The 'I have never…' outfit

The phrase ‘I WONT’ ever wear…’ doesn’t exist in my vocabulary.  It’s not some kind of boast but just like how I feel it’s incredibly arrogant to believe we are the only living beings in this universe (big alien believer here!), I also feel it’s incredibly restricting to say I won’t EVER wear something when my tastes are constantly picking up and taking in new things.  However, the ‘I have never…’ outfit does exist simply because there are things i haven’t gotten round to trying or I’m not inclined to wear certain things.

So last night, it was the debut of my ‘I have never outfit…’ on a night out:

I have never…

…worn my Anthony Vaccarello headdress out until last night.  Well received it was too!

…worn STRICTLY black and white.  I was thinking really hard and seriously bar, the time I had to sing ‘Burlington Bertie’ in a school musical wearing a man’s oversized tux, this is the first time in my ‘dressing all by myself’ years.

…worn a bra on the exterior.  Yes, I BUSTED out.  I’ll take my chance on the inevitable comments of derision on this outfit decision (judging from the ‘trashy’ verdict on that poor girl in the Margiela top).  A strapless bra with cup seams added much interest to a smock top, taking in the bust and letting the top to flow out.   

…worn a dress as a skirt like this.  The sequin dress/skirt thing you see is actually a shift and I have tucked the tops of the shoulders into the strapless bra and allowing the armholes to create baggy pocket-type things with some volume. 

…worn this Alice Roi for Uniqlo top out in public, which I accidentally got a size too big and have since taken to wearing it as a nightshirt.

So, following the successful response to sending in your wardrobe LOVIES (I know lots of you have sent your Lovies that haven’t yet been featured but I’m taking a ‘Lovies’ break for the moment but rest assured, they will pop up!), I’m dying to see your ‘I have never…’ outfits complete with some statements of ‘I have never…’  Genuine outfits you have worn please otherwise that would be cheating! 

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  1. Im glad you wore the bra out (literally). I think it is bold and fun. I still dont know why people were being such haters about the Margiela top.

  2. U look pretty cool, despite all the ‘junk’.. 😛 the headdress make u look really cool, I must say…

  3. Susie, I love your style but this one’s too much for me. I see the armholes of the dress and all I can think is “armholes of the dress.”

  4. Well I have yet to wear a dress as I skirt. I always do it the other way around! But I love your look!
    it works well with me.

  5. The bra was very snug and the dress is not slippery so despite jumping, walking and dancing around, nope – nothing fell apart! Promise!
    I’m fully anticipating the outfit derision… but that is the whole point of the ‘I have never…’ experiment…. Pushing boundaries that even baffles me…. so really, let the critics all out…

  6. I like the bra over the white t-shirt and this looks much, much better than the nude version on the Margiela girl. The headdress is stunning, but I think the dress as skirt thing would have been more successful had it not been sequined – this, for me, makes it a bit too ‘scrappy’ and full on. Had it been simple jersey (and I know you LOVE jersey!) I think it could have looked less deliberate and more nonchalant/effortless.
    Whenever I wear a dress as a skirt I choose plain sleeveless jersey and leave the arms hanging down like braces. I do this with sleeveless all-in-ones (leotards) as well. You need to cut off the label though. I also wear cardigans as skirts and it works well too – infact it’s the only way I can wear knitwear and be truly happy wearing it!

  7. DJM: ‘Scrappy’ would be a good decision seeing as it was a bit of a ‘scrappy’ night… don’t ask! I think I just wanted to get a different shape out of the dress seeing as it’s usually body-con sequin tight…. too Tina Turner for me most of the time. I think jersey wouldn’t have such a definite shape as I like the idea of the oversized pockets with armholes and I think my jersey dresses would be too fluid.
    I do the cardigans as skirt thing too- sometimes I turn a cardigan into a skirt mid-day whilst feeling bored.
    Ally: I’ve noticed you’re not really a big fan of many things on this blog judging from your past comments…. I’m just wondering, what exactly is it DO you like?

  8. Don’t let the bores get to you. I think it’s great, so that makes for much more positive feedback than negative! To tell the truth i didn’t even realise it was a dress at first. You worked it really well.

  9. Don’t think that I’m being rude, but I’m just not digging this. The Margiela top works, I think, precisely because it looks so graphic and simple.
    I’d like to see a more detailled photo of the head-dress, though.

  10. The headdress is amazing beyond amazing, just gorgeous.
    Your balls to wear the bra is admirable.
    However, I think the top part of your look completely ruins all of the sleekness and uniqueness that the headdress and bottom part could have given you.
    But yeah, I get your point. You’re gutsy, you’re bold, you’re different. It’s not trashy or whatever, it’s just really not pulled together.

  11. Sullen Girl: It’s not really about intentionally being bold/gutsy…. more like trying things I would never try normally…
    An experiment that I suppose requires fine-tuning much like anything else. What’s important for me I guess is liking it at the time and having a jolly good time wearing it though….

  12. Oh definitely! If you had fun and it didn’t prevent you from being able to swing your arms and dance like a crazy person (the way a tighter more “sexily labeled” garment may have), then that’s great!
    Seriously though. I am obsessed with your headdress. I know it’s totally cliche and boring and probably less dramatic, but I think that headdress would look STELLAR with a simple black dress and some crazy shoes. It would really draw the eye up to your head. That’s just me though, and obviously the way you’re dressing is just fine because you got handed a gorgeous braided leather headdress and I didn’t 🙂 haha.

  13. When I like something, you’ll hear about it. Trust me when I say I’m not here to be a hater. Instead I comment on something I feel strongly about it (either love or hate)and try to be as honest as I can.
    or perhaps I should just gush over every post to get less attention lol…

  14. Ally: No gushing please! That’s the worse thing you could do! Just interested to see…what it is that keeps you coming back if everything is so very distasteful…

  15. hey susie,
    i’ve been reading your blog religiously for many months and thought i should finally say hello!! not such a fan of this outfit as a whole though, maybe something to do with the shape the neckline makes under the bra? having said this,it looks fun and the different elements on their own are amazing. please add me to the list of fans of the headress!! the braiding is awesome!! seeing it in your previous post has inspired me to experiment with braiding in my own designs!
    thanks for sharing,
    and nice to finally “speak” to you. x

  16. I kind of agree with DJM…not that it shouldn’t have been sparkly at all, but it might have looked more coherent as an outfit if the texture of the bra top had matched that of the dress (which isn’t objectionable, it looks kind of cute and apron-y), but as long as you were comfortable all’s well I guess.
    And yes, the fact that the top under your bra is white and not nude or sheer makes all the difference- the bra over it becomes more of a graphic element than a way of showing off your bust.

  17. I have never seen you look so completely silly, not in all of the pictures you on your blog. This is seriously one of the worst outfits I’ve ever seen. Congrats on being so “fashion foreward.”

  18. Love it or hate it this is definitely an interesting, original look. Congratulations on taking the path less travelled, not blindly following the masses.
    You are my insipration! I wish the world had more people like you that aren’t afraid to step outside of the mainstream.

  19. Whoa. Just whoa. Whoa. It’s totally amazing… a little bit horrendous but totally amazing, fresh, and cool.

  20. omg i love it
    its so origional
    i was wondering though how you turn a cardigan into a skirt???
    im really confuzlled.

  21. I don’t know how Susie does it, but I turn a cardie into a skirt by wearing the neckline at my waist with the cardie buttoned all the way down the front, (you’ll probably need to unbutton the first few buttons to make the neckline wide enough to fit your waist and I usually wear a belt too), then either turn the sleeves inside to make pockets (I find this works best on cardie’s with cropped sleeves as the sleeves don’t hand down below the length of the ‘skirt’). If the sleeves are long I just tie them at the front in a big knot. Susie may have a different way of doing it though.

  22. ^That’s pretty much how I do it as well….with added belts to keep everything in place. I sometimes use two smaller cardigans and use one in the front and one in the back. So if they’re two different colours, you get a two tone thing going on. I find baggy long sleeves work best as then you tie them around the front and hide the V/U neck hole in the front. Obviously wearing leggings/opaque tights acts as a safety net.
    Hmm…will def. do a post about this…

  23. you always have the freshest ideas, you are so inspiring! now i wish i kept my black sequined dress that i just donated to good will…darn

  24. never have i seen so many people be outright rude… wow. i quite like this outfit, its not the run of the mill thing that everyone would wear.. and for a bunch of people who read your blog where you clearly talk about being open to new things and experimenting, they certainly are very, very judgemental and narrow minded! obviously people only like what theyre used to. i hope you dont let it get to you… everything you do is exciting and if your outfits can at least elicit such strong emotions from complete strangers, then i think youre doing something right! fashion shouldnt be boring or safe.

  25. Undecided about the outfit (though the black & white was a good idea – keeps it from getting too too crazy) – but thanks DJM and Susie for explaining the cardigan-as-skirt thing – maybe this post should be filed under DIY?

  26. The rest of the outfit is taking all the fabulous out of that gorgeous headpiece. This should be all about the head. I know more people agree. Can I get a Amen?

  27. ugh.
    talk about a dogs breakfast.
    i think its as becoming on you as a dress on my male boss would.
    i can’t believe such fashion disasters are lauded as “creative” or “brave” try ridiculous and fugly.

  28. I love the bra over the white shirt. Much better than a bra over a nude top. And I agree, the headdress is amazing.

  29. I think the bra top looks rather good on you
    though to be honest i dont particularly like how the shift is tucked under the top cause i’m iffy on the side view of the look
    but the headdress

  30. I love this outfit and the margiela top, rele don’t understand why there are so many haters.I wasn’t aware there were so many old ladies posting ! Good for u thooough susie its great to see that there are people out there who aren’t afraid to take a risk and just dress however they feel like without worrying what others will think.

  31. Strangely enough I’m not always a fan of what you wear (but I try and keep the negative comments to myself) however this one looks fab! Cannae understand what others have a problem with, maybe I’m missing something. Loving the black-n-white combo.

  32. haters, haters, haters
    yes, it’s bold and creative
    yes, it was risky
    but that’s not the point
    this IS fashion. it is haute. and above all, it is hot.
    Susie, you are a cool kid indeed.

  33. I completely agree with libby. whoever that person was who wrote that incredibly rude ‘dog’s breakfast’ comment can go to hell. I think the fact that they are nameless is probally also an indicator of the ‘blankness’ of their narrow, small mind. Even if you didn’t like it, there is no need to be so immature and insulting. No doubt the sort of person who wears jeans and a t-shirt and thinks that counts as fashion. Susie, keep on experimenting. You have an awesome style.

  34. Well that Kellis person ( and any of the other haters out there) is a strait up bitter doesn’t even know nuthen. hella trippen. If you have any doubt about this outfit your absolutely out of your mind because you just show the lack of creativity you have to dress!!! and not to mention Lame-Os. Oh and Susie GUUUURrrl I give you props….

  35. A+ Mazing!!!!!!!!!
    f*ck Nameless dogs dinner
    youre myy inspiration (although it’s kinda hard cause Im 13, so i get a bit laughed at, but its better to be laughed at/ hated, than a boring, safe sod.
    I actually heart you

  36. HAy susie..i actualli realli like this outfit. i actualli also like the fact that its a bit scrappi..i dunno..thats just my opinion.
    Hay KIALY, im 13 aswell. Susie has awesome style.. LMAO

  37. I personally dont understand why such a big deal is being made of this particular outfit, I think Susie has showcased far more unconventional outfits in the past. I love the bra over smock top element, particularly though how the arm holes are sort of drapey with the skirt part being very tight. I personally like that the dress was sequined, the way youve worn it makes it more casual and nonchalent. I hate that whole 80s/bodycon/footballerswives approach to sequins and youve made it look really original.
    I couldn’t wear this however a) because Im a bit shy and b) because I find it all a bit too much toegether for me. I respect Susie’s unique style and use her outfits in the same way I would use a magazine editorial, taking elements, ideas and feelings and interpreting them into a look I can work myself.
    Inspiring as ever,

  38. hmm…just reading pretty much the whole backlog of this blog (I know, I have other stuff I REALLY should be doing!)…came across this, and I like it!
    In fact, after seeing this I went out today with a black bra over my tee (given I live in a village of around 600 residents this is about as daring as when women first wore trousers back in WWI!)And…I liked it!
    So thanks Susie, for a fab idea + having the balls to just do what you want to do…hopefully I won’t be hounded out of the village for indecent dressing…

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