I kid you not when I say that on the ONE day that I was at London Fashion Week, I spotted no less than three people wearing ribbondry of some sort in their hair and on the same day on Oxford Street, of all the generic places, RED satin ribbons in the hair tied into a neat bow were seen on two individual girls.  Diehard Kristen Dunst fans or Miu Miu addicts?  I haven’t a clue, but they worked the ribbons in different ways so it could be that the Miu Miu SS08 ad hasn’t a jot to do with their ribboned head.  In general, I’m noticing a bigger inclination towards head decoration that just wasn’t about a few months ago when everyone was in beanies and berets.

I can’t even attribute it to Blair Waldorf (Gossip ‘X-O-X-O’ Girl)’s addiction to her prim/girly bit of headgear. seeing as the show hasn’t started to air yet in the UK, though a small percentage including myself has been guiltily watching it on the internet (the hammy acting and the hilarious ‘I’m-evil’ looks from Blair and Chuck are both joys to watch…),  Ms. Waldorf favours Jennifer Ouellette, who supplied me with my pheasant feathered headband, so their various arrays of mid-priced headbands are a good option. 




My own obsession with adorning the hair tends to be less neat/cute and more Natasha Khan from Bat for Lashes/Rambo.  If only I had Miss Couturable’s array of pretty/chic hairbands to get the barnet under control and also trick people into thinking that I was some sort of a high-achiever in school (which Miss C certainly is!).  Interesting how I don’t really use my hairbands to necessarily neaten up the coiff.  If anything, I end up creating a mushroom poofy static effect, especially after a night out prancing around in a sweaty club.    

I wonder if VV Rouleaux has been seeing an increase in sales in correlation with my witnessing a lot more ribbondry on the head.  Anyhow, this has all been a mixture of random musings on ribbons creeping onto people’s heads.  This would have had more point to it had I been able to give advice on head decoration…. advice being of course something I’m crap at so you’ll just have to stick to the random musings.   

First, I mess up the blog on Typepad and now I give you blurry pics. Just call me Calamity Blogging Jane.  Despite my own poor images and the relative flatness of catwalk images (full video here…), I do want to convince people that Louise Amstrup’s AW08-9 collection, the first she showed at ON|OFF this season, is darn right beautiful.

At the buying appointment for Brittique at Cube PR, though Ms. Amstrup was there herself to talk me through everything and though she explained that she influenced by David Lynch’s female characters, which I found fascinating… the bottom line is that I loved, loved loved practically every piece in the collection.  I don’t want to name favourites but I didn’t expect to find my staple items within the collection but there you go – a heavy, fabric-laden leather edged wool coat and a semi-hexagonal shaped bag made of strategic panels of patent, light grey and dark grey leather.  I expected to find many instant-love items – i.e. things that I don’t really need but that isn’t the point.  But not the important weighty things so for just those two items, I could gush about Louise Amstrup.

But then the instant-love items translates into the wonderful details shown by dresses like the ones below.  Rope embellishment, leather straps, satin that has been colour stripped using dye stripper (I’m sorry Louise but I may need to borrow this idea off you….)…   

The intriguing prints were inspired by Man Ray’s solarisation/Rayography photographic techniques and they play out on these beautifully draped shirts.   

This one in particular is a beaut as it has this chiffon detailing that drapes down the front and attaches at the back with poppers but you can release it and wear the chiffon as a scarf or whatever way you want…

The colours are also all very ‘Susie’ and being a die-hard navy fan means this coat combined with leather geometric panels comes a close second to the sweeping one above.  Louise said that the coat can also be worn belted up if the loose bubble look isn’t for you.  I also love the double collar detailing that Louise employs frequently.   

I couldn’t love the collection properly if it didn’t have this array of skirts that it did…  a flared skirt that needs to be lifted up and kicked about to reveal a beautiful orange and ivory satin lining // a side ruffle skirt // that leather panelling is repeated in this skirt.   

I don’t think I’ve said before how I am re-discooering my love for bodies (shock horror!).  But hey… the 80s’-90s’ got it right… they do give a very clean line to the bod.  Plus these bodies here are a little more on the interesting side.  Louise says she likes to have a few in every collection.   

LouamdressOh, and I’m wearing a Louise Amstrup dress today, a dress that I’ve worn loose but can be belted in, a feature that Amstrup likes to maintain in her designs.  Actually, there is a general feeling of adaptability and ease of movement in her work, particularly in this collection that is what makes me express the triple L (that’ love by the way….) for Louise Amstrup.  Ease of wear crossed over with complexity, a contrast that is not easy to achieve.    

Who else has been loving the beautiful imagery accompanying the promotion of Goldfrapp‚Äôs new album ‚ÄòSeventh Tree‚Äô, shot by Serge Leblon?  The light washing over the images, the composition, Alison‚Äôs expressions, the use of fantastical props, the simultaneous whimsicality and simplicity of the outfits and most of all, the assertion that clowns don‚Äôt have to be the frightening sort.  It may be true that she has had more of a helping hand compared to her total self-styled Felt Mountain days, I do believe that Alison Goldfrapp is the last person to succumb to extreme external styling. 

So whilst Cathy Edwards, contributor to Another and Dazed& Confused, had a dab hand pulling together the aesthetics, ultimately, I think this ‚ÄòLittle Lost Clown‚Äô vision stemmed from Goldfrapp. The Look‚Äôs blog presents an interesting argument that the images overly reference Vivienne Westwood‚Äôs various past incarnations and whilst the similarities are there, I feel that if there was direct influence, it was well executed all the same.  The more obvious, recent references would of course be Miu Miu‚Äôs circus SS08 collection.  In any case, Alison Goldfrapp frockling about with a giant fake owl and a huge neck ruff is all wonderfully mood-lifting.

>>Now I know I’m a bit of a blogger cuckoo as I experienced the longest downtime on the blog ever and all sorts of kooky crazy things were happening and during that time I was literally frantic with worry, missed a party I should have been at and basically harassed Typepad non-stop (sorry guys!).  I apologise if any of you tried to access the blog to not much success today.  It is now hopefully fixed but things are still a little unsteady me thinks but I am working on making the blog as bump-free as possible.