What lies beneath the image

Ilook1I do apologise if today’s posting is just all pretty images and no coherent talking (or perhaps you prefer that, in which case, ignore this babble…).  However, today is festivity-heavy as my office romance with the boyf is sadly ending.  No, it‚Äôs not a break-up but a new era, as the boyf moves to new career pastures, a sad office farewell is in order.  My recent overload of work has yielded good things, namely contributing to a Beijing-based magazine called iLook, that I‚Äôve been poring over trying to improve my simplified Chinese character reading (yes, I can only read traditional characters and yes, people will say that is weird…) and also because it is a superbly laid out, rich-in-content, amazingly styled magazine.  The Drama Queen issue here features an editorial with a Shiatzy Chen dress that can only be described as one of the few examples of Dylon Image Maker-esque photo transfer work that I‚Äôm impressed with which means Shiatzy Chen is on my website hit list for further flash imagery dissection…   


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  1. My boyfriend and I started seeing each other when we were working in the same office; we spent a lot of time hanging out in each other’s office/cubicle, and that’s how we got to know each other. The company we worked for closed our office last summer, so we went our separate ways job-wise — we both love our new jobs, but not being able to see each other every day at the office is definitely a drawback.
    So I hear you!
    Also, what a great photograph! I think reading fashion magazines (and blogs!) is a great way to improve your character reading; I ought to pick up more Japanese fashion mags next time I’m in J-town or at the market…

  2. awww…. well… office romance? wow! well, best of luck to you and your bf
    aaand i’m loving these pics… the whole notion of china and india rising in fashion is very interesting. it seems so mysterious to me (probably because i don’t know how to access it)

  3. moving on is good, right? so am i wrong to congratulate?
    and reading only trad characters is legitimate for a Cantonese Hong Kong Chinese, actually.

  4. Too bad the boyf is leaving your office, but it should be ok..
    And why on earth should you have to apologise for posting images as beautiful as these? (thanks for them, though). I really wish we got more Chinese fashion magazines here- odd we don’t, considering we’re just one border away..
    And Jennine: I find the whole concept of China and India rising in fashion a bit mysterious too- I’m IN one of the countries in question, and I’m hard pressed to see the evidence of so-called BRIC-ness..our high street chains are godawful..

  5. wow, you’re taking the news about your boyfriend in a very mature way. I admire you for that 🙂
    Don’t worry about only posting images, they’re very inspirational.

  6. Every morning when I get dressed I think, “What would Susiebubble do?” That’s right! You’ve replaced Jesus in my books =D

  7. I’m quite sad about the bf thinggie. Just keep on doing what you’re doing girl and it would beless painful. Sorry, I’m such a drama queen. I’m a sucker for romance. 🙂

  8. Wow, Susie, you’re a veritable queen of all media! The magazine looks gorgeous – well done you! Good luck to your boyfriend too – he’s always sounded so kind and supportive when you’ve mentioned him in the blog. I hope whatever he moves onto is equally exciting and awesome.

  9. Re: your comment, I meant that I was tired and so I just stole an outfit idea from another blogger (albeit a really good one) and combined it with a boring tee and tights. Of course I couldn’t dress as well as you on 4 hours of sleep – or even a full night, really.. =]

  10. OMG. I love!
    That’s cool you can read the traditional. My professor only teaches the simplified, so when there’s a traditional character on the exam by accident, I’m like um, professor? The traditional characters are much more intricate, so that’s pretty darn impressive that a young darling like you can read them!

  11. simplified chinese characters give me headache; they feel like puzzles with too many missing pieces.

  12. Haha..it was a little bit Dawn and Tim…. and actually ppl keep insisting that the boyf looks a little like Martin Freeman which he isn’t too chuffed about.
    I think some of you misunderstood me when I said it was a farewell to the boyf…. we haven’t broken up!
    We’re just not working together anymore as he is changing jobs…
    Shiatzy Chen research is most definitely imminent…

  13. Ahh the mysterious boyf! Changes keep things exciting though…I know that’s not consolation. So good to hear about your contribution to the new mag, love the last photo. I hope you will post pictures/scan your published work for us.

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