Pre-ordering Fancies

Pre-ordering Fancies

Having seen the shows at London Fashion Week for AW07-8 in person, it’s nice to see a lot of that ACTUALLY making it onto the land of retail.  They’re not just fleeting figments of my memory as they sailed down the catwalk but they’re alive and available to pre-order on Brittique, a site I talked up for their ability to stock the designers I rave about but find it difficult to point out a solid stockist.   

There are practical reasons why I want to pre-order the following but seeing as pre-ordering is a fanciful affair of paying for something that requires a lot of elated anticipation, I’ll give my flighty fanciful reasons why I have chosen the following…

…I want to be covered in roses of this specific colour and have people tug and touch them as they walk by… (Tata Naka Rose Dress ¬£660)…

…I want to wear something that Minnie Mouse circa 1949 might have worn had she not been taken over by the giant polka dot … (Tata Naka Mini Mouse Dress ¬£405)

…I want to have a Turner painting on my dress swishing away with colours that are hard to describe and pinpoint… (Basso & Brooke Landscape Dress ¬£306)…

…I want to, as mentioned before, channel what those Jalouse featured girls seem to do so well with their boots and dresses, never looking too done or preened…(Camilla Staerk Ribbed Dress ¬£273 and Camilla Staerk Boots ¬£315)…

Then there’s Brittique’s continued support of Louise Amstrup who is someone else I have raved about in the past, whose AW07-8 collection is once again, stellar.  It’s all regal purple, fan-shaped with hints of burlesque.  The sauciness of the body stocking and lace leggings are balanced with flared out jackets and prim blouses.  Basically, I want it all.  Is there some sort of fund I can start? 

Body stocking £120 // Fan coat £555 // White blouse £135

Copper skirt £205 // Lace leggings £195 // Fan jacket £405


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  1. j

    2007-07-31 at 3:24 PM

    Bubble, you never cease to entertain.

  2. diana

    2007-07-31 at 7:47 PM

    If there’s a fund do tell me about it!!!!!

  3. Cameron

    2007-07-31 at 9:41 PM

    Louise Amstrup is amazing! I’d never heard of her before your post, but each piece is wonderful. Subtle but consciously body conscious. It’s beautiful (the photography is lovely, as well), and I believe I shall need some funding for the body stocking and fan jacket.

  4. Christine

    2007-08-01 at 1:04 PM

    Susie, I think you will have a permanent place in fashion style right beside Diana Vreeland. Can’t you come and take over American Vogue?
    Obviously love your blog!

  5. D

    2007-08-02 at 3:21 PM

    I have heard that Louise is showing as part of ON/OFF this LFW too. Should look into that fund asap. ; )

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