Daydream Nation: Trendless loveliness

Though Hong Kong is full of very snappy dressers (not bigging myself up or anything….), it’s yet to prove itself on the international fashion scene and instead, designers like Henry Lau focus on what they know best, being the Hong Kong market.  So it pleases me to no end that a designer from Hong Kong (this is the only time you’ll hear me sounding remotely patriotic) made it onto the London Fashion Week schedule.  The label Daydream Nation is a collaboration between Kay Wong, a graduate of the RCA and her brother Jing Wong, a CSM theatre design grad.  Kay had previously designer under her own name and me being the naughty blogger that I am, had been meaning to write a little about her work.  But under the guidance umbrella of Daydream Nation where the focus is on clothes that you play with, interact with and that also veers towards the slightly whimsical, I think Kay has found her niche.  Garments that are fashioned from or inspired by vintage clothing are there to reproduce memories.  The A/W07 collection entitled ‘Back down the rabbit hole.’ is about adults grappling to let go of childhood and differentiating between fantasy and reality.  Now you might think I’m using too much flowery language but it is only because I attended the show a month ago that I fully understood the conception of the garments.

For a start, it wasn’t a conventional show but it waas a theatrical performance which told a story parallel to the stories the clothes tell.  Models/dancers acted out as sweet ragdolls.  It was a tense buildup towards the final realisation that childhood cannot be recovered.  I was absolutely entranced and mesmerised simultaenously watching them ‘play’ on stage and their antics actually gave me a chance to study the clothes in great detail too.  The site should hopefully have video clips up soon but here are some stills I took:

Yet I don’t wish for the theatrics to detract from the clothes which are as I said in the title, trendless (a bit of a relief when during four weeks all you are doing is roving for trends) and lovely.  There’s something very immediately accessible and appealing about them and is a wonderful mixture of tactibility and comfort.  I heard someone at the show comment that the clothes were ‘fun’ but not serious fashion which puzzled me.  Serious fashion?  That’s the sort of dismissiveness you attribute when you have a one-dimensional view on fashion.  Tosh, I say.  Kay and Jing have SERIOUSLY made me want to immediately curl up and play in their clothing.  Is that serious enough?

Lastly, don’t you just love these illustration/photo mergers?

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