Taking something and running away with it…

We’re barely getting into the nitty gritty of Paris Fashion Week and already the bar has been raised quite a few notches.  I don’t mean this to be disparaging to the other fashion weeks.  Pushing the limits of artistry and craftsmanship does not translate to a stupendous collection.  A visual treat, yes.  A collection workable on all levels?  Not necessarily.  Take Lie Sang Bong’s SS08 collection entitled ‘New Romancer’.  These images will instantly blow most people away in terms of fabric manipulation, technique, craftsmanship and colour composure.  There’s no denying the sheer amount of painstaking work that has gone into all of this.  It’s actually pure joy just devouring the images and taking in all the detailing.  In a foody term of a visual feast, it’s like a 15 course banquet cooked by Thomas Keller at the French Laundry.

However, the questions like ‘But what does this all mean for the wearer?’ arise, most people would then take another look at the collection and rethink it.  Lie Sang Bong says it’s for an ‘individual woman with a high degree of sensibility for the avant garde.’  I would argue that though those women are fewer in numbers these days when faced with fast fashion, that those that have the foresight to see wearability in these clothes do still exist.  There is also nothing wrong with Lie Sang Bong taking an influence and pushing it to the ultimate limits it can go.  In this case, he has used the Bauhaus movement and ran away with it completely.  This isn’t a criticism to him.  I wish more would people run away and go doolally with a singular idea.  Specifically, he’s explored Oskar Scchlemmer’s famous ‘Triadisches Ballett’ where the dancers merge with gemetric shapes which was featured a little at the V&A Modernism exhibition.  I love how fluidity and warmth has been injected into Schlemmer’s mechanic visions…   

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  1. I am actually gob smacked at these photo’s! They don’t look real – it’s like some kind of optical illusion. I cannot even begin to imagine the work that goes into creating such a collection – but I feel that sometimes the line is crossed from being fashion to being art. This for me, this is definitely art. Even from the point of view that one wouldn’t want to wear such an intricate piece for fear of ruining it?

  2. It’s gorgeous -they look like they’re wearing paintings, and good ones at that. But no, wearable maybe not.

  3. I love this post, I think the clothes are very beautiful. And the costumes of the Triadisches Ballet are amazing!
    ps: thank you for putting me on the blogroll x

  4. oooh i’m in love. this is a great post. really truly. i’ve been thinking about this ballet for a while now, particularly because they were constructed for a particular kind of movement for the dancer. taking the notion that clothing affects one’s movement and stature to the next level. now, is this currently at the V&A? Arrgh… we’ll probably get the exhibit in a year or two…
    i have to say again, i love the le sang bong’s line… really i do, but do you think it was reminiscent of valentino’s couture this past season? oh my, i wish i had the means and the occasion to wear these dresses!
    : )

  5. Lie Sang Bong’s work just gets better with every season! Like what Lady Coveted said, the technique has been done before (as most recently seen in Valentino’s show) but he takes it up 5 extra steps. Definitely someone to keep looking out for.

  6. hi! i was just wondering where you got the pictures of lie sang bong’s ss08 collection from.i cant seem to find it even on style.com. help me please? thanks.

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