My kind of pick-me-up

Crying at the office is just tragic on all kinds of levels.  You can’t weep openly like you would in the privacy of your own home.  You can escape to the toilets for a while and sob silently and not for too long as people will suspect that you’ve gone off to cry.  It’s embarrassing when people do you know you have cried and then start asking condescendingly ‘What’s wrong?’ and nudging Kleenex your way.  Overall, it’s just not all that pro to be bubblering at work. 

But when you’re hassled by people needlessly, spoken to in a derogatory way and basically made to feel about 5cm tall, those tears to start rolling.  I’ll say that in my line of work (digital advertising), unhappy clients aren’t a pretty sight.  Today was particularly stressful. 

A lot of my colleagues turn to the post-work pub ritual or a cigarette or two to relieve the stress.  I rely on my fashion pick-me-ups.  Today, the pick-me-ups were very rightly timed.  At about 11:00am when I could feel my blood boiling, my Etsy purchase arrived.  The personal packaging, the handwritten thank-you note instantly calmed me right down.  From the UK-based KissCurl who sell ‘millinery for the femme fatale’ came a femme fatale piece that I had been meaning to buy for yonks but never got round to it.  It’s the feather fascinator which was instantly imprinted into my mind when I saw the film Brick.  I will be further exploring Kiss Curl’s beautiful head creations but for now, I’ll slip in the feather fascinator as and when I can, without even creating an up-do as to not make it look too ‘done’.

Then to get me through the whole day, I had the Rupert Sanderson factory sale to look forward to as the end of day pick-me-up as opposed to drowning my sorrows in a vodka and cranberry.  I dragged the bf down to a quaint room at the back of a church in Mayfair where women were literally ravagaing piles and piles of shoeboxes.  Not finding anything of interest in my size in the boxed shoes, I started rummaging through the press boxes and found these metallic dark blue sandals with padded straps.  I want to wear them with thick ribbed grey ankle socks and tights to wintri-fy the sandals.

Now, I’ve just also had a heaping plate of spaghetti and meatballs cooked by the boyf and with one eye on the fascinator and the other on the shoes, my day has been excellently picked-up. 

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  1. Very original way of cheering yourself up! I usually just sneak into the office toilet for a quick fag or do a quick call to my 5 year old niece for a baby chat and I’m ready to go again,with a vengeance.
    Miss J.

  2. Crying in the office huh? We’ve all been there at least once. Loving your pick-me-up strategy. I can also recommend a vodka and pommegranate if you can get it. Now a question. When I wear socks or woolly tights with strappy heels, my feet slip and slide about like crazy. What’s your solution?

  3. Such a sweet little anecdote. I’ve been down all week and there’s nothing like hanging out with the ‘boyf’ and having a few drinks (even though you didn’t go to the pub it brought back fond memories!). ps the sandals and headpiece look great!

  4. what luck you got the fascinator at such a perfect time, especially since it’s now sold out! oh and those heels look amazing.
    here’s to shopping instead of boozing, making you feel a whole lot better later.

  5. ah susie, i feel you. it’s happened to me before, and little gems do help. so do cookies.
    I’m glad to hear your feeling better… and that feather fascinator looks great on you!

  6. If this is how you handle stress, you’ll probably go broke in a couple of days:))
    [I’m talking from experience here :)]. The shoes are amazing! Very versatile. LOVE them… Now if only I would be stressed right now…hm, must do something about that!

  7. wow, i cried at the office for the first time ever yesterday (hours and hours of too much work and horrible, horrible clients) and it’s nice to know it’s not just me! the fascinator is very very cute btw!

  8. Wow, well done for getting your boy to come with you – he’s brave (or in love!). I shared my rummaging with dozens of yummy mummys and their school-run kids. And I saw those sandals too – great choice! Those big boxes were where all the bargains were to be had

  9. Sorry you had a bad day, Susie. But, still, hooray for kisscurl. I’m so glad to know they’re still around. I haven’t seen anything of their on ebay for ages (the last time they did I bought the same fascinator as you!). Etsy is officially fantastic (as are you for linking it, obviously.)

  10. I have wanted that fascinator from Brick for ages. Wonder if any more can be found? Or I suppose I can attempt to make one on my own. I almost bought something similar from Urban Outfitters (but it was a headband).
    Glad you made it through the day.

  11. Ha, spot on description of the crying in the loos…
    Its getting that right balance so that you can let your shoulders shake in that uncontrollable way, without letting out the uncontrollable sobs that always bloody well accompany them!
    Oh dearrr, we’ve all been there haven’t we?
    S xx

  12. love the headpiece so much that i ordered it within 2 seconds of seeing it here! apparently i got the last one in stock – i dont know whether that makes me feel good or a meanie :oS either way its gorgeous!

  13. Late reply but thanks for helping me pick me up too…. with your comments on my pick me ups…. if that makes any sense?
    Glad ppl got the Brick reference with the fascinator – keep checking Kiss Curl and perhaps send them an email and it will reappear I think!
    Rollergirl: It does depend on the tights/socks I find… ribbed ones are obviously better. Silky tights do slip a little but you know those stick gelly heel things that you’re supposed to put at the top of the shoe? I put them in at the bottom and then my feet don’t slip as much…

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