Style Bubble Shops: Project Stagnated

>>I knew I should not have blown the trumpet before the goods have even surfaced.  After weeks of visiting shops, taking photos, writing descriptions, I’m still not even HALF way there with getting all the information, let alone putting it all up online into something that is vaguely user-friendly.  I’m peed off with myself for having busied myself this past month and still not really achieving what I set out to do.  Dipping my fingers into too many pies sums it up perfectly.  Nonetheless, I will plough on but it does mean the launch of Style Bubble Shops will be delayed heavily.  I’ll be vague and say DEFINITELY before the year ends…


From Susie… the pie eater…

6 Replies to “Style Bubble Shops: Project Stagnated”

  1. Hi Susie
    I just wanted to thank you for writing about Vagabond a little while ago! I have a beautiful pair of copper ankle boots making their way to me in the next few days…
    Thanks again, I love reading your blog

  2. I remember you said you wanted to have a map with pop ups…something fancy like that…anyways, how about just a list of shops you like and what you like about them?! 🙂 or maybe you could recruit help from one of your savy readers who could put it all together in a nice way of presenting the info? just an idea on how to start on what might seem like a huge project 🙂

  3. Haha, that really makes me want to chant “Who ate, who ate all the pies” in a vaguely tuneful manner. Don’t worry about the pie though, I would think the majority of people rather you paced yourself and did a good job instead of rushing.

  4. You’re Da Best, Suz… Everybody whoz anybody in fash blogland says zo…!! Am in London Sat & Sun… Still working on my project… Speaking of zee Scaree publishing world… Have you read Deluxe How luxury lost its luster… a New York Times best-seller by Newsweek Culture & Fashion correspondent, Dana Thomas (Penguin’s PR called me about it, from Amsterdam)… ?? If so, what do U think of it??

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