The Predictable PVC Pants

Raise your hands if you glanced at Topshop’s website last week and came across these PVC skinny trousers and thought to yourself ‘Susie Bubble is so going to be buying those….’.  Well you’d be right and I suppose there are times when you just have to say ‘Yup…I’ve become hideously predictable…’.  First it was the latex leggings which I still pull out for the skintight shine.  Then it was the American Apparel black latex-look leggings which I’ve accidentally washed a few times and now have developed a matt leather effect which are useful for everyday wear.  So then these PVC trews are sort of like the inbetween stage of the first two, not quite everday but not exactly super-spesh. 

The skinny fit, in true Topshop style is not super-skinny but as it is PVC, the extra slouch in the legs works this time.  What most will be thinking is the horribly seasonal properties of a a pair of PVC pants but after messing around with them for a while, I’ve now dubbed them the de-summerising pants.  As in, you pair them with your summery dresses, floaty tops, the light/airy stuff that you’ve probably stored away now, and instantly the summer is zapped out of said items.  Sure, wooly tights, polonecks and other wintry things can make summery clothes work all year round, but the PVC trews really just zaps any notion of summer out of the picture with laser-like precision.  So if I just remember them as the de-summerising pants, these should hopefully see me through a few years.

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  1. love them!! especially liking the 6th picture with the head band, perfect combination. i think they’d look marvy with a ballet tutu dress.

  2. Yes, Yes, Yes.
    I’d been after a pair of leather trousers that have the properties of leggings and were stretchy (Okay this MAY have had something to do with the video for The Rows most recent collection) but these have persuaded me to go in the trouser direction.
    The only thing that concerns me is that this look could end up completely flash in the pan very quickly indeed, and with my tight finances (splahed out WAY too much on magazines last month) I would need to have a good long hard think….
    oh, what the hell.

  3. Oh, and a question..
    how are they in terms of flexibility?
    Can you crouch in them without caused deep vein thrombosis?
    Because it would be helpful perhaps, if they didn’t.

  4. I was going to ask the same question too, about what size you have, i saw them the other day and couldnt bring myself to try them on. i didnt want the fact that i knew they wouldnt fit in my size to depress me!

  5. Wow…there’s no beating about the bush with you lot is there? ; )
    I’m not a stick…. and yes, I go into double figures with my dress size – shock shock horror – so these trousers are a UK size 10…
    And yes, I like pies, chips and all of that stuff….
    You can’t do splits in them or anything but for daily walkabouts and the usual-stuff…. they’re pretty much a-ok.

  6. if i was naturally skinny in the leg region and a bit more plentiful in the guts region, i’d be digging those as well. damn.

  7. You look great, Susie! Does it really matter if they were a size 14 but you looked thin in them anyway? It’s something I’ve been asking myself lately.

  8. u r tall so a size 10 on you looks a lot less then on a shorter person. it also means ur egs are longer so u can pull them off!!

  9. I’m wondering about the stickiness factor. Not inside the garment, mind you, but the outside — particularly at the inseam. PVC tends to stick to itself (or at least catch on itself). When you walk in these do the inseams catch or sort of grab each other? What about sound effects; do they squeak or squawk when you walk?

  10. I can’t stand those pants! They look so environmentally unfriendly!!! BUT, you do manage to ROCK those pants! You certainly have good style!

  11. You look great- and the pretty things you paired with the PVC (plus the flats) means it’s effectively de-sluttified. The striped blazer is especially cool, IMO, as is the headband.

  12. Woahh i wanna get me some shiny trousers too x)
    Does Topshop deliver to Australia? bahh even if they do probably can’t afford them.. I’m trying to save T_T

  13. did you make that white dress with the gathered hem? it looks really cool and structural. if you did make it, share your sewing tips!

  14. just a quick question, how sticky are those pants and also, more importantly, how warm do they get? i live in thailand where its like, permanent summer and ive been dying for pvc pants for ages i just havent gotten the courage to buy some cuz im afraid theyll melt onto my legs…do u think theyd be ok in super hot summer weather?

  15. Thanks for all the comments….now to get to the nitty gritty…
    To answer the sticky question…. I thought that the inside thighs would rub together and make squelchy noises as I walk but that doesn’t seem to happen with me. Yes, when I sit down, there’s a bit of a squelch but not an unpleasant sound…
    As for Natalie’s question about the heat… I really would not recommend wearing these in the heat. They would literally encase your legs and bake them. I would not put my legs through that…
    Aliceee: I believe Topshop do deliver to Australia… and the USA…but not Europe or Asia…odd policy they have there!
    M: Yes I did make that dress…the post about it is here…
    My sewing skills are nothing to write home about…tbh, I just make it up as I go along!

  16. sigh…i figured. i guess ill just have to save up my money and buy something similar when i go to college in the us next year (finally, winter!)
    i like the dress u made btw : )

  17. Susie you’re wearing my super-secret go-to Zara dress! The one that I had assumed was the only one of it’s kind in existence (Zara are known for their one-off pieces y’know).
    Love the pleather trews… on you of course!

  18. Hey… no size talk here! Ppl asked for my size… I don’t genuinely think it’s a big size… just ribbing the whole size 0 thing which clearly I don’t condone as a healthy model. However, if ppl here (myself included) feel they’d like to be smaller, that should be respected too…

  19. i doubt they’ll re-stock them.they’re limited edition.really comfy though!!the sound is the best.if you want something similar though try a fetish site.dunno if i can name them on here?

  20. I just received a pair of these in the mail- (I live in the US) and they are really spectacular, though for me they do make a “squelching” sound when i walk. Like your bravery on wearing these with frilly summery things- you have inspired me to try it.

  21. hi has anyone got a pair of these pvc trousers to sell a size 12-14, can’t find any anywhere thanx

  22. I just sold the exact pair size 14 on ebay a couple of weeks ago 🙁 looking for a size 12 now to get into.they are the best pvc trousers ever!

  23. this style looks great! i thought only rock-chicks wear that kind of pants… but u showed a whole new fashion-perspektive!
    well done!
    i know.. my englisch sucks .. -.-
    greez from germany
    (do u know how “gimp” works?.. its a free image-manipulation-programm… )

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