smallest hole setting – Yes, there’s an element of vanity sizing here but I just like it when there all the holes of the belt are on one side of buckle.

Pulling opera gloves over the arms and hands ‚Äì Leather or suede are the preferred fabrics but they absolutely have to be over the elbow.  I make particularly dramatic motions of wriggling my fingers into the gloves so that they fit properly.

Lovely zips ‚Äì There may well be a technical name for these type of zips but I can only name examples like the zips on Lanvin dresses or large toothed plastic zips that go up smoothly without snagging anything. 

Inside a grey sweatshirt ‚Äì A metallic-grey A.P.C. sweatshirt that I bought a few years ago (and then lost on holiday… ) had the nicest texture inside so much so that I pretty much went bare underneath the sweatshirt all the time as it felt like someone was giving me a fabric hug all the time.

Clips on braces ‚Äì Actually, I just love these sort of clips on any sort of garment, not just braces.  Not as ferocious as bulldog clips… so they‚Äôre like… your friendly neighbourhood clip.

Taffeta skirts ‚Äì What have I said about wanting to rustle along a street?  A skirt that whispers and ‚Äòshhhhh‚Äôs is a keeper in my books.

Digging hands into huge pockets on dresses/skirts ‚Äì For me, this is far more satisfying on a skirt/dress than on trousers actually and the larger the pockets are, the better.  I don‚Äôt even really have stuff to put in the pockets nor do I have huge hands but it‚Äôs just the feeling of diving my hands deep into the pockets that is an automatic reflex of mine.

The weight of duchesse satin ‚Äì I don‚Äôt mind carrying weight as long as it‚Äôs of this fabric type. 

Clasps on purses ‚Äì Any sort will do just so as long as they‚Äôre well-oiled and non-rusty (actually, I used to have nightmares of eating rusted metal which made me use plastic/wooden cutlery for a while….). 

Paper Bag Waists ‚Äì The excess of fabric around the true waist is again, probably a vanity sizing thing but still I love pulling it all in and having all the fabric gather up. 

Fabric covered buttons running along the neck/sleeve ‚Äì Couldn‚Äôt find a good image to illustrate this but I think people will know what I mean about small fabric covered buttons that go into button loops as opposed to holes.  1920s‚Äô and 30s‚Äô gear are particularly good at having rows of these buttons going up the back, down the sleeve or at the sides.

Grosgrain ‚Äì Well, this probably comes as no surprise but the ribbed qualities of grosgrain that makes it both smooth and textured means I basically love this as a material, and not just as a trimming. 


I‚Äôm pretty sure Style Bubble readers share some of the above but I also know you have your own little experiences that push you into buying yet another item of clothing or at least trying them on so you get your kicks….  do tell do tell….


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  1. miss. lee

    2008-03-26 at 3:53 PM

    i know just what you mean. there’s something really satisfying about well, basically everything you listed above.
    seekin pleasure out of meticulously sumptuously crafted garments and gorgeous fabrics is what drives me to part with my pennies and have adoeation for design & construction of clothes! x

  2. Violetwired

    2008-03-26 at 3:55 PM

    What a great post! It makes me itch to spend the afternoon playing around with my closet… I love the feel of light Indian cotton, and also the swish of a vintage slip (with plenty of ruffles) worn under a skirt.

  3. Salty

    2008-03-26 at 4:23 PM

    YES. i love fetishist posts!
    -GIANT buttons (also agree with the tiny 20s buttons)
    -along the 20’s line those fringe flapper dresses
    -anything assymetrical
    -sequins that clatter and make noise
    -skirts that are super full of heavy fabric and when you twirl they fly way up and pull out (and then you have to beware of your underwear choice)
    -wearing tons of bracelets and bangles on only one arm and all the clanking and clattering involved
    -earrings that graze the collar bone
    -waffle fabric esp in tightish long sleeved shirts, and especially on men…
    -things that corset/bind my tits, and kind of imitate that elizabethan cleavage (i guess it’s cause i am naturally well-endowed in the chestal area)
    i could go on forever but i definitely agree with the giant pockets on dresses i have about 5 dresses with pockets in them it kind of makes me feel like a child again.

  4. Natty

    2008-03-26 at 4:41 PM

    What a fab post Susie!
    I love wrapping really soft wool scarves around my neck – not too tight but not too loose – in fact I am almost OCD about my scarves!
    I love skinny jeans which are long and bag around ankles.
    I love the feel of lace – be it underwear, slips or dresses.
    Wearing kimono sleeves always makes me feel regal in a weird way. I love the weight of the sleeve and the way I need to move to accomodate them.
    Lastly I love tying ribbons in my hair – the feeling of a satin or grosgrain ribbon against my hair is a nice combination. God I could go on and on!

  5. Occy

    2008-03-26 at 4:45 PM

    wow yes giant pockets on dresses and skirts! it has actually got to the point where i automatically reach for them when i put my clothes on and get disappointed when i realise its a garment without them
    i also love it when i unzip the tiny sleeve pocket on my giant tartan skiing jacket to get out my key. its on the forearm and makes me feel like buzz lightyear. also supertight skirts, as long as they are short and therefore do not constrict too much of my legs! and pulling on new thin soft knee high socks…and putting my feet into comfy slippers. thinking of this is fun!

  6. susie_bubble

    2008-03-26 at 4:45 PM

    Yay for kimono sleeves and clattering sequins! People could go and on and on with this list couldn’t they… I’ve only listed the ones that came to mind in the space of half an hour…

  7. The Devil wears Marc Jacobs

    2008-03-26 at 4:49 PM

    For me wearing its wearing a silky slip, made from Satin or silk, also wearing vintage cashmere, and really soft sweats…I love to just lounge in sweats during the cold months!

  8. Anonymous

    2008-03-26 at 4:51 PM

    Yes kimono sleeves or just really big sleeves in general!
    I love the way they feel and look, they just make the outfit sometimes.
    Also big pockets yes!! I bought the best coat from H&M thats grey with HUGE pockets, and big sleeves, that then go in with cuffs at the wrist. It also drawstrings in at the middle to give a really over the top hour-glass shape all oversized and puffy!
    Talking of those sleeves, my other fav coat is kind of victorian but with a japanese classic lolita twist and the sleeves are puffy and then go in with a cuff. I like to push the cuff up to just before my elbow that feels really nice!
    Ok I know I’m wierd 🙁

  9. Matilda

    2008-03-26 at 5:05 PM

    I love wearing menswear that’s too big for me and pairing with womenswear and somehow make it look quite elegant.
    Knee-high socks is another fetisch of mine, seems like I buy a new pair every time I’m out shopping.
    Also anything that looks like it could have been worn in the twenties or thirties makes me go into a state of complete happiness.

  10. Jael

    2008-03-26 at 5:12 PM

    — Wide belts. I love the corsety feeling. Makes me feel more secure. It’s hard to find belts that are small enough for my true waist, so I’m especially fond of obis.
    — Modal. I have modal shirts, dresses, socks and sheets. I saw some modal panties on Bluefly, and they will be mine.
    — I love bra securing straps on the inside of dresses because my bra straps sliding on my upper arms is the opposite of a tactile joy.
    — Wide pants. I’m 5’4″, but I want those suckers to swirl as I walk.
    — Kick panels in skirts. I love the way they flow and swirl as I run up stairs. For that matter, pleats.
    — Rabbit fur. Yes, fur. Angora is a delight.
    — Ankle straps. Again, I like the secure feeling.
    — High heels that click when I walk. I especially like wood heels. Makes me feel damn sexy.
    — I completely agree about silk stockings. Unfortunately I can’t find mine.
    — Puffy sleeves. I want my clothing close to my torso, but I want my limbs free.
    — Layers of chains. I love the weight of them on my chest.
    — Not clothing related but I love having my nails a little longer so I click extra loud when I type.
    — Purses covered in seed beads. I could rub them all night long.

  11. katington

    2008-03-26 at 5:22 PM

    I love the sound and feeling of ripping open a shirt with poppers for buttons, it makes undressing so much fun.
    Susie – do a ‘textures i hate’ post – velvet stroked the wrong way has got to be number one!

  12. Jacq

    2008-03-26 at 5:34 PM

    I love:
    1. The feel of a nice cashmere scarf on my neck.
    2. The nice warm snuggle of a poloneck jumper on a cold day.
    3. Having my hands in pockets, particularly in a skirt or coat.
    4. A great skirt I have that has its own netting underskirt that rustles when I walk. LOVE!

  13. Angie Montreal

    2008-03-26 at 5:40 PM

    I have a vintage robe/dressing gown from the 40’s made of satin. It has really full sleeves and a great belt with a tassle, and and a small ribbon tie on the insdie and at the sideseam, just because a satin belt on a satin robe doesn’t hold much together! I love wearing it around the house, it’s so luxurious and heavy!

  14. selina

    2008-03-26 at 5:56 PM

    haha what an amazing post! now you (kind of) know two people who hate gloves, i just don’t like not being able to know i’m holding bags or bus passes and change and always end up dropping them! i love clasps of bags and braces too coz i like fiddling with things like the backs of tv remotes.
    i like the heavy poofy sleeves on my coat and i like underlayers so skirts bounce on your hips when you walk, and when you go out, i like those first steps in super high heels with all your friends when you can’t quite walk just right yet! but like gloves, if i wear a tight waist belt, i get a funny uncomfortable feeling in my stomach, one i used to get when i was younger if i was homesick!

  15. lady coveted

    2008-03-26 at 6:15 PM

    what an eloquent post…
    personally i’m always looking for a quirk i can fall in love with. who knows what that means!

  16. Jeanne

    2008-03-26 at 6:47 PM

    Fantastic! I love so much of these too. (Grosgrain! Buttons with thread loops! Ribbing!)
    I love sliding my hand into a back pocket or latching onto a belt loop; the past couple of days I wore pants with no back pocket and would keep sliding my hand down my backside (oops!).
    I’ve always loved French wire ribbon where you can bend it and twist it to your will, and double-sided satin ribbon and how cool and sleek it is. And with grosgrain ribbon, running my thumbnail against the rib.
    Untangling necklaces, particularly chains or knotted beads, is another one of mine. I have been stopped and asked for help in shops several times because I’m busy untangling the displays (“I don’t work here, I’m just fixing this”). I do it with yarn, too (“you have a tangle? give it to me!”).
    And I agree with Jael on ankle straps — I always worry about stepping out of/kicking off shoes, so being sure that I’m strapped in and on is very reassuring.

  17. Luce

    2008-03-26 at 7:16 PM

    i’m with you on the huge pockets thing, i LOVE that on a skirt. Also the little fabric covered buttons with the fabric loops. joy. I also really love the feeling when you button something up and it getting tighter around the waist- like its your perfect perfect size!

  18. Anonymous

    2008-03-26 at 7:53 PM

    Oooh I love all of these! Especially the taffeta point, I adore any fabric that makes a swooshing sound as you walk.
    Another one of my favorites is wearing two totally diverse fabrics at once. Like pairing a silky cami under a big wooly sweater and feeling the difference of the textiles on my skin…it’s the best!

  19. kate

    2008-03-26 at 7:57 PM

    Oooh I love all of these! Especially the taffeta point, I adore any fabric that makes a swooshing sound as you walk.
    Another one of my favorites is wearing two totally diverse fabrics at once. Like pairing a silky cami under a big wooly sweater and feeling the difference of the textiles on my skin…it’s the best!

  20. Make Do & Mend

    2008-03-26 at 8:12 PM

    Ah what bliss – the long over the elbow opera gloves are my all time fave. So much so got married in them!
    Your list and everyones else’s is such a joy to read and great fun to imagine.
    I think one of mine is completely childlike and still a favourite – slipping on a short towelling beach kaftan after coming out of the cold British sea.

  21. Make Do & Mend

    2008-03-26 at 8:12 PM

    Ah what bliss – the long over the elbow opera gloves are my all time fave. So much so got married in them!
    Your list and everyones else’s is such a joy to read and great fun to imagine.
    I think one of mine is completely childlike and still a favourite – slipping on a short towelling beach kaftan after coming out of the cold British sea.

  22. EJ

    2008-03-26 at 8:23 PM

    I’m totally with you on the inside of sweaters thing. And the pockets thing- I’ve bought things before because of their pockets. I still cram my arms up to the elbow into the pockets of one of my coats, just because I can.
    I’ve actually had to stop myself buying shirts with popper buttons on because I love popping them so much… I have to fight hard not to pop them on other people’s shirts too.
    I have a bit of a love/hate thing going on with silk. Some days, it’s the best thing ever. Other days, the slippery feeling makes me feel ill.

  23. Laura

    2008-03-26 at 8:27 PM

    love these suggestions! Another great place to find some great stuff is — check it out tou wont be disappointed!

  24. Giselle

    2008-03-26 at 9:07 PM

    whew…never again am I gonna try to sift threw all those comments again!
    I’m gonna have to agree with you on the sweatshirt and dress pockets, my one weird little thing is feeling a spring breeze agains my freshly shaved patch on my head 😛 lol
    I’m all fash now but I got to have a little piece to remember my punky roots right?
    -Giselle <3<3<3

  25. amanda

    2008-03-26 at 9:09 PM

    i love dresses and skirts with pockets. i been going around getting them everywhere. its addicting.

  26. Ailyex

    2008-03-26 at 9:15 PM

    ooh, I’m there on the big pockets and almost too tight waisted belts – both make me feel tiny and all wrapped up. Personally I have a funny thing about sleeve lengths – they can’t be all tight below the elbows, but they have to push up just right, otherwise ’tis just not cool. Ah that sounds weird . . . I do love this post though, even if it makes me look odd (^-^)

  27. Bag Nutter

    2008-03-26 at 9:21 PM

    You know, I thought it was just me, but I to cherish the experience of pulling silk stockings over the legs. There’s just nothing to compare with the experience. I’m glad that I’m not alone…

  28. geri

    2008-03-26 at 9:24 PM

    such great suggestions!!!

  29. floraposte

    2008-03-26 at 9:39 PM

    MMmmm, vintage cashmere all snuggly and warm (especially when combined with fleecy trackie bots for at home oh the warmth and comfort)and a swirly skirt in a nice swishy silk. Definitely fabric covered buttons as well.

  30. kristin

    2008-03-26 at 9:52 PM

    ah, what a great post! am totally with you on the snaps and hook & eye and the inside of gray sweatshirts

  31. Retail Therapy: The Confessions

    2008-03-26 at 10:32 PM

    Frst of all, as someone who’s recently moved to the UK from the US, your blog is an EXCELLENT read! This post was so fun to read.
    Anyway, I realized my husband was the one when we both discovered that as children [and even now, sometimes] we both wear our socks inside out, cause we HATE the feel of that stitch at the toes.

  32. Duana

    2008-03-26 at 10:55 PM

    I like when fitted clothes fit perfectly round the ribcage and waist. I think it’s because I have terrible posture and corset-y things make me stand straighter. Also because it’s quite a rare experience, I have a skinny ribcage (bra size 28 to 30) and so clothes which fit the rest of my body are not often tight enough in this area.
    And I also wear thick socks inside out to avoid the seams and those dangling threads that get between your toes *shudder*

  33. Addison

    2008-03-26 at 11:24 PM

    argh, silk stockings on bare legs is pure heaven! agreed completely!
    also, cashmere on bare skin is also just divine.
    and the vanity, smallest hole on belts yes yes! in addition to that is when you’re wearing matching underwear from a high quality french label. just knowing…

  34. Libertygirl

    2008-03-26 at 11:38 PM

    I adore the feeling of grosgrain & also of faille. Osman made me a dress in black faille which is heaven to wear. So heavy and elegant. And pulling on long leather gloves too. Mmmm. And proper old fashioned waspies with power net panels, boning and wide suspenders with metal loops for stockings. That fabulous feeling of being pulled in and supported! LLG x

  35. Libertygirl

    2008-03-26 at 11:41 PM

    oh & I have a floor length skirt of knitted cashmere from a TSE sample sale. Bliss with bare legs for snuggling. LLG xx

  36. Jill

    2008-03-26 at 11:49 PM

    The bandage dress bit and the deep pockets bit definetly apply to me.
    I know I have a bunch of hang ups but at the moment most of them escape me. I do know I have a strange issue with thick woolen socks in general. I wear them all the time, and hate that they are too hot for summer.

  37. headmistress

    2008-03-26 at 11:55 PM

    I love the odd occasions when I find a dress that fits and works for my hourglass figure without making my (32dd/e…boohoo:( ) bust look like a hentai explosion or drowning me in excess fabric – something that just holds, shapes, sculpts perfectly… such a rarity! So very pleased today when I found a perfect lace/tulip skirt/tailored concoction in my local PDSA for a fiver…

  38. Lena

    2008-03-27 at 12:08 AM

    oh the crisp cotton, when it crackles and stands a bit stiff
    pleats of all sort, sharp, geometrical, I know that when I’ll move they will reveal another volume, shape
    tiny buttons…when I’m nervous I’ll be just twisting one, love to feel a tiny plastic button between my thumb and index finger
    speaking of buttons, I love to undo that one little fabric covered button at the back of my neck…and it should always have a small loop for a button-hole
    the skirt belt cutting slightly into my waist, I like to feel my clothes
    love the feeling of a smooth, tight leather skirt, it’s really like your sweater fabric hug, just stronger…that’s why I consider my leather skirts to be very masculine garments…not because of the looks but because of the sensation they give
    and the elastic straps on the shoes make me feel extremely secure, love the slightly itchy texture of those rough black elastic straps
    …it’s funny how the most uncomfortable-sounding clothes can feel like a cocoon of comfort sometimes…thanks for the pretty post, susie, it was like a cute tickle

  39. The Clothes Horse

    2008-03-27 at 12:40 AM

    SO interesting! I really enjoy going into a (clothing or fabric) store and running my hands along all the clothes/fabrics. I really can’t buy a dress that rubs me wrong. I really lament so many vintage dresses being polyestey because I detest the feel of it…

  40. Globalglamour

    2008-03-27 at 1:54 AM

    Lol, I have fashion fetishes…the only thing stopping me is my parents amd money!

  41. Jen

    2008-03-27 at 2:58 AM

    all lovely
    the grey sweater!

  42. Anonymous

    2008-03-27 at 3:19 AM

    I absolutely love this post! I do trim research and development for an american design company and, design, create and source all the wonderful components you just named, the ribbons, clasps, buttons ect. and love when people care about the attention to detail that goes into the garment! those are the things that get me most excited and a good zipper or button can make a garment completly. Thanks Susie, for making my job seem worthwhile. haha.

  43. Drusilla

    2008-03-27 at 4:01 AM

    Oooh I’m a sucker for the stockings myself…and the wooden buttons…and the clasps on bags (I love snapping and unsnapping them, am I just weird?)..

  44. Hailey

    2008-03-27 at 4:51 AM

    This post was so well done. You evoked so many memories of cozy sweatshirt innards, wiggling my fingers in gloves and shoving my hands into pockets. Thanks for this 🙂

  45. Hailey

    2008-03-27 at 4:57 AM

    This post was so well done. You evoked so many memories of cozy sweatshirt innards, wiggling my fingers in gloves and shoving my hands into pockets. Thanks for this 🙂

  46. enc

    2008-03-27 at 5:14 AM

    This is an interesting list. I’d never thought to take note of these things, but I bet if I paid attention, I could make a list at least as long. I love the idea of wooden snaps. I’ve never seen any.

  47. Grace

    2008-03-27 at 6:00 AM

    You do a great job of capturing the pleasure of fashion. Here are my additions:
    zipping up a pair of knee-high boots that fit really snug to my calves.
    Wrapping filmy silk scarves around my neck. I love to wear really feminine scarves with my black leather motorcycle jacket.
    Lacing up the pink silk ribbons on pointe shoes.
    Great post!

  48. anna

    2008-03-27 at 6:57 AM

    It’s so daggy compared to the feel of cashmere or silk stockings, but I adore pulling up a hood nice and tight around my head when it’s cold and windy. I also like lacing up shoes really tight and the feel of ice cold lining when you slip on a jacket or coat, as well as most of the ones on your list (lovely zips!! Yes!)

  49. Saskia

    2008-03-27 at 8:19 AM

    aaaaah, i adore puff sleeves (is that the english word?)!
    still love love love your blog – even though i don’t find the time to comment that much at the moment, i’m still reading it.

  50. tea hobbyist

    2008-03-27 at 8:46 AM

    I love poet sleeves. I love the way they swoosh around and how they gather and tickle my wrists. I just lovelovelovelove them and cannot live without them. I like ruffly, poofy skirts. They are sometimes a bit difficult to wear (if they are heavy), but the ‘flouncy flouncy’ feeling keeps me coming back.
    I am right there with you on the pockets on skirts/dresses thing. After wearing pants for so long, it feels weird to not be able to jam my hands into anything.

  51. susie_bubble

    2008-03-27 at 9:55 AM

    Wow, it‚Äôs been such a joy/trip reading everyone‚Äôs contributions…. I‚Äôm glad a) people share some of my fashion tactile experiences and b) that people have their own things that make them giddy.
    Devil Wears Marc Jacobs: The combo of cashmere and silk/satin is tremendous!
    Anon: I know what you mean about those coats but I don‚Äôt suit those sort of sleeves…
    Matilda: NEW is the keyword in knee high socks…after they‚Äôve been in the wash, they don‚Äôt feel quite right again…
    Jael: Loathe to say it but I love rabbit fur too….. and floopy bra straps are the effing bane of my life!
    Katington: Let‚Äôs just stick to the happy happy….I might get too irate otherwise…. velvet rubbed the wrong way actually makes me feel nauseous…is that weird?
    Jacq: Polonecks are so unflattering on me but I love that my neck feels snug inside one…
    Angie M: That sounds like a keeper…brave enough to wear it out?
    Selina: OMG…. I get an odd homesick/flippy belly feeling when I have bras that are too tight…. it‚Äôs very odd…. !
    Lady C: Yes, these quirks border on being fetishes as well!
    Jeanne: Will you come and untangle my jewellery box for me…. ? Ta…
    Luce: As much as I love volume, something fitted well does make me feel quite special.
    Kate: I should have put down silk and cashmere on my list! That contrast of texture is wonderful.
    Make Do and Mend: A warm towelling robe straight off the towel warmer is pretty much heaven…
    EJ: I think it‚Äôs the static silk creates that can turn ppl off…. but I‚Äôm with you on the poppers! Both the boyf and I have a thing for those poppers!
    Giselle: Haven‚Äôt felt that before seeing as I have waaay too much hair… maybe I‚Äôll shave a patch off for the sake of testing it out? Ho ho ho…
    Ailyex: I definitely can‚Äôt handle too-tight sleeves…. all sleeves should be rollable in my book!
    Floraposte: Why did I forget cashmere on the list?
    Retail Therapy: I don‚Äôt wear socks that much (more tights/stockings/bare…) but I get what you mean…especially when the seams are REALLY annoyingly thick…. glad you enjoy the blog!
    Duana: I have poor posture too… wish I had the discipline to correct it.
    Addison: Myla is my label of choice… (if the boyf is reading!)
    Libertygirl: Lucky you to have an Osman Y faille dress…and TSE cashmere anything is great…
    Jill: I still wear woollen socks in the summer…. the good thing is woollen socks get finer and finer…. like the silk cashmere ones that Prada do are pretty good.
    Headmistress: Are you trying to make me jealous with your impressive cleavage….? Oh the woes of fried egg syndrome…
    Lena: Pleats, especially knife pleats almost made it onto my list too!
    The Clothes Horse: Yes, a lot of vintage dresses rub me up the wrong way too…
    Anon: Your job is SO important…. oh my god… a good zipper, button, bit of ribbon/lace makes a piece for me a lot of the time…especially on high street garments where you can‚Äôt get fine cutting/fit…..
    Dru: Yes, I’m fiddling with the snappers on my leggings as we speak!
    Hailey: I‚Äôm a sentimental old thing really…
    Enc: You might not notice them straight away….. they are quite commonly used though!
    Grace: Lacing up ribbons up the calves on any sort of shoe is great….
    Anna: Hoodies were going to be on my list too… I don‚Äôt wear them often but when I do, I luxuriate in pulling the hood up!
    Saskia: I be missing you! Poofy sleeves are great as long as they aren‚Äôt TOO poofy….
    Tea Hobbyist: I don’t have enough poet sleeved-garments but you make them sound wonderful!

  52. Passementerie

    2008-03-27 at 2:35 PM

    Oh yes! Clothes that *feel* like you’re wearing clothes… my debs dress was taffeta and velvet and was my first “proper” dress experience, but as a goth I had so much fun – corsets, pvc, rubber, boots that laced up your legs… but now I take pleasure in simpler (!) things – ballgowns that wrap snugly around your ribs and waist, opera-length kid gloves and of course, grosgrain.
    I have a frothy cream lace dress and plan to have a duck-egg blue grosgrain summer coat with a slim empire line and slim bracelet-length sleeves made to go over it for next spring. I also think I will never get over the teenaged passion for extra long sleeves…

  53. ambika

    2008-03-27 at 4:47 PM

    This is *such* a fantastic post that really articulates lots of things I’ve never even thought to express but completely agree with. Especially clasps on purses. I think my boyfriend would forbid me from owning any if he knew how much I played with them.

  54. Everybody Says Don't

    2008-03-27 at 7:05 PM

    Great post I agree!
    For me –
    Snug waists on skirts or dresses.
    A swishy skirt or dress.
    A soft cotton top that slightly falls off one shoulder… (probably watched “flashdance” too often when I was younger!!!!)
    Wolford (or sim.) tights.
    Tight cotton knee high socks.
    A LBD that fits perfectly, preferably with a zip up the back that makes a good zipping noise!
    Long boots with hook and eye laces, doing them up…
    A corset.
    Stockings, especially under the perfect LBD.
    Knickers that don’t go up your bottom but just hug it…
    Very fine indian type cotton against your skin in the summer.
    Cashmere in the winter.
    Shoes/boots with a bit of padding, that give you a spring in your step.
    Pockets on dresses.

  55. super kawaii mama

    2008-03-27 at 7:49 PM

    At the moment I am loving my soft, knitted, fingerless arm warmers – they make me feel like Eliza Doolittle all day.
    My cats eye sunglasses that mean I can be any number of hollywood legends when I leave the house.
    my scrunchy knitted thigh high socks – so warm and cozy, and somehow make me feel taller.

  56. MizzJ

    2008-03-28 at 1:55 AM

    Ooh great post! I love your writing style and your use of images. Anyways I just wanted to put my 2 bits on my texture favs (I’m so jealous you get so many comments 🙂 )
    1. Big fan of the pockets on dresses and skirts! So nice an surprising to just put your hand in a pocket where it’s unexpected
    2. Cashmere. Nuff said.
    3. Big wooly slippers. Love the warm fuzziness against my bare feet, which are always freezing.
    4. Big over-sized buttons. They big and whimsical and buttons are so cool b/c they come in so many shapes, textures and sizes
    5. Satin. I could just stroke myself all day wearing anything in this.

  57. mica

    2008-03-28 at 1:24 PM

    Completely agree with the ribbed sleeves!
    I love any kind of long sleeved jumper I can pull down to cover my hands – something just feels so snug about it 🙂

  58. Crumpledclothing

    2008-03-29 at 8:07 PM

    Theres soooo many things that I love, mainly fabrics I really love pure silk although having a bit of an ethical dilemma about that. I love love cashmere too! I’m now fantasising about all my Viktor&Rolf (H&M) stuff sitting in the wardrobe mmmmmm…
    I’m also a waisty person whether that be tight belts corsets or high trousers.
    Lacey up things are fab too! Boots, Corsets, jackets with corset lacing (sounds charvy/gothy but AMcQ so its not) Also had a pair of rainbow espadrilles when I was 12 first pair of shoes I ever saved up for! Loved them alot but wouldn’t be seen in them now!
    Shirts with poofy sleeves or with pussy bows or with both….
    Aything cotton feels so much better when its worn in so its thinner and softer mmmmmm
    Today I’m wearing a very,very worn out denim jacket which is so soft and thin its wonderful, very well loved this jacket is was mine around 6 years ago then it went to my little brother and today I nabbed it back, huge holes and rips on the elbows and frayed cuffs mmmmmmm! Layered over a perfectly worn in, slightly faded red blazer lovely!
    Another thing thats great once its worn in is leather, treated myself to a bargain of a teeny leather Jane Shilton (anyone else know this brand, only ever see it here up north?) bag from oxfam lovely and worn in and 2.99 ab fab!
    I currently volunteer in Oxfam a bit (hence the bargain hunting) and it took me until this week to realise what a fabric geek I am, a guy bought a jacket and I was all oooooo Harris Tweed he looked at me as if I was crazy…
    Also when pricing things in there I take twice as long as everyone else.
    She thinks “Its only M&S but its linen sooooo.. and also hmmm plain green unbranded jumper should be ¬£3.99 oh this fabric feels nice… label check 48% angora right thats ¬£5.99”
    Cue me spending this rest of my shift watching it on the shop floor like a hawk,trying it on, helping to lock up then running home to telll my friend Sarah (another textiley person) she has to has to has to buy it the next day! (would have got it myself but don’t wear bottle green)
    Oh and what you said about Taffeta made me think of a Margaret Atwood quote for the novel Alias Grace (little bit off topic but I love this quote) ‘Sometimes I whisper it over to myself: Murderess. Murderess. It rustles, like a taffeta skirt along the floor’
    OOOO another quick charity shop boast I managed to find a pair of brand new ask the missus brown brogues for only ¬£9.95. Thats the boyfriends b’day present sorted!

  59. Crumpledclothing (again)

    2008-03-29 at 8:09 PM

    Just realised I forgot poppers! Have a denim dresses with them all the way down the middle love taking it off but also worry the hem’ll get caught in a door and it’ll pop off!!

  60. Clifford

    2009-05-11 at 7:33 PM

    Hi. In the future I’m going to keep here links to their sites. But I do not worry about the sites where my link is removed. So if you do not want to see a mountain of links, simply delete this message. After 2 weeks, I will come back and check.

  61. stainless steel fixings

    2011-02-09 at 2:42 PM

    I completely agree about poet sleeves, they’re just brilliant. Unfortunately I find it quite hard to come across tops with them. Although it’s quite comfortable to put hands in pockets, I don’t think pockets really have a place to be on some skirts and especially not on dresses.

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