A Pauper’s Ombre

Ombre sure does sound a whole lot better than gradiated or worse, dip-dyed and there is a whole lot of ‘ombre’ going on for AW07-8 (Louis Vuitton, Prada, Alberta Ferretti, Miu Miu etc) that I’m itching to get into.  Trouble is, ‘ombre’ is not exactly purse-string friendly and thus far, I haven’t seen a lot of ‘ombre’ happening on the high street.  Therefore, I’ll be getting garments ‘ombre-ed up’ with various dip dying experiments which I’m fully prepared to give you the disastrous details of, rubber gloves, stained arms and all.

In the meantime, though, it was lucky that a cheap piece of ombre came my way through this vintage grey gradiated long dress that I picked up at Steinberg & Tolkien from that sad 80% off sale room (though it is sad, it does make for good bargain hunting) for ¬£6.  It doesn’t touch the graphic sharpness of Jonathan Saunders’ beautiful AW07-8 collection but with some additions, adjustments and layering, I’m happy to just hint at the collection, inspired by Daniel Buren’s stripes.

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  1. That dress? For £6? Your bargainous finds truly amaze me Susie! What shoes did you choose, unfortunately the last picture is slightly blurry.

  2. The shoes are some brogues that I had custom-made from Hong Kong… thought I would style the dress similarly to what Jonathan Saunders did…
    It is sad that you can find things so cheap from a store like Steinberg & Tolkein…but I’m not going to complain…*blush*

  3. OMG Susie, you look amazing in that outfit. a little cruella d’eville – like you just need a long cigarette holder and a fur stole. very cool looking.

  4. Fantastic outfit, and I think Principles did an ombre-lite dress…
    Also re your jolie-laide post below… you’re properly pretty! I always remember Miss Jones in Rising Damp was described as jolie laide and you def don’t look like her! 🙂
    Mrs F x

  5. I saw that blue Saunders dress in the window at Bergdorfs and it reminded me of a Marc Jacobs dress that Liv Tyler wore a while ago.

  6. The gloves are from H&M ages ago…
    Mrs F: I had to look up Rising Damp… but I do love Frances de la Tour…
    especially in The History Boys
    Thanks guys…the dress does need some sprucing up but as it is, I’m into wearing long dresses just out and about for no reason these days, so it makes for an easy gown to wear casually.

  7. Yey! So good to see a Jonathan Saunders post on your blog Susie. Those dresses are just breathtaking. What a talent and how I long to wear something that “hints at his collection” too.

  8. I’m knitting myself a pink shrug at the moment and I’m thinking of dip-dying/ ombrifying the sleeves with cherry koolaid…

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