True Romance

I’m not entirely sure if this is Rita Saardi’s absolute latest collection but in any case ‘Private Garden’ perfectly articulates how romance should be done.  Not with vulgar frothiness or obviously fake embellishment but with a natural ease about it that results in something both organic and dreamy looking.

Saardi, a Swedish designer with Lebanese and Turkish roots and a graduate of ESMOD Paris, once said
‚ÄúFashion is about l‚Äôair du temps, as Coco Chanel once said. It‚Äôs true, but today it‚Äôs more about you‚Äôre own world, your own air du temps. If everyone else is using color and you want grey, well then it should be grey. It‚Äôs your mood, your air du temps.‚Äù 

It may be true that she feels her own air du temps but I wonder when she designed this collection (I suspect a while back as I don’t think this is an SS08 collection…) did she predict that a wave of romance would wash over the catwalk biggies and overbomb us with ruffles, pleats, flowers and nostalgia.  It’s a happy coincidence then that I discovered her collection just in time for romance to hit me in a certain way, the Saardi way, with her slightly off-centre and haphazard vision of a ‘pretty’ (I am so ready to reclaim this word again with a more indepth definition) garden.   

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  1. Susie! i know its probably a tad too late to say this but oh well…
    i was browsing vogue streetstyle and saw your pic – just thought i ‘d tell you that your outfit was tres cool 🙂
    anyways must dash , take care x

  2. Hm…looks interesting.
    Oh, FYI, Hot Topic is an American store which generally sells gothic/punky/emo clothes…or at least it’s stereotyped that way, but one can score some really great finds from there! They have an online shop too.

  3. wow those pictures are so cool !! looks a bit like what ungaro did four or five years ago but here it’s more floral and colorfull ! but i do like it

  4. absolutely the most beautiful photos, i love the designs and I am head over heels for that green in the last picture. What would you call that green? maybe sage?

  5. These dresses are so classically romantic… they make me think of those Flower Fairies books from the 1920s where all the fairies wore dresses made from petals. And the photography is absolutely mesmerizing.

  6. I have been noticing some very cool appliqued cloth flowers on tissue thin t shirts. I especially like the pale peach w/flowers and ruffle trends in casual wear.

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