Happy Hands and Feet

Keeping the hands and feet happy is about as much joy I need to brighten up my days, post-long winded-painful illness.  I have taken to wearing these crochet gloves as much as possible as I like the process of putting them in making sure each finger is properly wiggled in and also the semi-dramatic action of taking them off when I’m about to lift a tea-cup or something.  Since I’ve already extolled the benefits of bringing back the days of wearing hats, I’m going to now concentrate on getting gloves (lace, crochet, velvet, short, opera-length…whatever!) for everyday wear back into the 21st century.

The feet are of course easily pleased, especially when presented with a pair of silk shoes that have been dabbed in lots of juicy colours.  The beauty of these is that I don’t have to think about pairing them with anything in particular as the myriad of colours will forcefully go with most things.   These were an impusive ‘Did a double take as I was walking by shop window, must have them’ purchase at Marshamallow Mountain in Kingly Court. 

Well now that the hands are happy and the feet are happy, we’ll get started on the rest of the bod.  One step at a time….

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  1. Those shoeses are faaaaaaaaaaabulous. I’m jealous!
    Glad to see you are back on the mend and congrats on winning the fashion blog title!

  2. agree regarding daily glove and hat use. do it myself. however, cannot say i wouldn’t be slightly dissapointed if it became a trend.

  3. May I make a suggestion about the Bubble tunes? I don’t really like the new format with the Youtube. Why couldn’t you put up the mp3s anymore? It’s not really any major inconvenience to me, but I just liked downloading the songs after I listened to them. Hehe.. what can I say, you have very good taste in music.

  4. ooooooh – love the shoes – i miss london, used to pop into marshmallow mountain SO often (tho like sam greenberg upstairs possibly better…) – ur glove wearing has inspired me to pull out my white crochet-y lace ones for the day… ah, the drama of wearing them to lectures ;-D – xxxc

  5. Now I can see the shoes..they look like someone put rainbow sprinkles on them! No wonder your feet are happy..

  6. Love both. The shoes make me think of confetti in the best possible way.
    And hats & gloves do need ot make a comeback as every day accessories.

  7. Gotta agree with cassiopeia Sam Greenberg upstairs is better- really great customer service! I do love those shoes! And I love gloves too unfortunately nowhere seems to sell any small enough for me!

  8. I HAVE to know how to get those shoes! Is there any mail order from this store as I live in Australia. Does anyone know how much they are also???

  9. Georgie: Regarding the MP3 situation, I’d love to put up MP3’s – I just don’t have the bandwidth to support it and it’s also quite illegal! I may start compiling a playlist so that you can try and d/load it yourself off Limewire…

  10. Wow, they are in fantastic condition for vintage. They are just lovely shoes, the style as well as the fabric is just so different. A great find!

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