Emma Cook is one of those designers that is like a trusty friend.  I can always count on her to make me happy, to cheer me up, to get me through when the going is tough.  Flash-in-the-pan, too-hot-to-touch names can either thrill you or leave you sorely disappointed but Emma Cook stealthily captures your heart and every season, there is a consistency there that isn’t samey but always ‘so her’.  It’s a tricky thing, isn’t it?  Developing a signature look without getting repetitive.  For autumn winter 2007-8, I was a little disappointed that she didn’t show on catwalk but instead made a video presentation but Ms. Cook did have a bun in the oven so all is forgiven and it is amazing that despite the bun, she managed to create a such a beautiful collection.  You can watch the presentation here but here is my little flickbook of looks accompanied by M83’s Teen Angst.  Know what flickbooks make me want?  Everything…

Many blogs, including the lovely Agathe at Style Bytes have pointed out the precedence of garbage bag dresses on the catwalks for next season and I also picked up the dominance of polyethylene fabric during fashion week.  However, I didn’t expect to come across the fabric when trawling my local jumble sale where I found this very old Ann Demeulemeester dress.  Well actually, I just didn’t expect to find Ann Demeulemeester at a jumble sale period but there you go.  Such is the eccentricity of Muswell Hill that you get people chucking out Ann D dresses….  I picked it up and you could actually see bells going off with a neon sign flashing ‘Autumn winter 2007 trend alert!’.  Of course, picking up the dress had more to do with the fact I could wear it and just say ‘Ann Demeuelemeester – at a jumble sale…’ with a knowing wink than the fabric of the dress.  However it was surprising to find that the material is more wearable than I thought it would be.  With a tank and leggings/tights, there was no uncomfortable plastic-sticky feeling and with the right accessories, it need not look like I constructed it out of a bin-liner and that yes, in fact it is a legitimately made dress!    

If you’re in London, have you like me, been basking in the sun?  Seriously, I could literally smell the sun today and yesterday.  We have had two days of , as my friend likes to call it, ‘beer-garden weather’.  Time to start thinking about the shades.  This delectable selection of vintage shades was snapped at London’s premiere vintage-must-see-spot, One of a Kind on Portobello Road in London.  The thing you can’t get with modern day shades is the genuine wackiness.  Sure, you’ll get the ones that sort of gingerly touch on the mad side or are a little theatrical.  But I’ve never seen sunglasses lack as much tact, subtlety or sometimes taste as vintage ones do and I suppose that’s what we love about them. 

So by all means, do look ‘cool and classy’ in the Chanels, Diors etc but I want to have proper silly fun in these ones.  Whilst downing cheeky Vimto in a beer garden.   In the sun.   

  though I have just having reached the ‘I can skip, jump and hop in platforms’, doesn’t mean my beloved flats are getting reject status.  I’ve been a fan of British shoe label New Kid’s comfy/cute/dorky aesthetic for a while and even better that they have an e-shop now.  I was talking about Ugly/Pretty with clothes only two days ago and I think New Kid fits into that.  At first glance, you may think ‘ick’ but then the ‘ick’ gets taken over by an ‘Aww thats sorta cute’.  Like those ugly play shoes you used to have.  Perfect for kicking around and having fun in but not necessarily for swanning around looking pretty. Must be all the sun hitting London that is making me feel like wearing these with dorky ankle socks and going to a playground for some roundabout fun.