Strides Ahead with Chalayan

Strides Ahead with Chalayan

Fashion democratisation is in full strides if Hussein Chalayn’s SS08 collection is anything to go by.  Instead of showing a traditional catwalk show, he chose to partner up with SHOWstudio to shoot a film presenting his collection ‘Readings’.  It’s said that there was some resistance from the fash crowd (not surprising…) but watching this film and hearing his interview about the collection, I think there more than sufficient detail to fully ‘get’ the collection.  Based around sun-worshipping, it features quite classic jumpsuit, shirt and trench dress ensembles with the sort of cutting twists you’d expect from Chalayan.  The complexity does build up throughout the collection with colour blocking and some prints incorporated.  I’m sort of glad Chalayan has done a collection that is pretty deceptive and I’m certainly glad there is all this SHOWstudio material to accompany it because as i keep saying, taking things on face value is often a mistake with a lot of collections.  The final pieces with the LED’s and lasers beaming out are nothing short of breathtaking…   

There may have been some staunch fash-crowd poo-pooing the idea of showing this film simultaneously to the public and to the people at the viewing last night in Paris but it makes a blogger like myself realise that steps are being taken by some parts of the fashion industry to connect fashion lovers/amateurs and professionals/insiders and to knock that wall down between the two (well not knock it down completely…just a little….).      


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  1. the devil wears h&m

    2007-10-04 at 5:50 PM

    what a force!!! Hussein Chalayan and Nick Knight together! Definetly Chalayan knows how to stand out from the crowd and still make beautiful garnments. So far one of the best collections in Paris.

  2. irene

    2007-10-05 at 8:30 AM

    Oh, yeah! I’ve been saying this for years, fashion shows are a waste of money! Youtube and a handheld camcorder are all you need to have your collection seen now. New designers take note!!! But my only question is: where are the stills so that bloggers & magazines can republish the images???

  3. MySpace Addons

    2007-10-05 at 9:08 AM

    I agree with Irene – fashion shows are a total waste of money and somewhat… creepy. I dislike the outlandish clothing presented.

  4. tennessee lemon trees

    2007-10-06 at 2:27 AM

    Chalayan could easily take up a career in horror flicks if he was ever bored with fashion. For a bunch of dresses and models, that was pretty creepy. Beautiful collection, though.

  5. jen

    2007-10-06 at 10:38 PM

    The thing I noticed most was antony hegarty’s beautiful voice!
    Must rewatch video now.

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