FICOR (a silly Grazia-esque acronym…)

At the Fashion East sample sale, there was a rather dubious lonesome rail of clothing that had no particular affiliation with any one designer but upon closer inspection, the randomness of the clothes and shoes was certainly engaging!  Two season old YSL red velvet shoes, Miu Miu boots, random Topshop Unique pieces, a Giles Deacon shirt, a beautiful Sophia Kokosalaki pleated strapless dress, some trend-led vintage pieces including a velvet off-shoulder Christopher Kane dress were some of the things that I remember from this rail that seemed to change every 5 minutes.  I’ve dubbed it the ‘fashion insider cast-off rail’ as I suspect this a clean-out courtesy of Fashion East ppl (Lulu Kennedy perhaps?).

I picked up some of the random Topshop Unique items but the real find was this Jean Colonna leather skirt that bears some resemblance to that Topshop PE swing skirt (sold out now…) that I’ve spotted on about 20 people in the last week (odd that PE has caught on so rapidly!).  The ruching around the waist is more paper bag and the leather is luxuriously soft with a less skater skirt shape.  Jean Colonna was once nicknamed the King of Gallic Grungewear and is someone who is quite underrated and I really must investigate as to his whereabouts as he is a bit of a forefather for people that I admire like Jean Pierre Braganza, Jens Laugesen etc. I will report back on what I have sniffed out…

(Excuse crap hair and dull light… taken in the wee hours of the morning…)

Back to ‘fashion insider cast-off rails’ (FICOR…..I too can come up with ridiculous acronyms!) though.  I stumble upon eBay sellers who have quite clearly blagged too many fashion freebies or are stylists getting rid of their wares, and yes, it is quite exciting but these are once in a blue moon occurences.  I therefore must propose that rails like these become a regular thing as I’m sure all over the world, there are plenty of fashion junkies/insiders/pros just heaving with a lot of gems to get rid of and allow us less fortunate fashion folk to rummage through.  Hmmm… a venture that has certainly got my mind cogitating…. 

Silicone Valley

There’s a whole lot of plastique going on here but it’s not the luscious patent shoes or oversized bag my attention is drawn towards.  It’s the Paule Ka skirt which seems to be made out of a transparent latex and is a bit of a stunner.  A reader very kindly sent me this image and informed me that in fact, the material is silicone compound, similar to what boob implants are made out of I suspect.  This type of rubbery material reminds me of those brown rubber mouldsthat I used to pour plaster of paris into to hopefully make a perfect twee rabbit/cottage/horse figurine (it would always come out chipped…).  It certainly puts a new spin on the various strands of fetishwear that have infiltrated fashion.  Though a rubbery material like this might have textural affiliation with say black pvc/latex, the colour doesn’t suggest anything risque or raunchy.  I’d definitely like to see more of this kind of play on rubber garments.  Afterall, it is just another material and depending on the way you wear it, there is that ability to blend it in seamlessly with more conventional materials.   

Image from ‘Sur la terre Z√ºrich’ (Thank you Tamar for sending through the scan!)