Blue Floppy Hat

The title of this post will probably mean something to you if you are a hardcore fash-blog reader as Blue Floppy Hat aka Drusilla has been a long time reader of Style Bubble.  It therefore bought a smile to my face when I picked up this ‘Blue Floppy Hat’ (such a blog-nerd I am that those three words need to be in inverted commas with caps) in the Topshop sale (sadly sold out online now), because I a) am now in posession of a hat that will brighten up most dull days and b) it will remind me of the intelligent and complimentary commentary of a wonderful fellow blogger.

I don’t normally wear new things straight away but today, combined with a Marc Jacobs AW07-8 palette of blues, oranges and yellows and some layering fit for a windy day, it really had to be done. 

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  1. where where is that gorgeous checked shirt which conjures up fond childhood memories of Elmer the Elephant from??!!!

  2. Ha ha! A blogger-tribute hat.I love it. I was just thinking that I’m really in the mood to wear my white floppy Yoko Ono hat lately.

  3. It’s adorable! And I like how you always look like you just stepped out of a magazine. Those things shouldn’t work together but on you, they do. (Sorry if that sounds like a back-handed compliment, it’s meant to be genuine!)

  4. Ah, thanks Susie…that was really sweet of you (and very unexpected). I’m touched (but I should probably tell you- neither of those is my real name).
    The hat is beautiful, that colour looks like it’d be the perfect thing to cheer up grey days (plus, it goes very nicely with the blouse). And I love the bow at your waist- it’s such a fab, quirky detail.

  5. lol, both the outfit and the tribute are sweet, and those yellow tights! I could eat yellow tights. I pondered this hat this very weekend, but my head is too small for it. and sometimes electric blue is better left to more capable others 🙂

  6. Wow, this has to be one of my favourite outfits of yours. The colours all look fantastic together! I’m ever so impressed.
    I have a lovely big black floppy hat from Topshop that I got last year, and I really enjoy wearing that at the moment. Do you find that people tend to stare at yours though? People seem to find mine quite comical!

  7. ever since i saw serena van der woodsen rocking the floppy hat on a recent episode of gossip girls i knew it was time to bring it back

  8. Hoorah, an ode to BFH! I love D’s blog.
    It’s rather funny how blogging is beginning to make such an impact. Of course, naturally, this would be the case considering that most of us ARE bloggers, but it’s funny how we become “friends” with other bloggers, and aware of a blogger’s style in such a way that an item of clothing can remind us of them.
    Does this make sense? Rather long winded!
    Esp love the shirt, Susie.

  9. haha, i have the same hat from topshop! i brought it in septemeber when it was not on sale!!! rip off, but i was new to the town at that time

  10. WOW! loove the hat, especially the color. i have one like that in black, and people look really weirdly at me when i wear it. does it ever happen to you?

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