Rainbow Furballs

Rainbow Furballs

I go by initial instincts about 95% of the time.  Sure, there maybe a trend or an item of clothing that I will go back to and even though I have a ‘never say never’ policy, there are a few things that I will definitely give a miss.  This is what I thought about when I saw all the coloured fur on the catwalks for AW07-8.  I absolutely do not want to touch the issue of ‘Is fur right?’ because there are circumstances for it that go beyond what PETA say.  So leaving contentious ethical issues aside, the core question at hand is….. do you really want to be looking like a muppet when swathed in acidic coloured fur coats? 

That was my first reaction and I was gonna stick to it…. until I saw this editorial in the August issue of Numero.  Entitled aptly ‘Oiseaux de Nuit’, (Birds of the Night) and shot by Horst Diekgerdes, Versace, Etro and Dior fur coats are effectively paired with matching tights, shoes and under ensembles and really zing in the ‘night’ effect.

So when it starts appealing to me in this way and I start to think whether the mind has truly gone loopy, the boyf is at hand to take one look at the girl in the Versace blue coccoon coat and say ‘Monsters Inc.’

Enough said really….  that should surely settle it…..yet the idea is still plagueing me.  A coloured fur skirt as opposed to coat perhaps?  Perhaps I like the idea of fur (I’m talking faux and real here…. clearly if I ever was going to try this…faux would be the only way…), a material considered old/fusty and in a conventional palette of browns, greys and monotones is paired with such vibrant colours.  Ok…must keep thinking…Sugar Puff monster, the Muppets and Monsters Inc…….


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  1. diana

    2007-07-18 at 11:13 PM

    well I like them, dipped in color, fluffy and they do keep you warm in winter! maybe a cropped fur jacket would look better! But I would not say no to this…:)I’d wear that pink bodysuit too!
    😛 NEVER say never.

  2. rollergirl

    2007-07-18 at 11:48 PM

    I think it looks hot (in those pics)!

  3. eunice

    2007-07-19 at 12:06 AM

    The only one I liked so far is the blue coat on the right. But yes, faux all the way.

  4. kim

    2007-07-19 at 1:02 AM

    I liked your initial intuition….these just don’t work, faux or otherwise. I’m from the states and am just not seeing it here; not anywhere. We’re going to simple, simple, simple…even layering is getting simple. Maybe I’m just simple but I can’t see it. But I love your blog and am mentioning it in mine and will let all I know, know about it too. It’s great. Best I’ve seen, yours and Cathy Horyn’s of the New York Times, On the Runway. Mine is good too, I just cover more than fashion.

  5. Juliet

    2007-07-19 at 5:56 AM

    I have a vintage lime (or maybe more of a minty) green fur coat, I think its from the 50’s at a rough guess, I’ve only worn it a couple times, but I wore it last week to a James Bond themed party, and so many people fell in love with it.
    Although that might have something to do with how soft it feels as opposed to the fact that its mint green fur…

  6. Anonymous

    2007-07-22 at 5:50 AM

    would it be very hard to find a faux coat in a very soft lux fabric? you could possibly dye it and then wear it over a little party dress. i think a bright blue coat like the one pictured would be adorable if it were very full-looking and not to long.

  7. ambika

    2007-07-24 at 7:13 PM

    Your boyfriend’s comment makes me laugh. The dreamy photos had me initially thinking this could a be a fun thing to try and work into a neutral outfit on a dreary winter day. But yeah, muppet city for sure.

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