Nathaniel the Stress

I must say that I have a wavering waryness towards London fash crowd hotspots like Boombox.  I love the abandon and freedom you see with the people who go there but after a few times, you also wonder whether everyone is there to purposely seek out attention. 

Amidst all the crazy outfit antics though, I forget that by and large the BoomBox crowd also have serious fashion chops.  Take this chap who goes by the name of ‘Nathaniel the Stress’ on MySpace.  I accidentally stumbled onto his page when searching for something and immediately recognised that ginger bowlcut from Dirty Dirty Dancing.  More importantly, I stumbled onto his work.  I haven’t a clue whether he is a full time designer or whether his work is available for sale or not but I love how his penchant for the dramatics (as seen in his outfits) has infiltrated his designs.  I’m especially keen on the headdress/mask creation.  It is certainly something that would get you photographed by the famous Alistair of DDD but nobody will blame you for wanting to get noticed in something so delicately beautiful. 

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  1. Wow, I really cannot believe he is only 20 creating such beautiful pieces. This one’s a “next” one for sure.

  2. the kind of intricate pleating and draping he is doing is just as difficult to pull off in a well-done, aesthetically pleasing way as tailoring is. this kind of work veers off easily into the ‘look at my interesting mess’ zone, but here it is really sophisticated. if it is indeed his work, he has an astonishing techinical facility for someone who can’t even be halfway done fashion school yet (if he even attends). be interesting to know more about him.

  3. bah susie. as you know I despise the scene and all forms of it. To me it is very affected and full of unwarranted pretentious poseurs. Especially DDD. Um why the need to majorly airbrush and saturate all the photos? Anyway now that I’ve made my disdain clear (!) I will say this kid does some interesting pleating. In my opinion, the first two are the weakest. They do look a bit messy and raw to me but the headdress and some of the later stuff takes a lot more techincal ability. That said, some people are naturally good at one area and can work fabric well. It’d be interesting to see if he’s a one trick pony or not. But to be fair, not many 20 yo’s can do that sort of thing in first place.

  4. Having recently discovered MisShapes (I know, I know – I’ve been living in a hole), I went looking around to see what all this “scene” stuff was all about, and I also came upon this DDD site and OMG Meg, what IS all that airbrushing about?? I mean it was beyond the point of ridiculous. I can only assume in real life their punters aren’t all that good looking after all, and so feel the need to airbrush them beyond an inch of their fringes!
    I think this chaps stuff is quite nice, but the headdress thing looks like a fungal infection.

  5. I like the sleeveless blouse and the collar on the coat but the head dress looks like the underside of an old mushroom- yuck!

  6. agree with meg about the scene. it’d be more attention-grabbing to go to one of those nights dressed minimally. too much cancelling out- ‘more’ is not art. but as a sucker for all things intricate, i do appreciate the designs posted in this entry.

  7. being compared to such a great as beardsley in any way, shape or form is one hell of a compliment.
    i am trained in tailoring but relised i didnt like traditional tailored design so wanted to use tailoring methods and process in a different way, alot of my work is inspired from vegetables, i agree with the mask comments-i thought the same thing myself! i also only use britsh wools and im a great supporter of british industries.
    i work totally on my own to create these clothes but relise i have alot of developing to do so give me a break….im still learning!
    i have also met some fantastic people on “the scene” and made some solid contacts, if it wasnt for some of these people i would still be sewing on a 1960s singer in my single bedroom in yorkshire.
    thanks for the comments
    Nathaniel lyles

  8. Nathaniel is a student at Ravensbourne College of Design and it is his own design work, he’s a very talented, stylish young man.

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