Image Downtime

>>Apologies for the period of having scary Photobucket Bandwidth Exceeded images instead of the more aesthetically pleasing offerings.  Being happy in Hyeres means I obviously forgot to renew my Photobucket Pro membership.  All should be well now and if you are still seeing those images, I would close the browser down and restart again.  Sorry for the temporary ugliness of the blog!  Hope newcomers weren’t too peturbed…

4 Replies to “Image Downtime”

  1. No worries! As a newcomer, your writing was still engaging enough to have me check back now, in order to see all the pictures you were talking about.

  2. Your blog is never, ever ugly Suzie. Generally speaking I find these little inconveniences, tend to bring out the serendipity in us & your resourcefulness is legendary. Am posting a link to your Hy√®res report chez Da Scaree Fash Post this morning… Is there a chance that we could meet next time I’m in London (May17-21) for a blog book I’m researching?? If so, pls email Scaree Gee-Oh! alias Georgina Oliver to fix somethin’

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