Doing an Edie (another one)

Somehow, I managed to channel two different Edies within a week.  The first was the turban a la Little Edie Bouvier and the second which will probably raise a few ‘Oh dear, she’s doing a Sienna Miller’ comments, who I questioned a little while ago.&nbsp, is of course Edie Sedgewick – film fodder of the moment since Factory Girl only came out here last week. Well, I found that 200 denier as-opaque-as-you-can-get tights are actually an acceptable pants-alternative to be frollicking around in with my oversized Jens Laugesen white shirt.  So yes, I did an ‘Edie’ for the sheer lazyness of a Sunday outfit and because actually the stigma of Sienna Miller doing all false ‘Edie’ has not really affected my own opinion that yup – the real Edie did look fab in those thick tights of hers. 

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  1. I’ve been wanting to try this, but I’m always confused to what to do about underpants! Do you go commando or will a thong do?

  2. edie pulled those tights off so well. as do you. i hope you don’t mind that i ask but, where were you able to find tights that thick? i’ve looked at many places but they all seem to be somewhat see-through…

  3. Great outfit! The tights, oversized shirt, long necklace, and shoes are very Edie. Hell of a lot better than Sienna for sure! (I hope people don’t think Edie really wore oversized black panties/brief thingys).

  4. I bought my tights at this random market stall that sold surplus socks and tights in Waterloopein in Amsterdam. The packaging looked really old and like something from the 80’s and were meant as extreme weather tights – like Arctic weather. However, I think Tabio in London does the best opaque matt tights – they have 100 denier tights in all sorts of colours. I’ve never come across PROPER opaque tights online though unfortunatley – perhaps a search for cold weather tights on eBay will yield some results?

  5. this looks really great.. while I was thinking about sporting the leggings only look, you go one step further wearing tights only… my my.. may I call u a trend setter..?

  6. The jumper looks like a cricket one…reminds me there’s a World Cup in it going on right now- but great outfit, Susie! Am I right in assuming that 200 denier tights are somewhat snag-proof? And are they separate stocking-like things or are they like leggings with feet?

  7. East finchely tube!wow you live so close to me, yet i have never seen you, a shame. Sorry if that sounds stalkerish,its just i am 13 and really admire your style.

  8. I love the outfit but i don’t understand why no one likes sienna miller. I feel like I’m out of the loop or something….

  9. Hi Susie,
    My name is valerj i’m an italian girl in Los Angeles, CA…I love your blog!..i’m a fashion designer and a painter too .My latest collection of paintings and clothes is based on Edie sedgwick who is my muse and i started painting about her long time ago ( way before all this buzz just because the movie is out..)..
    Feel free to contact me if you like to see some of my clothes…

  10. i always find woolen ribbed tights get the same effect – john lewis stores used to do some really really thick ones but i haven’t checked lately as haven’t been in need due to them lasting so long, though i did see some blue ones last time i was in out of the corner of my eye lol…
    love the look – i always find just wearing a shirt looks indecent on me as they hit slightly too high whatever size of men’s shirt i’m wearing – goddamn being tall ;-D -susie, do u know of any brands that make extra long men’s shirts? i’d quite like to find a slim fitting but longer than average one… there’s always making one but it seems such a staple average item i can never be bothered!

  11. Oh this look is so adorable!!
    I hope you dont mind me asking, but where did you get that cardie? I would love to know as its wonderful!
    Looks like a cardigan that will go with anything!

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