Taken with the Textures

I was shocked at the redesign that Jefferson Hack has given Another Magazine (if you’re gonna splurge on a fashion biannual, I do believe Another offers the most well-rounded content).  I’m still not sure whether it’s a good kind of shock because on first appearance, it would seem that they should have stuck with the stark bold black font used previously.  Perhaps though the logo is there to challenge the eye a little more than the previous design.  I like to look lovingly at all my Another magazines lined up on the shelf in a uniform library so this does mean I have to start a new shelf to ensure there aren’t any design breaks on the magazine spine front (I’m well aware that in that last sentance, I just revealed to you the extend of my anal retentiveness). 

The contents however continues to be impressive as always and out of all the editorials that I have seen in numerous titles that are there purely to pimp the ‘different textures look’ for the AW07-8 season, the one in Another, called ‘Form’ shot by Andreas Larsson works the best for me.  I’m a little tired of the unimaginative use of Prada’s catwalk stylings, taking outfits like for like and reproducing them in various settings (is it me or does Grazia find a way to work in Prada outfits every week?).  The effect is still the same though and really I as well go and look at the Prada lookbook.  Sarah Cobb, the stylist of this editorial though has picked a variety of pieces that range from Benetton to Giles, that showcase texture.  It does give me hope that if I were to go about working three different textures (I’m thinking feathers, shaggy wool and plastic fringing) into an outfit, there is hope that I don’t just have to be knocking on the doors of Prada.  It’s off to the hardware store (odd textures), charity shops (fluffy worn in-wool garments) and market fabric stores (reject textured fabric) and the guilty cheap stores Primark/Peacocks (so that I can hack whatever texturous items they have into something that won’t resemble Primark/Peacocks).

9 Replies to “Taken with the Textures”

  1. Hi Susie,
    I really love what you did with your blue & purple dress a couple of entries down. I was wondering where you learned to sew (did u take a fashion designing course or anything?) and where you bought the dummy from?
    I really want to start making my own things and it’ll be wonderful if u could give me some tips.
    Thank u very much!

  2. I really liked Another’s old logo – sort of barcode-ish..with the white background.. It was unique and seemed more modern and interesting than this new one.. Its really bothering me…
    Im very sad.

  3. I’m just as anal about the display of my mags…Another Mag. fitted perfectly right in the middle of my bookcase, all colors and typography…what am i going to do now??

  4. you know, i was wondering about this myself. it’s really bold to change your logo… i keep wanting to deconstruct the header… and perhaps this is the beginning of early 90s retro. oh my, david carson… with a haunted house ghostly twist.

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