Mapping out Bodymap

People will probably feel that I have no right to be writing about something that is way before my time and that I had no physical contact with but from this very old V magazine interview and the accompanying images and this YouTube video of Fashion Aid in 1985, I am clamouring for Bodymap, a British label of the 80’s founded by David Holah and Stevie Stewart, that ultimately failed because of over-hype and under-funding (two failures of a lot of British independent designers…), to return and prosper in today’s enthusiastic fashion climate.  It’s hard to find the collections documented online but with names like "Barbie Takes a Trip". "Querelle Meets Olive Oil" and "The Cat in the Hat", I know I want to see more…

The archive pieces styled by Tabitha Simmons, and shot by Craig McDean here for V Magazine 27 highlight the resiliance of the pieces.  As in, I would wear any of these outfits straight away if I had the chance.  From the insightful interview with Stevie Stewart, it sounds like Bodymap’s failing was its inability to build a successful business model and it was through no fault of the clothes.  Perhaps their initial dreams of building a Bodymap empire are too far-fetched but I’m certain that a rail of Bodymap sitting in any department store or boutique today would fly.  Innovative cut stretch fabric pieces, sweatshirting with lycra, pseudo-ethnic prints, misplaced addition of volume…. I want me some of that even without the the attachment of the Bodymap label.   

Also, how much fun is everyone having in this Bodymap ‘catwalk’ show as part of 1985’s Fashion Aid (could we possibly handle a 21st century Fashion Aid..except minus any self-righteous U2 Bono affiliations…)?