In the spirit of all things Swedish, the label Minimarket, designed by sisters Sofie, Jennifer and Pernilla Elvestedt is confusing in all the right ways. You have simple, well-cut, back to basics type garments that Swedish designers really excel at – J. Lindberg, Fillipa K etc. It’s all still interesting but not grabbing me immediately.

But then, sharply (and I mean sharp in the most acidic way) contrasted with all the simply nicey-nicey-ness is the injection of these floral prints that are are part Gucci-floral-esque, part child’s play clothes. It works because it throws you but doesn’t leave a horrible aftertaste.  These jackets are definitely aiming to be ‘bad in a good way’.

The difference being between the nicey-nicey and the surprising element is that I could buy the former with ease online (Minimarket is available online if you don’t have a stockist near you) but the latter…. I’d definitely have to give it a real life road test to see how the florals work on me.  Tomorrow, in Tjallamalla (THE most-mentioned shop on my plea to Stockholm-ers), hopefully I’ll get to try on this all-checked jacket and shorts combo.  I know it’s not particularly in-season, this season or next, but anyway but I’m still enamoured with BIG BIG checks – gingham gone giant.  A nice combination of nicey-nicey (the shapes) and the surprise (big checks). 

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  1. Stylefinder says:

    Hi Susie!
    I’ve tagged you –
    Now it’s your turn – post 7 random things about you and then tag 7 others….funfunfun!

  2. ava says:

    I love the floral prints (got a skirt in my closet from when I was 6, with the same pattern.. just can’t throw it away!) and I do actually like the jacket-shorts combo in the last pic. ava

  3. D says:

    if you’re going to purchase minimarket, you should visit “Weekday”. At that store the flowerjacket is on sale.

  4. That last outfit is a dream! Really liking those shorts…

  5. annie says:

    I really like the white jacket in the middle. It looks cleaner than the black one and it’s a perfect jacket to put over a plain outfit.

  6. ellie says:

    I agree with D, Weekday is definately worth a look. They have a crazy cropped pink bomber jacket covered in little tiny elephants that I’m currently lusting after…sigh.

  7. Sullen Girl says:

    I like the last outfit. It’s completely wearable for a weekend just hanging out… stylish with no drama or fuss.

  8. juliet says:

    i love that blue shirt

  9. The white floral one is nice and bright!
    But the collar and the shorts of the last outfit really got me

  10. Britt says:

    Love your blogg, its just not any *oh-my-gosh-ill-rap-myself-in-tinfoil-if-kate-moss does-it*, just you and you updates and cool personal style, keep it up you awesome person you!

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