A badly timed Shopping Block

A lot of Londoners got shopping-merry last night as it was the Carnaby Street (in conjunction with Grazia) late night shopping event offering 20% in a LOT of my favourite Carnaby stores (59 Broadwick Street, Dispensary and Concrete, together is my Carnaby fave trio…).  In other words, it was am awfully bad time to be experiencing a Susie Shopping Block.  A lot of people experience the same thing but I get it to the point of childish stubbornness.  Nothing catches my eye.  I pick up things with semi-interest only to put them down again after talking myself into thinking that I don’t ACTUALLY need that (if I was my normal self, I’d be doing the opposite and talking myself into thinking that yes, that item was an absolute necessity).  I walk around with a scowl and lament that there is NOTHING in the shops (this is course a fallacy but I’m in Susie Shopping Block mode and I don’t heed any words of reason…).  With my frustration increased, I then proceed to rifle through shops in desperation which finally culminates in me storming off to find a nice decent meal to appease me instead (last night, it was grilled lamb cutlets with aubergine and tomato and  potato dauphinoise). 

I’m glad one street in London has got it right with the Christmas lights… love the subtle reflective qualities of the ‘paper’ chains.

It was also the opening of the Soho branch of the Spitalfields store Hurwundeki.  Sushi and champagne all round.  Rather than looking at the stores’ wares, I got a little obsessed with this lady’s animal print dress that is ever so pretty (as opposed to being rooooar!)

At 22 Carnaby Street (aka Swear shoes), the block got even more irritating when the boyf scooped a lovely Peoples Market tuxedo jacket and grey casual shirt.  ‘What the hell is wrong with me’ was what I was thinking.  At Beyond the Valley, one of the cutest-stocked stores in London, I just looked at things with a rather non plussed glazed look in my eye. 

Surely at Kingly Court where there are stores like Sam Greenberg, Twinkled, Tashi, Black Pearl, Love Vintage and Harriet’s Muse to tempt me, something would come to me!  Nope…nada…zilch…. save for the free cup of mulled wine that made me feel a bit queasy….

American Apparel was the last pitstop that should have yielded something but by that time, I was hungry, a little ill and well into the advance stages of Susie’s Shopping Block.  As my peevish antics are well over, I do hope lots of you people who were there last night got a lot of joy out of their 20% shopping. 

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  1. that usually happens to me.. when the an oppurtunity to spend comes around all the things I drooled over are usually gone or just not right.
    I like buying presents for other people though.
    I would’ve loved to have known about this 20% off thing, ah well!
    Paper chains are festive! I love all the extra lights on the trees too, but they’re all white. it’d be nice to see a plumply lit colourful tree.

  2. best decorations for def… can’t remenber the street name but its the one that goes from newburght street up to broadwick street.. anyway there is a huge pug socket on the building on the right…. amazing…

  3. I wish I’d known about that 20% off thing…then again, I am kind of glad I didn’t as I would have inevitably bought something I didn’t really need just because of the discount! I agree the Carnaby Street decorations are beautiful: I like them almost as much as I did the Chinese lantern lights on Oxford Street last year!

  4. Guys, I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you guys in advance. To be honest, I only found out about it when I was passing by! Shows how much I know about Grazia-sponsored events….

  5. wow I know what you mean on the shopping sulk. It always comes at the WORST times – this 20% night or as was my last case when out shopping with my mum right before my birthday. if only a happy medium could be struck…the rest of the time I find I generally suffer shopping frenzy and buy lots of nonsense.

  6. I went to Carnaby Street too and went home empty handed. It was just TOO busy, I couldn’t be bothered to queue for anything. Nice shoes in Fornaria though, and champagne!

  7. Here in America, I avoided our traditional Black Friday (and subsequently Black Monday) and all the entreaties for sale this, discount that, so I can understand your shopping block. Merchandise never looks good to me in a frenzy. Loved your photos, though!

  8. Fashion is not a victimless crime.
    I was lulled into a state of drunkenness by the free mulled wine and champagne, and miniature cakes.
    I left with a ridiculously huge, but beautiful jumper, which I returned yesterday- minus the 20% discount, but with an annoying credit note.
    Oh to have had a shopping block on Thurdsday!!!

  9. Hey, nice story there. I am reading from the beginning to your latest post so this is late :). Anyway, I read that you like your girls dark-haired. I agree! My ideal woman is black-haired (but just dark-haired is just as great), light-colored skin, dark seductive eyes, natural medium to large breasts (basic rule of thumb, good cleavage on standard everyday low cut clothings), and healthy body (I’m not a fanatic of ultra-thin girls who make me want to feed them!) with most important character trait, sexual confidence.

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