It may be that I was brought up in the house of bad taste or that I had no connotations of bad taste instilled in me.  Reason being that I fully believe that things that are seemingly of poor taste can be taken out of that context and re-emerge triumphant.  Today, I feel like pondering and questioning something that has been hated yet taken to by people of all walks of life (not just fashion lovers).  KoS points out the ridiculous nature of the word ‘Tregging’ (supposedly trousers that have all the physical properties of leggings) but hideous word amalgamation aside, it did get me thinking about leggings worn as trouser.  i.e. sans bum covering skirt/dress/tunic/robe/top or whatever upper garment that serves to see two legs sticking out with those recognisable cutoff points.  This is how they started re-emerging and by around 2005 (waaay earlier in HK/Asia though…), everyone’s onto them and its cousin the footless tight. 

But lets rewind to *shudder* the tregging.  Wearing that as trousers, with nothing covering the butt and hip area, the entire legging glory on display.  GFY guffaws at any attempts to wear leggings sans bum cover.  Many will deem this a ‘faux-pas’ but many of you will also remember that that phrase means zilch to me.  So I will stick my neck out and say ‘Is it such a crime?’   

I won’t leave this question unjustified though but will present a list of questions.   
If skinny jeans are getting to the point of the same amount of tightness and body-moulding proportions as leggings, is that not the same as wearing leggings as trousers?

So if it’s a body confidence issue, we have body-con dresses coming all over us.  Those can be pretty unforgiving.  Is it that revealing the shape of the bum, hips and *ahem* front bum all a little too much and disconcerting for people to see? 

Is this a ‘Only skinny people can pull it off?’ thing?  If so, how does that explain the LA celeb sticks getting boo-ed for donning leggings without any bum protection?  So then we’re back to looking at this as a matter of poor taste.

oh well, in which case, like I said before, having no connotations of what is bad taste, and not really having too much of a disregard for giving the illustion of my body in its skinniest form, I enthusiastically pulled the leggings on and wore them not even with short loose tops but short tight tops that basically give the effect of me wearing a unitard.  There we go again.  ‘Unitard?  What the F is she thinking?’.  Given that this question floats over your heads most of the time when looking at this blog anyway, I guess it doesn’t really make a difference if I go and present you with more bad taste. 

There’s something very liberating revealing the contours of your body in that way and it does force you to take in everything at one time.  Thought process being ‘Ick… my lack of waist, urgh, my bum, ack, my thighs *turns to the side* good lord!’.  But once you get past that, you sort of think ‘Eh…well there we go, that’s my bod!’.  You will all agree that I’m in no way skinny skinny but then again, is that how I wish to be seen anyway (previous protestations of big ass was more anger in lieu of not obtaining those coveted DH jeans than actual anger at myself…)?  Despite the amount of body-con incorporated into these outfits, to me, they don’t really look purposefully sexy either (a good thing me thinks!).  I quite like the bump free sillhouette, the lack of ‘stuff’ going on, which is rare in my outfits. 

Which for me concludes that at the end of the day, leggings are just another form of trousers and no, I’m not saying it’s for everyone but for those that don’t have those qualms about their bod, there is no need malign them to just a piece of layering.  It points to a bigger issue that I have no time to blah on about here about an obsession with hiding ‘flaws’ in the way we dress that I’m increasingly pondering (as to whether this is entirely healthy…) but for now, you can jeer, jibe and hate at the ‘tregging’ effect (last time I use that word…promise!).   

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  1. paja says:

    The first piccy you hardly notice the leggings. I think the sliver gloves distract one away from them πŸ™‚
    You look quite good in them in the rest of the pics

  2. dreamecho says:

    “front bum” – *snort*. thanks for acknowledging that, ms. bubble πŸ˜‰ i do not have any qualms with this when carried off with chutzpah like yours. with a tight top, the leggings as trousers look is essentially leotard/unitard like. and what is so wrong with what dancers wear anyway? if it is acceptable on the stage and in the dance studio, then why should we shun it on the streets? fabulous looks!
    that aside, i am looking forward to your future post on “hiding flaws”. inherent in that phrase is that the human body can be and is flawed. this notion, like you said, is psychologically and spiritually unhealthy. i think as long as we are maintaining our physical health, there really shouldn’t even be such a thing as a “flawed” body.

  3. Love them with the gloves and the silver platforms!

  4. WendyB says:

    “Treggings” (LOL) look GREAT on you!

  5. shadowplay says:

    Wow, I was just thinking about that yesterday. I was lying in bed and thinking “how long is the top allowed to be if you’re wearing a pair of leggings?” Anyway… I have to agree that “treggings” is a weird term. But you pull the look of completely, because 1) you’re thin and tall 2) you know how to pair those leggings with the right things. And I quite like that unitard look. I like the third look a lot. And that beannie hat just plopped on in the second makes the outfit complete.
    I do agree with dreamecho, a post on ‘hidding body flaws’ will be very cool.

  6. selina says:

    I can’t get the image of old 80’s exercise leotards out of my head. I think the qualms people have is because most don’t actually walk down the street with a definite top and just leggings, it’s always a tunic that looks like it’s rode up a little too far. You feel like you can’t look, like someone whose bra is accidently shown through an unaware see-through top. My mind is boggling, I just can’t figure out what’s so wrong but something’s not right.

  7. your first outfit is to die for πŸ™‚ I LOVE IT!
    love the chain necklace πŸ™‚

  8. turkey says:

    get a haircut.

  9. Thomas says:

    I’m trying to figure out if the “get a haircut” comment is some sort of inside joke…god I hope so.
    Leggings as pants MAY not be a disaster, and you certainly make the looks work, but I think the key is leggings that are not glorified tights. Because around these here parts up in America Junior, ladies have been taking a pretty liberal interpretation of what constitutes leggings.
    And then pairing them with Uggs.
    What’s funny is I never once thought of the whole kerfuffle as being about body consciousness. For me, it just looked like an incomplete outfit. But after seeing these pics I’m not sure Phillip Lim was correct – at least TWO girls in the entire world can pull it off:

  10. iz says:

    i love your top in the first picture…where is it FROM???

  11. stcolapop says:

    you’ve got nice legs!

  12. M says:

    i’ve worn the “tregging” a couple times before. the latex pic looks hot.

  13. stella says:

    i love this look on you! i’ve been eyeing these leggings for a while:
    … and i think you’ve inspired me to finally go for it! thanks!!!

  14. panda says:

    Personally, I’ve always detested leggings when worn under a skirt/dress and have always, always preferred the leggings with the bum revealed and worn as “treggings” (I’ve never heard that term before hah!). Those outfits, particularly that first one, look great! My first re-introduction to the look was probably in Igby Goes Down. Amanda Peet (while not a fan of her) had some cute outfits with leggings in that movie and that was circa 2002.

  15. Amy says:

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it as long as they don’t cling to any crevices (i.e. bum crack or camel toe) that is just gross and waaaaaayyyyy to much information.

  16. Matilda says:

    I wear leggings instead of trousers all the time. Aslong as they are thick, soft and good quality and fit well I see no reason not to. Then again I’m a bit of an 80s throwback… But I like sleek shapes and love leggings with a fitted top and belt. Can be sexy and looks quite different just because everyone else seems to think its a no-no. However I don’t think I’m brave enough to wear my shiny ones alone…theres only so much abuse my thighs can take.

  17. Chelsea says:

    Good taste is the enemy of creativity. I believe Picasso said that. It has always been a great comfort to me anyways. πŸ™‚

  18. Oh Susie, how I love your wonderful and creative outfits. You get it sooo right.

  19. jennine says:

    oh wow… i love what you’ve done with the leggings… i’ve been wondering how to wear them… thanks for the inspiration!

  20. Lola says:

    I think my real issue with “Treggings” is the crotch. If you are lucky enough to be one of those people who is waif-like enough to encase their thighs in spandex, you are often unlucky enough to have a bony mons pubis, or whatever the polite term is, which is easily visable.

  21. Sarah says:

    i love all of these outfits a lot.

  22. marie says:

    tregging – what an ugly word.. but would louser be any better?
    I think, if you can wear them cycling, whilst excercising – then why not .. especially if you dont have too many the …..wobbly bits (the self-confidence lowering ones)..
    My mum is a very stylish lady and she pulls them off with panache – some cool boots and a jacket.. and I agree – the streamlined silhouette is very liberating.. reminds me of audrey hepburn in Funny face! It looks cool on you.. but coming out of winter my gluteus maximus wouldnt be up to scratch for this at the moment.. lol

  23. Heather_L says:

    My opinion on leggings has always been unfavourable, so much that I decided to blog about.
    But Susie, where did you get the leggings that you wore in your pictures???

  24. Teresa says:

    WOW the latex ones look very dominatrix -meets -high fashion. VERY HOT.

  25. janet says:

    thanks for putting my tee in πŸ˜‰
    looking good as always… this is something i’ve thought about as well. i agree with you that it can be done but it’s a bit tricky to pull off. i love the leggings in the last photo.

  26. susie_bubble says:

    Dreamecho: The subject will be expanded on…whether it will make any sense or not…we shall see! And you’re right…nothing wrong with dancewear on the streets at all…
    Shadowplay: Ho ho….see tall and thin is a lie! It’s all an illusion created by leggings and tops that pull your bod in tightly…
    Selina: In a lot of people’s minds there is something inherently wrong with it and I don’t blame you for thinking so…. I just don’t happen to be one of them…
    Turkey: Please, I’d welcome you to come and cut my hair…
    The Stilleto Effect: Chains….should get over them but I just can’t…
    Thomas: I think it’s important to get leggings that are thick enough so that they qualify for ‘trouser’ status as opposed to just going around in footless tights (I may be experimental but knickers showing through footless tights is just a step too far…). Thanks for saying I pull them off though…. Phillip Lim is wrong…. there are surely more than two in the world…I’d venture to say there are tons…
    iz: Ah…it’s by a designer called Graey NY
    Janet who commented below is the designer.
    stcolapop: Thanks! They really aren’t but I do think the leggings help pull them in…
    Stella: Those leggings are really cool! They’d be great with something very pared down.
    Panda: Yes…. definitely! Amanda Peet did a sort of pseudo-Edie Sedgewick thing which I loved.
    Amy: Trust me…if there was that level of clinging I’d object…
    Mathilda: Agreed about thick good quality leggings. My America Apparel black lame ones (the ones I’m wearing in the last two outfits) aren’t that shiny though after a few washes they become a bit more matt…. which I quite like.
    Chelsea: I may have to change my strapline to that Picasso quote…
    Esther: Or so wrong? That it’s right again?
    Jennine: Nice of you to say they’ve given you inspiration.
    Lola: I guess I should be thankful that I’m not a waif then…
    Marie: Sucking in is pretty helpful! Seriously though… I’ve got nothing to hide… sure I have a bit of a tum and a bum…. but I don’t see them as disgusting…
    Heather_L: The first black ones are really thick wool ones from Hong Kong. The second black lame/latex-effect ones are from American Apparel.
    Teresa: Ho ho…I’m anything but a dominatrix…but thanks for saying so!
    Janet: They’re from AA… and I still wear your t-shirt to death…

  27. swall says:

    They just look like skinny jeans!
    I wouldn’t personally wear leggings with like, a vest or something, but yo pulled it off. congratulations!

  28. Drusilla says:

    The pictures took a while to upload, so I was sitting there reading- and wondering what you’d come up with, and even from a confirmed legging-hater- you look great, Susie! The first outfit is particularly stupendous, with the chains and gloves.
    And I suppose you’re right, if someone is going to wear leggings as trousers they shouldn’t be too thin (the leggings, I mean- not the people)- yours seem to be good quality material, so they work- plus a mad way with accessories doesn’t hurt!

  29. Kat Sparks says:

    I don’t care what they say, I still think a legging that is worn right [as you’ve shown] without bum coverage is more esthetically pleasing than the “treggings” look, which tends to cut up the body in awkward places.

  30. raq says:

    you are the absolute awesome, susie! the looks just work perfectly for you (:

  31. Sarah says:

    I have a few issues with the leggings as pants concept. First off, most people don’t put in as much effort as you and feel leaving the house in way too thin leggings, Ugg boots (yes, they are still around) and a tee shirt works. Second, there is the ‘skinny girl’ thing. The thicker material of even the tightest jeans camouflages otherwise exposed fatty indiscressions. Third, hair metal. *shudder*

  32. You look amazing in them! I’ve never had the confidence to do that, personally. The furthest I’ve gotten is wearing a long t-shirt over leggings. Maybe now you have inspired me to go one step further?

  33. i love this look. and i also look forward to your future ‘hiding flaws’ thoughts. i do it so automatically i can’t seem to stop and it is sort of dumb.

  34. gloria says:

    what Is with all your silly hand-jutting poses?!

  35. susie_bubble says:

    Kat Sparks: Very surprised about the lack of ‘Where’s the bum cover?’ comments…so there must be more treg-wearers out there…
    Drusilla: Thick material needed…definitely.
    Sarah: Qu’est que ce- Hair metal? The leggings I have are pretty darn thick though…I really could not expose any um… crevices…
    buttonsandstars: Banish the long t-shirt….
    SwanDiamondRose: Will have to put in some thought into the pending post..
    Gloria: What can I say? I’m silly and I love Voguing….
    p.s. BAD ball was hilarious…

  36. Anonymous says:

    great legs susie! really!

  37. Natalie says:

    wow I love the first one it’s so elegant

  38. ichi says:

    Hey! love ur style… U have a great bod! Where did U black top w/ the gold design on it…well.. hm… I doubt i’m gona kno the store if u r to name it since i’m frm Russia… so hm… who made it… what’s the brand…?

  39. nyima says:

    i LOVE your top in the first set of pictures…where is it from????

  40. Maddy says:

    I rather like these outfits, but then again, I am much more comfortable in form-fitting than voluminous. I’ve never had a problem with leggings as pants, as long as you don’t see any panty lines. It’s certainly better than the mid-calf leg-shortening things that people are still stomping around in.

  41. Teresa says:

    Susie, you manage to pull the look off very well. The latex leggings in particular look very rock-n-roll in a good way.
    I think the different lies in making leggings “sans bum cover” part of the outfit rather than pairing them with any old thing and looking sloppy.

  42. Mint says:

    I really would kill to be able to wear leggings like that, you know. And you are definitely skinny. I would cry if I looked at myself in the mirror wearing just leggings with no “bum cover”.
    I think you look precious and your legs are long enough you can wear them well. Everything you touches turns to gold <3

  43. spiral-ring says:

    wow…you look great in these pics, love your style,where is the grey hat you’re wearing in the second set of photos from?I’ve been searching for one like that for ages!

  44. marjorie says:

    bonjour, désole je ne parle pas anglais j aimerai savoir ou je peux trouver en france ou alors acheter en ligne un tregging comme sur la photo.
    Merci d’avance

  45. Eddie says:

    I love leggings…I am a guy and when I use it women like it very much..I wear it with a lycra top…also very tight…both black and with tennis shoes…I get out of the car and the traffic stops…women love to see my body’s curves…

  46. RSM says:

    Itβ€šΓ„Γ΄s time that we ALL wear leggings. Choose a well made pair – not with cotton fibers that bag out over time but a high tech fiber that retains its shape. Get over the body image constraints and just wear them. Go for the comfort and support. Leggings that go to the ankle have a greater positive visual aesthetic than capri style that chop the leg. Plus the full length leggings support you from your ankle to your waist and give you an energetic lift. I feel everyone looks good in leggings and some look great. Susie, you look great. Laugh, Live, Love & Enjoy! Check out

  47. emmz says:

    the way you wear it is AWFUL…And learn to take pictures please…

  48. jordan retro says:

    confused, what is about these pics?

  49. wow great pictures, thanks!

  50. Your mother says:

    You are ugly your style is ugly you should look to other girls cause you don’t have a fashionable mind so wtf girl

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