A Wave from the Window

Having a clothing/fashion store in an opticians is already a little on the strange side.  Having a real girl posing as a window mannequin waving at you as you walk by is even freakier.  I’ve always been a little perplexed as to why the label Heaven & Earth (their website is under construction but ASOS sell some of their stuff…), have a stand-alone shop within the 20/20 Optical store on Tottenham Court Road.  But today, a primly dressed girl in black shades, sitting at a table, having tea and waving at passers-by probably perplexed me even more.

If I’m honest, whilst Heaven & Earth sell very cute/wearable clothes with leanings towards the sort of you stuff you’d find in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan etc, I feel as though I’m getting a little ripped off, given that the prices are often on the wrong side of ¬£50.  I suppose if you don’t live in Asia or don’t fly back often, then getting a bit of a fix at Heaven & Earth isn’t such a bad option but I personally can’t bear to fork over ¬£60 for a knitted cardi that will probably cost HKD60.

Nonetheless, the girl did look very pretty and elegant in her black Chanel-esque ensemble.  Even though she freaked me out a little as her head turned side to side in a mechanical way…

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  1. the first time i passed by this shop i thought it was a clothing store, then the next time i made sure to remind myself that it was just an optician’s store…it took me a third time to realize it was a little bit of both.!

  2. thats a bit odd/creepy
    i’ve been lurking around your blog for ages but never commenting. i really love it.
    it would be amazing if you could check out mine! 🙂

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