The Whole MA Hog

The Whole MA Hog

I’m feeling a little like Louis Theroux (documentarian who throws into odd/bizarre situations and is constantly perplexed) during my stay in Miami.  Culture shock would be an understatement.  I’ve seen a whole new meaning to the term ‘dressed-up’ and alas, there’s not image evidence but let’s just say that going out in Miami involves a lot of hardship outfit-wise… 

Which got me thinking that if a normal night out has corsets, hotpants, feathers, sequins and 8-inch platform shoes going on then what will Halloween entail?  Passing by Ricky’s Costumes on Lincoln Road, this Marie Antoinette display caught my eye.  In the UK, putting on a rubber mask and maybe a bedsheet with a headhole cut out, are considered making an effort but it seems people here are far more geared up to don a full-on costume.  I’ve always secretly wanted to participate in an 18th century-style masquerade ball.  Since Halloween is a on a much bigger scale here than anywhere else, I’m wondering who is hosting a Coppola-esque 18th century party complete with Siouxsie and the Banshees/Bow Wow Wow soundtrack and decadent over-styled costumes…  and could I possibly live out my costume ball fantasy? 


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  1. stef

    2007-10-29 at 10:50 PM

    I went as Marie Antoinette for halloween! I didn’t wear the dress though because there’ no way I can afford such an intricate costume and it would be too hot and hard to dance in! i did my hair myself though and it got lots of compliments:
    I hope to one day don such a beautiful dress at a masquerade ball!

  2. sarah

    2007-10-30 at 4:24 AM

    ricky’s is actually notorious in new york for being a slutty outlet for costumes. i went to a 3 floor open bar house party in williamsburg the other night in which a girl actually wore that costume. they’re EXPENSIVE too! wigs from ricky’s alone are about $30-$80! if only the skirt were at least 2-3 inches longer it would be great. but the girl didn’t even wear tights to try even a modicum of decency. people LOVE to get all dressed up for halloween though. Next year you should try to head to New York during Halloween weekend + for the parade. People are very, very, very enthusiastic. it’s crazy!

  3. Vain and Vapid

    2007-10-30 at 10:26 AM

    I totally agree with you about Miami. When I went there for the first time in the 1990’s I expected to see tons of perfect looking people with perfect dressed immaculately but I was so taken aback when there was just sooooooo much polyester, spandex and a lot less fashion forwardness than what I expected.
    Georgie is right about Ricky’s as well, it’s great if you want to look like a slutty nurse, why is it that lately Halloween has become a time of year to dress as a much sluttier version of something else? Good luck with you costume hunting!

  4. Anonymous

    2007-10-30 at 2:35 PM

    So Bubble, have you ever checked out Fantasy Fest in Key West?

  5. Cristina

    2007-10-30 at 6:50 PM

    Aw, I haven’t thought of Louis Theroux in ages. I adored him and his “Weird Weekends.”

  6. WendyB

    2007-10-30 at 8:35 PM

    Ah yes, Miami as a very special look! And it doesn’t involve layers, that’s for sure. Red lipstick isn’t a big thing either.

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