'Those are some big buckles you have there…'

I like big buckles I do. Childs speak for me liking anything that have almost comically oversized details. Stephen Venezia shoes make me want to stumble around in gigantic polka dot dresses, both in the size of the polka dots and the dress itself (not many things would induce me to do that by the by). Not that the shoes are by any means naive or childish looking but those over-prounounced features are bringing out the need to wear something similarly exaggerated with them, something like this ensemble from Yohji Yamamoto AW06-7 or a cheaper option would be this vintage 1930’s day dress that could be classed as ladylike but I’d want to play up the child in the dress.

12 Replies to “'Those are some big buckles you have there…'”

  1. oh my goodness… i was thinking on my way to work this morning, about my blog’s shoe d’jour section, how i’ve lost my passion for a daily shoe. but these, my dear, are so inspiring! thanks for posting this!

  2. I think I like the first shoe best – sort of like wearing giant french cuffs on one’s feet….

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