Chain Reaction Part Two?

My unlikely find of last season was that chain link scarf from Benetton so it stands to reason that good old United Colours of Benetton are on my radar again this year.  The problem is that venturing into Benetton stores rarely yields anything but something from their ad campaigns always seems to catch my eye.  The trick I guess is to figure out when those glossy things you want in the pretty pictures pops up in-stores.  I do see a bit of a ‘chain reaction’ going on though (cannot handle the number of wordplays I could be writing in this post…..).  Last year it was about oversized wool chains and this year, it’s about chunky wool thread through actual chains.  Ok, so it is a bit of a Chanel derivative but I am on a bit of a knitted bag rampage and I like the idea of the clash of textures between metal and wool.  I’m also wondering whether those numerous chain/wool necklaces around the model’s neck is all for show or whether they’re actually wares for sale.  I can see a chain frenzy happening before my very eyes as I load them up ALONG with my chain wool scarf of last year, creating a chaos around my neck that can only be worn with a plain black body-con minidress and a pair of stockingly fierce boots (yet to be determined…more about that later…).

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  1. Hello
    Just happened to pop into Benetton this morning. So far so bad for wool chains. But some really interesting wool dresses. It’s still a bit of pain to go inside but I do have this vague feeling Benetton is going to be back on my fashion radar after a 10-years-long absence…:-)

  2. those necklaces are great! (and that purple bag is definitely worth keeping an eye out for.) oh and those Lanvin “bitch boots” seem like they would have looked great with said outift.

  3. How odd – I have just been to Benetton this second! I am looking for a wool dress with a big fluffy bit at the bottom, like feathers but looped wool (sorry – didn’t explain that very well!). They didn’t have it of course, but I ended up trying on some amazing black waxed jeans that were very April 77. Like Play I haven’t taken notice of the shop for years and years!

  4. Ooh I’m sensing a Benetton revival! I’ve seen those bags, they’re lovely as are their tan high heeled brogue-y shoe-boots – the best on the high street. Yes, the Benetton stores can be a bit hit and miss because I think they’re all franchises. Ah well, we’ll all keep our peepers peeled for you Ms Bubble!
    By the way Susie, did you know Caroline Baker from Nova styled those early Olivieri Toscani Benetton campaigns? These new ones look kind of similar…

  5. Benetton does seem to be doing very well with their knitwear at the moment. The knitted bags are in stock at the moment, I personally found the chain to be too short for everyday use though…

  6. Goodness, the bag is really nice. I love the purple one! how much would one cost? Any idea anyone? Is there an online store?

  7. I was just telling my boyfriend the same thing! I want to go to Benetton because I like some things in their ads, but I always walk out disappointed! Either they never seem to actually stock the clothing they place in their ads or it simply doesn’t translate well into real life and doesn’t jump out at me. Maybe i just need to go more often. I too would love to see the looped wool dress.

  8. Benetton does a nice job with fit, but I don’t ever walk in with ad-based expectations. They do have certain runway-derivitive styles, and pretty colors, but in practice–unlike in their fabulously tacky ads–they rarely take the crazy plunge.
    Also, is it just in the old US of A that Benetton salespeople work on commission? Because in every Benetton I’ve been in, they’ve hounded me with the newest, most expensive pieces, crooning over me and saying, “Oh, this would look so lovely on you! BUY IT.”

  9. After your Taken with the Textures post (which I loved) I went through the pictures and I loved the looped wool Benetton dress, which seems alot more wearable and affordable then the plastic fringe dresses that I adore. But the US stock versus UK is usually pretty poor so I’ll just have to see about it. As for a knitted bag, I should hope it has some structure to it personally.

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