Bergdorf Post-Its

My fascination with window displays isn’t limited to London.  Passing by Bergdorf Goodman yesterday, I was hit by the multitude of coloured post-its.  I could have just been inspired by the juicy colours alone and also the fact that post-its even come in such a variety of colours (I’m old fashioned…. I stick to yellow and yellow alone…).  But then take a step back, and of course the post-its take the shape of very famous people insteed (I just about managed to recognise all of them and congratulated myself for not being a complete numpty….).  To be honest, the clothes on the dummies aren’t inspiring but I really must look into the possiblity of creating a fabric post-it note dress which immediately sprung to mind after walking past this display. 

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  1. unfortunately, my entire life is orgainzed on post-its… and i’m thinking of taking a language course based on them too.
    really… its nice to see other inspired by these little square things.

  2. oo nice, i like the mona lisa. yes, the rodarte show was quite something wasnt it? i got a glimpse of it this morning before going to school and i was just dying to look through it properly all day.

  3. I took me a while to realize that the post its actually made images. It’s a really cool display, must of taken a while and a half.

  4. I walked by that last week quickly and thought of Apartment Therapy’s post-it posts…but I didn’t realize they were actually strategically placed!

  5. That is certainly one creative, beautiful and lovely window. Its so bright and artistic, it really catches the eye while making the viewer come in to take a closer look
    Thanks for posting the pics 🙂

  6. I’m glad I’m not the only one with the obsession. I shot them a few weeks ago when they first went up. Heck, my entire blog is dedicated to my obsession for store windows. Bergdorfs always has the most creative and the best. I don’t know how they do it weekly, it’s seriously amazing.

  7. heh, I took a photo of the exact same window display to post on my blog. never got around to it, though, cause moving is crap. I took a few other window displays too (did you see the Mondrian-style windows at Henri Bendel?)

  8. This reminds me of some of the art displays you see inside the downtown Anthropologie. They often have really impressive, abstract work there, which is so unexpected for a chain store.

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