Ill Fit Cool

Ill Fit Cool

So you may or may not know that jeans are not my best friend.  I’m not particularly fussed.  If I didn’t have a single pair of jeans in my wardrobe, I would not throw myself off a bridge.  I wear them occasionally but I don’t seek them out in some sort of frenzy like a lot of people do.  When I took a picture of this girl, I thought ‘Ok, thats it, I’m taking that attitude towards jeans!’.  By that, I mean the attitude of not really caring about the perfect fit, the perfect length, the most ‘in/’hip’ shape or brand.  These jeans are high waisted, really loose but not in that flared fashion way, completely the wrong length and not a particularly contemporary shade of denim.  Somehow she rocks them and though you can’t see in this bad picture, but she was wearing a cropped red jacket, socks and heels and a feathered hat and basically it all came together despite the marred jeans.  These are the anti-perfect jeans.  All the imperfections make them right.  At least they do for me.  So since I’m not really arsed about jeans, perhaps I should just go and wear ‘Can’t be arsed’ jeans and work with them.  After all, I’d take a lot more pleasure in finding the perfect outfit to work some bad jeans, than painfully trying on thousands of supposedly great jeans just to end up wearing them with a t-shirt.  What can I say?  I’m a denim lazy-pig…


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  1. Emily

    2007-03-22 at 5:21 AM

    Hahaha.. Nice post.. You’ve got the attitute! Yea and I agree with you with the painfulness of keep trying out jeans just to match with a t-shirt. Well I thk I should learn to pair it with some “bad” jeans then 😀

  2. DJM

    2007-03-22 at 9:13 AM

    Mum, is that you?? Those are mum jeans for sure. You’ll easily pick them up in any charity shop, and the great thing is even if you decide they are just too unflattering even for a carefree gal like yourself, it won’t matter because you’ll only have forked out a few quid.

  3. sopchan

    2007-03-22 at 1:00 PM

    I didn’t buy jeans for years because it was too stressful finding a “fit”. But I found the solution – buy jeans that don’t fit! I can put on all of my jeans without undoing the fly. Of course this makes belts essential – else you end up with jeans about your knees – but the jeans always “fit” regardless of small fluctuations in my hip size. Totally ignored the skinny thing, and kept on with my dropped-crotch comfy wonders (which get lots of compliments). They work best if they have the cinch buckle at the back too. I think I’m definitely a denim lazy-pig too. 😎

  4. the coveted

    2007-03-22 at 5:14 PM

    oh yeah, i didn’t start wearing jeans until 2002.. about when sevens hit the main stream, and they became so much more comfortable. relaxed attitiudes in jeans isn’t that what they’re supposed to be? when did all the stressing out over cut and wash become such a big deal?

  5. sophicat

    2007-03-22 at 9:08 PM

    oh you just make me feel bad. i have three jeans, and two of them i hate, becaue they doesnt really fit ( okay, one i just wear really relaxed, that works) and the ohter one is from h&m children store, i cant close her. she pretty unrelaxed. so i have to feel bad?
    i dont think! because jeans are a really good way to feel great, becaue you know you look faboulos in skinny jeans, you body looks so feminim, so good shaped. sometimes i like that with high heals. just to be sexy and so. i have to think about it. but i like your attitude, you make me think 🙂

  6. chris

    2007-03-23 at 10:40 PM

    ok, ive been a reader of this blog for quite some time, but i totally disagree, i think they just look horibble. i hate how people are trying to make things that are so hideous, in. for example those huge glasses. and i dont mean stylish frames, i mean hideous wire 80s specs. i just dont get it.

  7. Blue Floppy Hat

    2007-03-24 at 3:16 PM

    I’m no jeans fan either… and I honestly don’t think the girl in the picture was going for a ‘so-bad-it’s-good’ vibe, it seems a genuine fuck-all I’m tired of perfect jeans look. Good for her I say!

  8. Meg

    2007-03-26 at 1:09 AM

    I don’t know whether you read the sunday time style magazine, but jeans that aren’t fashionable were a favourite there too. I think you’re on to something, ahead of the times too, no surprise there!

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