Prettifying Schwab

Marios Schwab’s collection for Topshop hasn’t hit the online store yet but luckily, I got myself a dress which is possibly the prettiest incarnation of Schwab.  Not known to do pretty pretty, he has incorporated a two tone floral print that from afar looks like a zig zag pattern and has added some safety belts at the front to stamp in that Schwab touch.

With some sheer tights, and my favourite criss-cross strap flats that were such a steal from Brick Lane, I toodled off to the Gucci press conference yesterday at the gigantic new Fifth Avenue flagship, the biggest in the world and managed not to look like a complete fool.  I really couldn’t move for Gucci bags as everyone had a different incarnation of a Gucci bag so much so that when I spied a Chanel, I had to gasp a bit.  Of course, I couldn’t quite figure out whether it was my ma-hussive black Topshop tote (hey don’t knock it…if it can carry all my shit, I’m taking it, designer or not) or my gremlin ‘Wicked’ tights that was looking a leeetle out of place.  More about the store itself later when I was surreally given a tour by the CEO of Gucci, Mark Lee and walking around the store with the lovely Elisabeth of La Coquette and Betsy of Fashion is Spinach and a rather dazed looking Cory Kennedy (no we didn’t exchange numbers….).

For now, it is the day of the event and it is fraught with disasters that could happen.  Oh well, I guess I’d be able to deal with a whole new level of low after losing two laptops in a week and falling asleep at silly times, thus wasting a lot of my time here (I didn’t stickto my original sleeping plan on the flight coming over which has screwed me over for the week….).         

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  1. Susie you look beautiful! That is a lovely dress. Talk about surreal…touring the Gucci store with fellow bloggers and Cory Kennedy! I can’t wait to hear more about that. Sorry about your computer troubles as well!

  2. Susie, have a wonderful time at the party. There will be NO disasters–keeping my fingers crossed for you out here in California!
    I think you looked just right for that press event–you’re a young girl who can carry off “Wicked” tights and to me that shows someone who is ahead of the game, not trying to play catch up.
    “..dazed looking Cory Kennedy.” HA!

  3. Susie, I emailed you my mobile number for Sunday ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Nice dress. The first item of the recent TS collabs I have actually liked.

  4. I am very impressed with the marios/topshop shtick. this is pretty damn close to the selling collection design-wise. that elastic harness is damn-near perfect, in fact. can’t wait to see the rest. and probably drop a fuckload on that amazing kane leather jacket.

  5. that dress is cool! i really couldn’t see that they were floered patterns in the first picture, but i saw it in the two following ones. and who cares if your bag is topshop, not designer? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    sorry to hear that you lost two laptops, that is quite bad!

  6. Gorgeous outfit Susie, the dress is beautiful, and looks great with those shiny tights. Oh and if by chance I should ever meet you, I’m not letting you anywhere near my laptop:)

  7. Love the dress! I think the tights are perfect with the little green trim at the neckline. Very nice touch!
    Good luck at the big event. Just remember to enjoy yourself!:)

  8. Thanks for everyone’s condolences over my laptops and good luck wishes…. it will be odd and good at the same time me thinks…
    The dress is a gem from the collection… as is the hexagonal puffa jacket which is exactly like his mainline collection dress except it’s a jacket.
    DJM: I didn’t get any email from you! Please send again.
    Alex: Go and get yourself that jacket…it’s a beaut in person…
    Ai: It is by Topshop….Marios Schwab for Topshop
    Anon: I don’t do ‘gorgeous’…

  9. That dress is ravishing and I think the tights add a nice element–continuing the contrast of the dress itself (delicate floral, x-cross straps) with a contrast in color and working the sheer trend. I’m glad you dress interestingly (and I think it is gorgeous) than what is the norm of beauty.

  10. Oh really? I actually sent it last week and it just bounced back today so I resent it, but you haven’t got that either? I’ll try on my Gmail account.

  11. i love this hardware posing as accessories this going on. is it possible to buy safety belts on their own? do you know where to get them?

  12. I love these NY updates!
    That dress with those tights and flats (oh how jealous I am of those flats) is greatโ€šร„รฎI think it’s perfectly YOU.

  13. I’m with the Clothes Horse up there…you look much better than ‘gorgeous’ would. Why should you let convention tell you how to wear the dress (which is lovely), when style is actually about finding your own spin on things?

  14. Sophia: Hah… doubtful but I will be truthful and say that the people at Topshop were kind enough to let me snag this dress before it went on general sale. I work for a digital media agency. Doesn’t mean I’m going to be hard selling you guys online media space though…

  15. oooh but when is the Marios Schwab stuff actually in the shop? I’m thinking the 8th but the Todd Lynn collection was meant to be out last week and still isn’t so I can no longer believe what I read.
    Great dress anyway.

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