Beyond pure beauty

Everyone may have been marvelling at the first revealed Lanvin SS08 ad, shot by Stevein Meisel which depics Olga Sherer in a ‘goddess in the sky’ pose, wearing an orange dress that has a life of its own.  The ad evokes the paintings of old masters and there I can’t deny the pure beauty that needs to be attributed to it.    However, in this second image that has emerged from the series of ads, suddenly something more complex emerges and the styling is played up so that suddenly that pure beauty is somehow distorted.  That’s suddenly when my interest peaks and it then doesn’t surprise me that the ads were styled by none other than Edward Enninful whose styling complexities I could harp on and on about.  The addition of the thick clear perspex glasses and the overly chunky crystal jewellery paired in a slightly unsettling way with a yellow dress that is heaped with different texture goes a level deeper than the bolts of orange silk flowing from the first ad.  I must be some sort of a sicko for not being able to accept beauty that is everclear and I constantly have the desire to delve in more, get more out of it which is why the second ad please me more for throwing out a bigger, chunkier bone.

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  1. i love the one with the yellow dress. in the one you posted a link to, the one on, it seems to me as if the model was creeping away from the dress.

  2. steven miesel is really branching out here… he usually does super crisp glossy photos. i really like the dreamy quality of the lanvin ads… although, i do miss the designed ones of last season… or shall i say this season?

  3. The first one’s very suggestive of a fairy-tale, so it’s good there’s a slightly different feel to this…but that campaign is very definitely one of the best this season.

  4. I very much agree with your assessment. I was actually a little disappointed after having looked at the yellow dress picture to then see the first picture. It does not have the same originality as the one in your post. It is also not as engaging somehow. I see that the orange dress is beautiful, the setting magical, but I don’t much care for the pose of Sherer. As if she plays an animal, just not very convincingly. The one in your post though, quirky, fun, dearing and stunningly beautiful, all at the same time!

  5. I am soo through the roof for Lanvin. This is a perfect example. The detail on that dress is very well done and I love the accessories.

  6. i love that she looks like she’s in motion here. the strong lip, glasses, and the look in her eye all make her look appealingly no-nonsense. the background is cool. it’s menacing and almost looks urban, but then you look closer and…it looks like flowers.

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