Good Morning, I’m sleeping…

I may be doth protesting too much but going to shows is tiring stuff and for seasoned pros like Mrs Fashion, they all apparently seem to merge into one by the end of the day. 

However, on a Wednesday evening post Fashion East-madness/craziness (seat grabbing is never fun….), I went to familiar ground at the ICA on the Mall to attend the theatre-infused fashion show of Daydream Nation.  Since I last wrote about their AW07-8 show, they have come leaps and bounds in terms of Hong Kong press and stockists and are now deservedly in Harvey Nichols Hong Kong.  This isn’t a patriotic ‘HK buddy’ thing that I’m writing again about Daydream Nation because honestly, I thought I should have been paying to come see this show (backstage deets here…). 

The title of the collection ‘Good Morning, I’m sleeping’ should give a pointer as to what it’s all about and as we were being seated, actors in pyjamas and sleepcaps came around to serve us coffee and tea whilst yawning away and having pillow fights.  As the show began, models/dancers/actors (so is this why ANTM insist on having an episode on ‘acting’….) went through the motions of getting up in the morning, from when you’re still dreaming to when you just begin to open your eyes to realisation that you have to get up and then the mad rush of getting ready.  That whole process dramatised and drawn out and perfectly articulated on stage.

After seeing this second Daydream Nation show, I think I’m finally understanding what it is they’re trying to get across.  By incorporating exaggerated movement, music and full on-expression into their work, we can understand how they came up with their inspirations and how for example, the simple act of brushing your teeth or the dread you feel when you have to get up.  By extending these mundane activities on stage, I get how the clothes came about.   

Yes I haven’t forgotten about the clothes and perhaps it’s best to see their lookbook for further confirmation (pictures this cute is criminal really….).  I think Kay Wong has outdone her last collection whilst continuing to design clothes that aren’t precious.  Eye-catching wearability is what it is and I won’t deny that there is a certain ‘Hong Kong-esque’ aesthetic to the clothes that it’s certainly no bad thing if this ‘look’ was disseminated more on an international level (here’s hoping for more stockists!).  The exaggerated volume, the layers and the girlish features are all well executed and especially charming in person.

I’m also dying for the accessories that have come about from the SS08 collection, what with fabric jewellery still being a love of mine.

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  1. hi susie. thank you so much for the compliments!
    just wanted to tell you that Jing, my brother design the clothing with me together! He is actually the pattern cutter for the cutest pillow t-shirts and the strange shaped dungaree… i find it absolutely amazing how he came from theatre background, and can just pick up the scissors and paper and start making a pattern!
    in some ways, he’s more like the brainchild of the brand coz he’s crazier!super creative!

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