Tins of Dylon dyes clutter up my drawers and make a mockery out of me.  I stare at them and they stare back as if to say ‘Ha… you bought us, dumped us because you couldn’t be arsed to see your intended DIY projects through!’.  Encouraged by Flying Saucer’s scary uni halls kitchen dip dying incident that turned out to be quite the success and incidentally, The Clothes Horse was also getting crafty-tights happy too last night, I ventured into my kitchen and clinically went about dip dyeing some tights and a skirt in a purple Dylon dye that is circa 2000.  Thankfully, dyes don’t seem to have use-by dates and all went well apart from maybe the skirt not taking on the colour as strongly as the tights (synthetics are quite tricky to dye or so Dylon tells me…).  Now the mind is reeling and I shall return to my nearest Dylon stockist with starry eyed enthusiasm and renewed faith that they won’t be knocking about in my drawers and making me feel bad. 

Finsk shoes inspired by the colours of Studio Ghibli and the Moomins by Tove Jansson aka my childhood companion VHS staples?!?  Can we say gagging for it all together.  What makes it even better is that these shoes are part of Finsk‚Äôs new collaboration with Faith which will be available in April.  I‚Äôve been a little iffy with their past collaborations with the likes of Olivia Morris  and Gil Carvalho as I‚Äôve liked some designs but loathed others.  These however get a double yes from me even if I didn‚Äôt know Julia Lundsten also is a fan of Studio Ghibli.  She has also taken architectural shapes from Alvar Aalto and Eero Saarinen in truly traditional Finsk fashion and applied them to these shoes for Faith.   The colours and moods definitely remind me of those aforementioned refreshingly organic and untainted animation. 

Judging from these preview images of Finsk‚Äôs AW08 collection ‚ÄòLucid Dreams‚Äô, the Faith collaboration seems like an even more bargainous buy as the two collections are not aesthetically speaking miles apart.   Of course we are talking superior and more unique materials such as nubuck and tumbled metallic leather with that same combination of textures and architectural shapes that I last observed

Still, seeing as designer-high street collaborations in shoes have yet to reach the stages of fruition that the clothes have, I‚Äôll be looking forward to these offerings from Faith. 

I am masquerading under the pretense of doing things in the spirit of all things sustainable/eco/green/non-wasteful, when really, I’m just having a good rummage and wanting to pinch the pennies in lieu of my trip to New York, I’m just doing some ‘wardrobe scratching’ (similar to scratching one’s head for ideas except the clothes quite literally fall on your head and hopefully hit you with something remotely useful).  Well the bloody Primark jacket that I customised a while back kept on falling out of my wardrobe on top of my head (doesn’t help when you’re Mardy Grouch like I am in the mornings….).  Now, I never get angry at my clothes and I love each item ever so dearly so I reasoned to myself that the jacket must have been pissed off for its lack of use and decided to take its revenge by constantly plopping on my head.  However I simply can’t be swinging about in white ruffles all the time.  So the white ruffled extension piece belted up as a skirt with leggings/opaque tights hopefully means a truce can be called.  Peace is restored and there is no more need for the squabbling between woman and jacket. 

Yet, the label‚Äîalong with the mystique‚Äîprevailed, and now with fresh direction from designer Kasia Bilinski, its new diffusion label, Imitation, has a shot at infusing the fantasy with some streamlined sophistication. Bilinski, who has previously clocked in time with TSE cashmere, Richard Chai, Naum, and ThreeAsFour, is drawing from the initial creative heritage of the brand, but with Imitation, she’s steering it in a decidedly more wearable direction.
Excuse me if I temporarily veer off my London-centric/obsessed ways seeing as my planning for this NYC trip has verged onto slightly maniacal territory and I‚Äôm reading Refinery 29 (‚Äòello London equivalent?  Wherefore art thou?)  like a woman possessed.  I knew the label Imitation of Christ is no longer designed by Tara Subkoff but I didn‚Äôt know her replacement Kasia Bilinski, who has previously worked at Richard Chai and ThreeAsFour has developed a new diffusion line called ‚ÄòImitiation‚Äô.

I don‚Äôt usually wax lyrical about ‚Äòwearable‚Äô directed pieces but judging from the SS08 campaign pictures shot by Mark Borthwick who is a film maker/photographer who has collaborated with Cat Power and Chloe Sevigny, the ambiguity to the precise nature of the clothes as a result of the lighting does make me intrigued by this diffusion line.  It is also reportedly less pricy.  All the better for me to fulfil my aim of buying a careful selection of pieces with longevity whilst out in New York, taking advantage of the currently pound:dollar conversion and be a little *ahem* grownup with my purchases and all the rest of it.  I can‚Äôt see too clearly but it strikes me that there is this interesting pared down quality to the clothes and the materials used in the collection of premium merino wool, Italian silks and cashmere along with an abundance of French seams does all seem appealingly lux-lux, but not in a predictably overly-tasteful way. 

Anyhow, if the point was to be very vague with the imagery and entice people to see what the hell Imitiation is all about then it‚Äôs worked and I shall hopefully be checking this out in person.  Or perhaps those in the no can enlighten me as to the realities of ‚ÄòImitiation‚Äô (gosh… the last three words could possibly be the title of my debut film if I so wish to direct one!)