A Cry to the Swedes

This is a downright emergency!  Calling all Stockholm residents or those familiar with Stockholm. Despite writing a regular column for Modette, a Swedish fashion magazine that launched a few months ago, my knowledge of Stockholm is just downright piss-poor (by the by, any Modette readers have any feedback on the column – never know how well my fruity English is understood by people when translated into Swedish….?).

This is pretty tragic considering I’m going on a long weekend to Stockholm on Friday with the boyf. As Northern Europe’s supposed ‘coolest’ city, the general aim I suppose is to ‘coolhunt’. I’m looking to cool people-watch, shop cool and eat cool. Admittedly, my definition of ‘cool’ is a bit loose seeing as I’m generally overly enthusiastic about any new place I visit and as my first time to Scandi, this should be even more exciting for me!

So, back to the emergency call.  According to Google Analytics, I have a fair few Swedish people reading this blog (or at least passing by) so ANY Stockholm related tips/advice on shops/eating/doing will be mucho appreciated.  I get emails about shopping in London on a daily basis and throughout August, I’ll be embarking on a ‘special project’ (I want to give a cool code name…but can’t think of what to call it…) related to that, which should hopefully repay this favour I’m asking for now for anybody who will be visiting London.

If you happen to be one of these stellar stylish people spotted by The Sartorialist and the Facehunter, please feel free to impart some of your Stockholm style wisdom.

I leave on Friday morning. I take emails, comments here and possibly pigeon messages if push comes to shove.