I like black.  I like shiny.  I like shiny black.  Wet-look black in the right hands is superb and with fabrics like PE, latex and PVC being taken hold of not just by designer but by the high street, the results by and large have been A-ok.  It’s the sort of aesthetic that would take most high street stores/labels just a leeeeetle bit out of their comfort zone.  For example, American Apparel’s black latex leggings in comparison to the rest of their cotton stock stuck out a little.  Topshop’s PE skirt sold out in a flash.  They’re risk items that are likely to cause a bit of fuss and so the stores have made a correct estimation of just how latched onto the ‘shiny black’ trend people are (I may be speaking from a purely UK-centric point of view here….). 

However, Pinko have taken hold of shiny black and I just don’t know what to make of the results.  It takes a lot of strength to blank out the Sarah Harding (Girls Aloud)-esque model (courtesy of ASOS…) and posing and see the dresses out of context.  There are aspects of them that remind me of Hannah Marshall’s work which of course is far superior in quality and in execution.  The black leather, wet look satin, ruching and body-con shapes should all be enticing but something is falling short.  The pleated detail cap sleeved dress is especially intriguing as it almost looks industrial with its oozing black tar look, yet something is just not quite right.  Perhaps the trend got the better of Pinko and they just simply ran away with it too far.  Plus, dresses that have an indescribable failing, definitely falls shorter when you see the prices…. (¬£200?!)

I may be attracted to all things black and shiny but there I do cast things with a critical eye as well. 

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  1. Ondi says:

    There’s a definite trashiness to these pieces, I think. They’re meant to look high-end, of course, but the fakeness they ooze make them look sleazy and cheap to me.

  2. Winnie says:

    The cap sleeved dress is not very flattering, i mean the way the material bunches up around her stomach!
    There is also something very bin bag-esque about the one shouldered dress. It’s interesting (i’m still not sure whether i like it or not) but somehow the top half of the dress doesn’t correspond to the bottom half, its as if Pinko got bored after doing the upper section…

  3. I think this really proves how important styling is. In the right hands I think these dresses could have looked great.

  4. i agree the model takes away from it. im not familiar with what girls aloud is, but revolveclothing.com is the same way, the models are a bit tacky looking and doing silly hair twirl poses.
    i this case u have to look beyond the model. like that wet look tux they have is gorgeous, but you’re right the prices are pretty steep.

  5. roseann says:

    Yeah they just dont look modern enough, they look very 90’s.

  6. Thom Wong says:

    Perhaps it looks too much like a transformed garbage bag – the bunching reminds me of bad hallowe’en costumes.

  7. I think the pieces on their own aren’t too bad but the way they are styled does nothing to make you want them. They just look tacky/ tarty/ UGH!

  8. Robin Claire says:

    Ooohh…they did just take it too far. I really don’t like those last two, but the skirt is cute at least.

  9. Fenke says:

    I like shiny and black aswell, but this is just too much of shiny and that looks cheap.

  10. rebekah says:

    The high street has been influenced by not only designers like Hannah Marshall & Aimee McWilliams, but designers like the House of Harlot. I think latex, rubber, or PVC is easy to do badly so it looks and feels cheap, but hey maybe there’s a market for that!

  11. oh my goodness, much to sexy and skin-revealing to wear during the day, don’t you reckon?

  12. CLICK ME says:

    ummm..yeah…maybe it’s too shiny…

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