Dreaming Extremes

To say that I had the most downright bizarre dream last night would be an understaement.  Bizarre, not in the way that things were hyper surreal and super strange but in the way that it was so vivid, detailed and random in a fashion sense.  Picture this: I was in New Look (cheapie UK high street store) rummaging through their piles of sale items (without sounding un peu snob, I can’t say that I’ve ever found much joy rummaging through New Look….) and in amongst the crap, I found a Charles Anastase for New Look dress and an Alberta Ferretti for New Look dress.  They both totted up to ¬£30 and I even remember during the dream having the feeling of immense joy of nabbing such bargains. 

The dream was so vivid that I remembered the special luxe canvas tags they had been printed with the respective labels’ logos with a New Look logo underneath them.  I remember feeling the material of the gradiated ribbed jersey of the Charles Anastase dress.  I remember the light poofiness of the Alberta Ferretti dress with the layers of red/pink tulle.  B.I.Z.A.R.R.E.  Needless to say when I woke up, I was sorely disappointed… 

I have no idea why in my dreams, I managed to pluck out Charles Anastase and Alberta Ferretti as two names that would do high street collaborations (not completely impossible but rather doubtful…).  The designs that I dreamt up aren’t even particularly atypical of the designers but here they are.  So real was the dream that I had to get up and sketch them just so in two days time, I don’t suddenly go ‘Hang on…am I going doolally or did I have the most RANDOM dream that night?’

What I envisioned in my cuckoo of a head….Charlles Anastase dress (blue) and Alberta Ferretti dress (red) for New Look (wtf?!)

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  1. Wow, that’s a pretty weird dream. Your sketches are really good though – you should try designing clothes! I know that’s kind of a huge leap for me to make, but if your outfits are any indication I think you’d be amazing at it.

  2. haha! that was hilarious.
    I’ve had dreams where I’ve gotten excellant deals on loooovely shoes only to wake-up and go
    ‘awww shucks.’
    kinda frightening- I don’t want to be overly materialistic…
    those dresses are quite nice =)

  3. that is funny, it reminds me of a conversation i was having the other day with someone about those dreams where you have a really good idea, wake up and go wow! i have to write that down…then wake up again and see just how crap the idea was. those dresses are an exception to the rule though! you should try making an outfit based around the red one i think

  4. Haha, don’t you just hate these dreams with fuming passion? I try to tell myself to fall back asleep and keep dreaming when this happens.

  5. I love you site…especially the fact that you’re based in the UK like me. I really wish I oculd pull off the things you wear, I just like looking at your outfits although only for vague inspiration because I’m not as adventurous as you with clothes (though I do love them…shopping makes me an even poorer student).
    I also love the fact that you have the little miss UPS thingy! I really want a Ralph Lauren polo (my taste varies loads, it’s just something I’ve wanted since my school days!) and they’re ridculously overpriced here, even at Bicester! And all the ones on eBay are fake…same goes with Abercrombie too. Is anyone as willing to offer the same service ;)?

  6. As the old proverb goes: ‘Friday’s dream on Saturday told, is sure to come true before nine days old.’

  7. Well last night I had a dream that you and me were at a conference in Sweden and at the end we got separated and I got lost and ended up in a student campus. Bizarre.

  8. Wow..I’ve never been able to remember any of my dreams (except the ones where I’m sleeping off through/flunking exams)- and to remember in that much detail..hats off to you, Susie!

  9. Surreal indeed, I only wish I had such eventful dreams! Maybe New Look could add some menswear collabs. too…my constant nattering about New Look is reaching silly heights at this stage…

  10. Stephanie: I’m more of a thinker than a doer alas… perhaps that will change in 2008
    Zainab: Nothing wrong with materialism… lol
    Alexandra: Linked!
    Caz: Perhaps some US shopping sites ship to the US… if not you can get a US shipping address for not too much money…
    Chloe: That’s such a wicked proverb… PLEASE let it be true!
    DJM: Hehe… no way?! Off to Sweden we go….
    Danielle: Oh dear… I think they’re rather crap… I may post more so thanks!
    DCB: Congrats on all your New Look buys…
    Helen: Perhaps… a little ambitious for me though…

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