Thinking Twice

Is it weird that when tidbits such as someone’s top ten movies are revealed, you feel like you know that person just a little bit more or at least, by the sort of ‘stuff’ (stuff being all that CUL-TURE garb…music, film, art, tv etc…) that person is into says something about them.  When I saw the Rodarte girls, Kate and Laura Mulleavy top ten Criterion DVD selection (it is my mission to buy every Criterion DVD in sight…. thanks to Cat Party for the link ), I was intrigued that I possessed 80% of their selection and thus intrigued by their forthcoming collection.  The beauty of their site at the moment with the backstage shots of their SS08 collection and that the clothes were a result of being inspired by Japanese manga/anime, only serves to make me even more curious as previously, I didn’t quite understand why there was so much hype being generated about this label.  So for their AW08-9 collection, they remain inspired by Japan but moving it to a darker realm of Japanese horror/slasher movies and even as I’m typing this, it seems cliched that they should produce bloody scarlet red, white and black streaked dresses yet it doesn’t look it….

Then from bloody madness (as in literal blood, not British ranting…), the artist Eva Hesse gave birth to stringy knits that also have a dripping gorey quality about them.  Yet again, beauty can be derived from the delicacy of the yarns…

Then finally, the real pretty-pretty stuff emerges with Degas-inspired ballerina dresses…

Not to be choke people with prettiness of course, the Rodarte girls have continued their obsession with spiked shoes with these even more vertigo-inducing and prickly heels by Louboutin. 

How this all this assembles into one sensical collection, is a mystery to me but as I’m always ever so selective about reviewing fashion week collections unless I have seen it in person, I guess out of the gazillion of shows that have passed in the last week, this one has a lot to say for me.  Nothing to do with the fact that they put Jean Cocteau’s Beauty and the Beast as their favourite Criterion movie or anything…

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  1. argh i just LOVE this collection! i’m so glad you told us that they were inspired by japanese movies, i watched way too many for media studies, i love the sisters even more now. i did scroll down and wonder how the bloody, slasher dresses were inspired by them as i originally didn’t think of the gore movies, and then remembered all the ones my cousin showed me at a way too young age, of kids cutting each other up and wow, the dresses aren’t just dresses anymore!
    also i think my breathing stopped when i saw the shoes. i want shoes way more than any designer bag but with the clubs i go to, they would get trashed! how do yours cope? is it due to better quality? the white and gold miu miu heels are so high on my wishlist

  2. oh my, breathless stuff! I love the blood-smearyness of the first dresses, there’s something so very palpable about them (the first dress esp, – the red is just the right red for fresh blood…), and I could gawp at the shoes forever. so perfect. And the tights – they remind me of that horrible unnerving sensation of getting spiderwebs caught on you – so fine and delicate but also very, very strange. The perfect bridge between b-horror flicks and ethereal fantasy.

  3. i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again, those dresses remind me of raspberry swirl frozen yogurt or icecream…. yum!
    they really make some beautiful and horrific outfits… i love.
    (and the shoes? i’m going to have to shoe d’jour them, if you don’t mind…)

  4. I’m almost scared of the clothes now…I made the mistake of watching Dark Water alone at night with a friend in an empty house, and suffice it to say we didn’t get to sleep that night. And I’m not even counting Battle Royale etc.
    But they are utterly gorgeous. That vivid red is not for the faint-hearted, and the shoes I could just rhapsodise about forever- imagine what wearing them would be like!

  5. Three different forms of “beauty.” I love them all. The drippy quality of the first two sets of photos is something we don’t often see done effectively with fabrics, as they’re inherently dry, despite the adjectives used to describe them, such as “fluid,” and “flowy.” The third set of photos immediately conjures Degas, as you say. I love the fragile-looking bodices. But the looks in the third photo set aren’t permitted to retain that fragility, because the legwear shatters all the delicacy . . . perfectly.

  6. Hi susie! I’m a Rodarte fan from many seasons..I think last season the Rodarte show was the best of the NY fashion week..if not of all the fashion weeks!..but this one i’m kind of disappointed because it looks like the same exact dresses of the spring show, just in “Goth Version”…very disappointing …i expected more from the Mulleavy’s who i consider artists…it looks like they’re alredy running out of ideas… 🙁

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