Making a spectacle of myself

If I haven’t mentioned how unbelievably exhausted I am these days, I’ll just say it again in a pathetic self-pitying way.  I’m not doing myself any favours either by tiring out my wrecked eyes with extended contact lenses wear.  Now just to the set the record straight, I’m hideously short sighted and have been since I was 10 and started wearing hard contact lenses back then just to stop my short sightedness from getting worse.  So it really isn’t a cosmetic thing me wearing contact lenses.  Glasses in general pee me off anyway as they keep slipping down my non-existent nose and they blur/smudge causing me to lose sight as soon as I take them off to wipe them.

However, I can admit when I’ve overworn my contact lenses and my newfound interest in spectacles was sparked by a reader’s email enquiring about stylish frames that are far from the norm of what Specsavers/Optical Express/20:20 can offer.  It is a pity that I’m not in Hong Kong at the moment where frames come in a HUGE plethora of styles, such is the high likelihood of someone being shortsighted.  However, the alternatives here are not bad at all…

Klasik which I know from their stall in Spitalfields Market has a pretty sweet selection of vintage sunglasses and eyewear.  Their sunglasses are the popular products but the sun in the UK is gone (pissing down with rain outside here…) and wearing shades in a club frankly looks foolish.  So I’m going to be going through the selection carefully and maybe try a few on to give my eyes a rest whilst still being able to go out and have my eyes adorned by something odd/pretty.  There are some peculiarity of shapes, finishes and colours in vintage frames that you just can’t find nowadays as people want to hide the fact they wear glasses by making them as subtle as possible whereas people seemed to celebrate their glasses back in the day.

Klasik excels in finding oddities from all kinds of brands, low to high and the prices are not astronomical either.  They will even fit your frames with prescription lenses so that you don’t have to bear the tut-tut-ing when you take your vintage frames to an opticians to ask them to fit the lenses for you and they try and steer you into buying the latest Chanel/Gucci/D&G offerings.   
The pre 1970’s selection…

The 1970’s-2000 selection…

Plenty for guys too…

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  1. You’ve just reminded me what I forgot to do today! I’ve been putting off getting my glasses for ages (I’ve barely got a prescription really, but I’m going to get wrinkles from squinting my left eye all the time because it’s worse than my right). I couldn’t bear the selection in Specsavers so I settled on Opera Opera in Covent Garden and some tortoiseshell catseye 50s frames. Gorgeous but so pricey!

  2. Wow I absolutely love the 1970’s-2000’s yellowy-green pair! fantastic! I used to wear glasses as a 4-9 year old and I remember wanting cool bug eye ones and cats eyes ones with tiny little jewels on them( I could pretend that it was because I was already fashionable at the time but what’s the use? I just hungered for sparkly things!) But all I ever got were thin round steel framed ones usually in blue or brown often I got boys frames because my mam didnt like any of the pink/purple girls ones calling them “flashy”. Well if my short-sightedness(snap!) ever comes back I know Ill be rooting and Klasik for a lookylikey pair of the ones above! woo! 2nd comment!

  3. I’ve worn glasses since I was 7. Nearsightedness for me too. I hated them for the longest time and wore contacts for years, but a couple of years ago I decided to embrace the nerdiness within, and they’re funky accessories for me now. The chunkier, the better!!!

  4. These vintage frames are fabulous! I especially love the pre-1970’s collection…the geometric shapes are so interesting. I picked up a pair of Kate Spade skinny red frames because I didn’t really like the other current styles, but next time I definitely have to try vintage.

  5. I love the pre 1970’s selection, my mum recently got a white and red one with a shape like the 3rd pre 1970’s selection, it makes me a tiny bit jealous and angry that I never got cool ones when I was younger, rather I got a really horrible looking harry potter like one.

  6. For some reason it statistically shows that Asian countries are more likely to be myopic (short sighted) than in Europe…
    “The prevalence of myopia in has been reported as high as 70-90% in some Asian countries.”
    From Wikipedia
    By Asian countries, they mean Japan, Taiwan, China etc…. I have no idea why that is though and there doesn’t seem to be a scientific explanation.

  7. i had the same problem too! but at some point, extended contact lens wear gave me an eye infection and i had to wear glasses in the meantime.
    now those frames you’ve shown are great and fun to wear but i was never one who could wear glasses for long periods of time. they keep slipping off my nose as well and enough was enough. i went for lasik treatment!
    i guess i can still get these glasses now for fun and pair them with my outfits instead of having to depend on them to not bump into things lol.

  8. Long time listener, first time caller.
    As a wearer of glasses since I was seven (I am now twenty) I am highly attracted to the middle pair in the top line and think if you could find a pair with just those little wings (not Dame Edna style wings) that they would look quite sweet on you.
    At the moment, I am also an avid wearer of contact lenses (probably since I was fifteen) and have recently been given the privilege of ‘upgrading’ myself to ones I can wear overnight. Not 24/7 in the least but now I can spend the night at friends’ places and not have to take all my eye gear with me!

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