Keeping the hands and feet happy is about as much joy I need to brighten up my days, post-long winded-painful illness.  I have taken to wearing these crochet gloves as much as possible as I like the process of putting them in making sure each finger is properly wiggled in and also the semi-dramatic action of taking them off when I’m about to lift a tea-cup or something.  Since I’ve already extolled the benefits of bringing back the days of wearing hats, I’m going to now concentrate on getting gloves (lace, crochet, velvet, short, opera-length…whatever!) for everyday wear back into the 21st century.

The feet are of course easily pleased, especially when presented with a pair of silk shoes that have been dabbed in lots of juicy colours.  The beauty of these is that I don’t have to think about pairing them with anything in particular as the myriad of colours will forcefully go with most things.   These were an impusive ‘Did a double take as I was walking by shop window, must have them’ purchase at Marshamallow Mountain in Kingly Court. 

Well now that the hands are happy and the feet are happy, we’ll get started on the rest of the bod.  One step at a time….

Some of the Londoners who read this blog may have seen an attrociously cheesy picture of me in the Metro today due to the fact the finishing part to ‘The winner is….’ sentance is Style Bubble.  Yes, Style Bubble has won the Best Fashion Blog category in the Brit Blog awards in association with  That’s all very well but now I’m fleeing the country to a land where the Metro paper doesn’t exist. 

As we speak, I’m on my way to the annual Festival International de Mode et de Photographie in sunny Hy√®res in the South of France.  I can’t think of a better kidney recovery trip than some sun, some sea and a hell of a lot of rising talent in fashion and photography.  Hopefully I’ll be milling about looking semi-presentable amongst higher fashion echelons.   

The Villa Noailles in Hy√®res will also be showing exhibitions from Christian Lacroix, inspired by the villa itself, past Hyeres winners Christian Wijnants and of course last year’s winner Anthony Vaccarello whose exhibition I’m super excited to see!  BLESS will also be exhibiting their No. 28 Hammock collection.  I’m also looking forward to seeing the You Wear it Well fashion film shorts as organised by the lovely Diane Pernet.

The ten shortlisted designers as follows will be competing for several prizes, namely the Grand Jury Prize.  A lot of the designers won’t be completely unfamiliar if you keep up with the graduate roll calls of schools like La Cambre Mode in Brussels, the Royal Academy in Antwerp and Central St. Martins in London.  Sandra Backlund in particular has had quite a significant amount of press and I fell in love with her unusual use of knits back in November.  The jury panel include people like Christian Lacroix, super stylist Nichola Formichetti and menswear designer Kim Jones and it will be interesting to see how such a diverse jury pick the winners.

Émilie Beaumont, Belgium // Julia Krupp, Germany

Karin Schoenenberger, Austria // Peter Bertsch, Belgium

Mathilde Botfeldt, Denmark // Masataka Ohta, Japan

Peter Wiesmann, Germany // Sandra Backlund, Sweden

Suzuki SHiori & Emi Sekiguchi, United Kingdom // Two Tom, France

Here’s a little teaser video as well just to get the Hy√®res feeling in the air…

I’ll be at Hy√®res until Monday when I fly back in time to film/report on the 8pm special Oxford CIrcus launch of the Kate Moss for Topshop collection (I’m not there to buy so no bitch fighting skills from me…) and also the 7am nationwide launch the next morning when Kate Moss herself will be unveiled in the Oxford Circus shop window amongst the mannequins modelling her collection.  Oh dear… will I be able to take on the fashion scrum and frenzy?  All in all, the kidney is back in shape and the graft goes on so that Style Bubble can try and live up to it’s supposed ‘Best British Fashion Blog’ title.  It will try but there’s no telling whether it will succeed…. 

Ooh-er…something new to feed my magazine addiction and something else to add to the ever growing pile formulating in my room.  A new quarterly fashion magazine in the same vein as Dazed & Confused is set to launch this week in the UK on the 28th April and it will also be sold internationally at selected retailers.  With a name like Plastique, expect something unapologeitcally vaccuous and unabashedly luxury-orientated.  The first issue features girl of the moment Daisy Lowe and also all the reports from the couture shows.  Anticipating this launch of another title to add to my collection, I realise I must be some kind of a fashion masochist because I flick through piles and piles of these unreachable, aspiratational glossies savagely devouring every page with of course not the means to consume the goods featured on those shiny pages.  Nonetheless, I haven’t figured a way to cure the addiction so I’ll just torture myself a little longer.   

Musical chairs was never all that fun for me. I was a slow mo who never got to sit down and was never the last one left over. Boo hoo. However, those woeful days are gone and I have a feeling that my reaction to the music will yield me better things this time round at the next Swap-a-Rama Razmatazz come 10th May (there’s one tomorrow as well if you make it sharpish). Simple idea really. Bring your unwanted rags and see what you get in return when at the sound of Klaxons, you do an impulsive swap with the person next to you. It seems to end up in a messy orgy of mis-matched clothes but that’s precisely the sort of random, throwaway thing I would do with the piles of clothes that I’ll never wear again, don’t fit me anymore or were just plain mistakes. I wonder if there’s some sort of a way of picking someone who is likely to have covetable rags. Will people dread sitting next to me with my reject clothes. Nevertheless, I hope I’m better at playing clothes swapsies than musical chairs.