Missing the Vitrines

Shop window displays get some particular attention on this blog so I’m a little saddened to say that I’m unable to make it to a whole event DEDICATED to pushing the creative boundaries of window displays.  It’s that time of the year for Vitrine in Antwerp where for 10 days (6th Sept-16th Sept), designers, photographers, graphic designers and fashion students take over shop windows all over Antwerp and have a free rein presenting their work. 

‘Imaginative playgrounds’ is what the website has called these displays.  Well, you can imagine how painful that must be for me not to be able to see.  I urge all people with easy access to Antwerp though to go take a look and perhaps snap some pictures so I can live vicariously through them as if it were’t for the fact I’m swamped for the next two weeks, I’d be booking that Eurostar ticket pronto.  The theme for this year’s Vitrine event is Surfaces, challenging the Vitrine participant to create a new surface within a shop window be it the use of projections, catwalk, backstage, or a pattern or embroidery.  I suppose the vague qualities of the theme does mean that the 71 participants will most certainly come up with a wild array of interpretations in their Vitrine.

Going through the list of participants is a joy in itself as I get to discover/get intrigued by new designers, students and creative forces.  Of course you have the big guns; Ann Demeulemeester, Dries Van Noten and Yohji Yamamoto.  But the majority are not internationally well known and are staunchly based in Antwerp, concentrating on their craft there.  Cafe Costume, Romy SmitsSIGI and Ines Raspoort to name a few.  Vitrine also offers the recent grads and students of Antwerp’s Royal Academy to go mad on a window, students like Marc Philippe Coudeyre and Yuima Nakazato.  Ok…really must stop gushing as it’s just peeing me off by the minute that I can’t go…

To torment myself even more, I even had the perfect ensembles in mind to go traipsing around Antwerp in, subtly snapping away and quietly admiring in the still streets of Antwerp (it is a quiet haven with creativity in the air there…).  I’m itching to get my hands on Pepa Delight, a label based in London , designed by CSM grad Hamish Fairfax Ramsey (coolest name I’ve come across in yonks…) but curiously, it is stocked solely in D-Mop in Hong Kong (though I can see why people would take to it there…).  Easy to wear, knitted pieces with inbuilt intricacies that are in tune with the design aesthetic that Antwerp is well known for.  The pieces also fall into my layering habits as well – what a lot of fun fun fun for me to play with!      

I also wouldn’t dream of walking around in anything but flats.  However, I would love to make them the most subtly sumptuous flats there are, being these Lanvin Goat Knot ballet slippers.  I’m assuming by goat, they mean goat hair which I’m sure would be a pleasure to wear for louncing and for traipsing the streets.

Damnit…when you’re planning and imagining outfits for things you’re not even bloody well going to, it’s a bit tragic isn’t it?  Note…to…self….must…get…a….life….

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  1. Oooh, those flats look beautiful! I bet they’re so comfortable.
    And the last of the knitted pieces is great! It reminds me of one of the designs from the Rowan studio collection. It’s definitely on my to-do list of things to knit!

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