Dragging my rain sodden feet (and tights, hair, face…just about everything really) around Regent Street and Oxford Street on a Bank Holiday Monday was not my idea of fun.  But bedding had to be chosen, cushions had to be bought and all that stuff yhad been put back for ages simply because it’s just a pain in the bum to do.  This is a prime example of doing something you don’t want to be doing and whilst doing it, distracting yourself with something else.  I walked into Zara Home looking for tasteful bedding, cushions and some yummy homey things but winded up being more attracted to their loungewear.  My eyes kept on getting diverted from the decidedly bland bedding (there’s an overkill of fusty florals going on in Zara Home if you’re curious) to this silk Chinese chrysanthemum watercolour dress in delicate faded colours.  The logic behind buying it was of course if I can’t come out with something nice to lounge around ON, at least I can have something nice to lounge around IN.  With oodles of inky black and the right shoes, I can also safely step outside into the big, bad world wearing it too. 

Of course, I would have also preferred if I could wear it in the manner Zara Home intended it to be worn – i.e. in rooms so tastefully decorated, it almost makes you want to go and mess up that catalogue shoot, but there you go….. it’s just me, the Zara Home loungewear dress and my grotty hovel.            

From Zara Home catalogue:

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  1. Ahoy Susie! I kinda missed your photos, so I figured I’d make myself at home here with your blog. Success! it’s a great read and that’s a great dress, I like the much darker spin you’ve put on it rather than the thong sandals and parisol (not that that would be bad per se…but I think you understand what I mean)
    ~greeen – TFS

  2. I love the way you’ve styled it susie. It looks super chic and very grown up. But you don’t like shopping for bedding?! What planet are you on? It’s like an whole other area of design and can add so much personality and life to a room! And then there’s thread counts, and throw pillows, rah!

  3. The dress is so wearable! And probably very comfortable and soft! And that interior design of the bedroom is just heavenly! Although, I think I’d be afraid to make everything dirty…

  4. That’s actually really nice.
    Question: I’m having a hard time finding decent male style blogs/columns. I already read the Sartorialist but I want more!
    Any suggestions?

  5. That’s just the problem..you can never leave Zara empty handed..and you seldom get what you came there for.. but what does it matter when the things you get are so beautiful..

  6. (sorry about a second, long one..) to jodi.. came to think of it.. there is this Swedish fashionblog/site with a male section.. though it’s all in Swedish, the fashion language is pretty unique: pictures, brands and prices.. should be ok for inspiration, depends though on what you’re into.. http://www.collective.se/mode/category/manligt/
    AND gonna say again: Susie, you are so pretty in that dress! I actually wore some silk pj-tops out before, but gonna gonna try a dress next time..

  7. Thanks very much ok_hill. I’ve had a look, and the pictures are nice. They’ve got a lot of that sort of tailored but stylish stuff. It’s interesting. I’m still learning about fashion, but I’m starting to enjoy it more and more. That’s why I was hoping to find someone who’s as verbose, eloquent and obsessed about the subject matter as Susie is.

  8. Love this with the black. Like others have said, it’s a nice change from the usual flip-flops & headscarf combo you see with this style.

  9. I thought this dress looked lovely in your photo…white with, as you say, delicate faded colours. When I saw it in the shop though, it was more like a pale gold colour and the flowers were quite bright…do you think this is a new version?

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