Floral Confusion

The WTF skirt that I cut up and the impending joy (or doom…however you wish to see it…) of SS08 brings some floral festivities in my wardrobe experimentation.  Festivities being the operative word as I’m particularly into the brash and bright sort of florals at the moment.  However, I don’t want to leave the plasticky goodness accumulated over the past few months behind, all squashed up at the back of my wardrobe.  It also gives me the chance to pull out some tired out floral dresses as well as the new floral additions that I’m still struggling to incorporate in my outfits properly.  Combine the two and it means the florals suddenly seem a whole lot more fun rather than stale. 

Looking at it all, I just realised how cheapie cheapie everything is too…. a Muji mac, a cheapie PVC skirt, a car boot sale Ann Demeulemeester skirt and an eBay-ed Balenciaga jacket coupled with charity shop/vintage floral finds….
It’s thinking like this that puts silly notions in my head of buying expensive shoes to compensate… 

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  1. Hi susie , i have been reading your blog routinely for a veeeeeery long time but have never commented before..
    I adore these outfits so much that i cant pick which one i like best !
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. i love the idea of combining sweet florals with the kitsch and kinkiness of plastic! especially liking the second and third looks, which show how diverse the effects ccan be. something i’ll have to try myself, i think…

  3. Hey Susie, loving the florals. What have you done to that H&M dress? Did you cut it up? Love the shoes in that picture too. V-cute.

  4. Perfect match! Flowers and water- florals and plastic =) It looks really fun and refreshing. I especially like the clear jacket with the pink dress. You have so much fun with fashion- very inspiring!

  5. Okay, so where did you get those awesome long leggings from the second shot? I am horribly, horribly envious.
    And my favourite is the last outfit. Cute party look!

  6. Oh yeah, I see you’ve got Black Kids on your bubble tunes…I love love them, ‘Im not gonna teach your boyfriend to dance’ is my waiting for the bus tune and I cant seem to get their other song ‘hurricane Jane’ out of my head either…great tunes

  7. Susie! I love the first outfit. So much colour it is making me think of Spring / Summer already! Very cute!

  8. i’m loving the first and last looks best! and i adore ur nod to ghesqui√®re’s spring creations with the blue dress…ur quite resourceful!

  9. The ‘WTF’ skirt is as fab as it was the last time around…in fact, all the dresses are fab (and I love the clear hooded thing in the third picture- does it serve as a raincoat of sorts?). Great styling!

  10. look you seem to have great taste judging by your topics but the outfits you put together are atrocious! i mean seriously. kudos for creativity but how about the general ugliness factor?

  11. Yanyan: I suppose it’s largely a matter of ‘to each their own’. Susie definitely does experiment with clothes to a much greater extent than the average girl, and IMHO most of her outfits(including this lot) have turned out great. A willingness to step beyond the boundaries of what is normally considered aesthetically pleasing takes a great deal of courage, which Susie seems to have in spades. And as for ‘ugly’….I really don’t see it here, maybe our ideas of what pretty and ugly are could be radically different?

  12. Thanks… again… WTF does come to mind and this is I suppose directed to YanYan, the point is I like my florals a bit ugly…actually The Ugliness Factor is something that I’m heavily dependent on…
    The shoes several ppl have mentioned are REALLY old Shelley’s shoes….let’s not go there with Shelley’s…. pretty rubbish brand but these were a stunner…
    Dee: I didn’t cut up that dress… simply had it billowing out of the tighter Ann Demeuelemeester black dress.
    Jen: The leggings are by American Apparel…just pulled them down a bit…!
    Chic Looks: Black Kids are gooood…
    Drusilla: Yes, it does actually! It’s a pack-a-mac that a nanny would proudly wear in the rain…
    Lady C: In a cube? Eh? What? Explain yourself woman!
    Yanyan: U.G.L.Y….. yup….I’m most comfortable with that and you’ve given me inspriration for a post… merci beaucoup….!

  13. Oh Dru…didn’t see that you commented before me…. thanks ever so much…
    I just want to add though that even I’m not personally 100% happy about my outfits that I post here…I’m not here to document SUCCESSFULL and FABULOUS. Rather, it’s work in progress, process and experimentation that I’m blogging about…
    Let’s face it…if in reality, I’m not AB FAB, why would my outfits reflect that?!
    And yes…. to state the obvious…ugliness is a matter of opinion…

  14. They all look beautiful! I’m really excited about getting some floral patterns into my wardrobe too now.

  15. Susie, I’ve been biting back this question for ages but now I have to know! Where – oh where – can I get a transparent red plastic belt, like the one you wear in your 2nd pic?
    I’d spotted it before in a post (I have a pic of it, teamed with leggings, a spotty top and a stripy mini, saved in my ‘style’ folder, lol)… I think it’s amazing!

  16. I’m just going to step back and let some of your amazing style rub off on me… I’m sure someone’s already made a Balenciaga/ WTF skirt comparison, but may I reiterate?

  17. Saying it with flowers… A seasoned concept, indeed… Yep, but (as these pix show) the trick is to do it as a wink-wink as snappy as Milton Glaser’s I heart NYC logo… As a splash of color, in a minimal context… Bravo Susie! XXG:-)

  18. wow you are really fashionable. i want to move to europe to jumpstart my fashion. but now im stuck in the good ol’ u.s.
    well yeah, you’re awesome!

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