A girl called Graey

Cute girl with a black t-shirt inserted with gold lace looks over at the cute guy in a grey graphic printed t-shirt on the subway and either it’s the guy’s shirt that has won her over but her number finds it’s way into his hands.  The girl is called Graey and so that is how her story begins.

Graey also happens to be a new label designed by Janet Kim.  It’s a line that meshes ready-to-wear and couture by incorporating techniques like lace that is embroidered onto the fabric and the original fabric is cut away to reveal what’s underneath, with tanks and t-shirts.  This sort of couture infused ready-to-wear is something that a label like The Row by the Olsen twins is striving to do but in my opinion, Kim makes it a whole lot more interesting on a visual level, as well as maintaining the high qualitative standards. 

Not just wanting to have her clothes be photographed on models, each week sees ‘cute girl’ Graey above model her clothes in a weekly comic strip so as to demonstrate how Graey should be worn by Graey.  Stock sold on the site will also be rotated every few months. 

Kim definitely has got the design history chops, having studied at the Chambre Syndicale in Paris and having interned at Christian Dior and Proenza Schouler and I must say something like this couldn’t have come at a better time when an increasing number of middling shoppers (i.e. people who aren’t exactly poor but have an eye on the pursestrings) like myself keep on striving for clothes that have a unique take on casual and couture.  She plans on developing dresses and sweaters for S/S08 with a view to take Graey to a full line of clothing.  I’m eager to see how her couture infusion techniques develop with a fuller line. 

Another important point to pick up is the not-so-Row-like prices for Graey pieces. 

Men’s styles graphic tees are also available though I think it would be great to see the pieces above coming in men’s sizes for the more adventurous man about town. 

I was so sold by Graey that I bought the black gold lace t-shirt and I think a couple of you asked about the origins of the shirt when I wore it with my Anthony Vaccarello headdress and now you know!  With a nude vest/bra, I’m loving the way it’s adding something a touch lux to my usual scruff.  Only thing – I can’t go about yanking it off like I would with any old t-shirt seeing as the lacework is so very delicate.  I like that I need to have some TLC for it though seeing as it’s fast becoming a wardrobe fave.

(Background pictures from Fashion 156’s Damaged Issue)

20 Replies to “A girl called Graey”

  1. I love the first outfit so much. Is that sequinned jacket Karl Lagerfeld for H&M? Or is it something a little more high-end, and I’m being a fashion pleb?

  2. i like them, especially the first one, there’s just the right amount of detail. The only thing i would say is that the 4th one looks a lot like those snowflakes you are forced to make aged 6. I never really liked making them…therefore i’m not so keen on the t-shirt….

  3. Oh I love these tops – the black tank especially is exactly what my wardrobe needs right now – sigh… do you know if they’re stocked anywhere apart from online?

  4. Love the shirt, there is something fantastic about soft t-shirt lace, but wish they made something more than a S/M.

  5. The shirt is pretty snug on my less than well-endowed chest…. since you didn’t say how big of a ‘rack’ you have, I think it would be best to email Janet Kim herself…. they’re all one-size at the moment but perhaps she may be able to accomodate if there’s enough demand from the more well endowed femme population.

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