Photobucket Down

>> I’m literally pooing myself because Photobucket has gone down – 1000’s of blog imagery is up there sans backup (yes I’m a dumb dumb who wants to save hard disk space….).  I have no idea when it will be back up so until then it’s Style Bubble sans images…. oh dear….could this be the beginning of the end?  I knew it was all too good to be true……

EDIT: Panic over!  The Photobucket Help Forums went completely bezerk for a bit earlier on with people threatening to sue the site!  But all is well again.  Style Bubble without images is like me without my fringe – all wrong……

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  1. When you save your images (if you don’t do this already of course) – save them as Save For Web (as opposed to just Save As) in your Photoshop options and set it to jpg with a quality setting of say 75. That’ll ensure your images are much smaller, and take up very little disk space on your machine.

  2. oh dear indeed! no, it’s not really a problem. but it would be much easier to use flickr instead of photobucket. before i converted, photobucket used to delete my images randomly and size down my uploaded pictures.
    it was horrible! but flickr is very reliable. i can give you full assurance that it’ll always remember and not. muck up?

  3. you can post on flickr, and link to images from flickr as long as the images themselves link back to flickr itself. there is no logo anywhere.

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