Cool Young Lad

If this isn’t proof that kids are getting more and more fashion savvy, I don’t know what is.  I snapped young Joseph who is 13 years old, outside my local tube station which trust me, isn’t exactly a hotbed of fashion cool-dom.   Give him a few years time and I swear Hedi Slimane will come to London a-cool-hunting (as he often does) and send him down the runways. 

I sort of have mixed feelings about kids getting into fashion so early on.  On one hand, I think it’s fab that young teens are defining their style so early on and that they have such a clear idea of what they want to look like.  Lord knows, at that age, I was still a little fuzzy on what constituted personal style (though I was obsessed with fashion as a remote subject).  With availability of fashion for the tweenager/young teen stage getting better and better, it is no wonder that fashion is reaching them younger and younger.  On the other hand, kids demanding super styling fashion, the coolest trainers and a Topman store card from their parents is not ideal at all.  However, Joseph seemed like a polite, well-spoken lad so let’s hope he’s saving up his 10 pounds a week allowance to buy all his cool clobber as opposed to whining ‘Pleeaaaaase Muuuuum!’.

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  1. the kid is cute. I wonder if he dressed himself?
    I’m just more worried that if fashion is becoming more accessible to kids that they’ll all start looking like homogenized baby hipsters or that they all got that” adopted by Angelina Jolie” look that Maddox got going on for him.
    I don’t recall having that much tact when it came to picking out my own clothes when I was but a lil’ scrub.I think Taste and style came at a later age.My style is the way it is because I went through phase that I needed to go through. So it’s kinda alarming to see kids looking so snappy so early in life without going through those awkward phases. They’re Jumpin’ off the pages of vouge bambini (which I love. Thier layouts are so cute!)

  2. whoa! i’m noticing this in my area too. the kids are such snappy dressed rock stars.
    but i like this a lot better than some parents dressing their 6-8 year old daughters in tube/halter tops with SEXY or the playboy bunny written across the front.
    okay, sorry tangent.
    this kid looks great and still very age appropiate. well done kiddo!

  3. My take on kids in fashion is that it better be tasteful and unique, not a way to gain acceptance. That boy is a positive example indeed.

  4. haha that kid IS cute=)
    its good to see somebody his age that has an individual style appropriate for his age, because seriously some of the kids around here dress like baby sluts and they all look the same.
    I’m just a little bit older than that kid, but i havn’t yet found my style, so its cool that he hass=)

  5. Oh my god, haha he does look like Fionn Regan! Though I don’t think he wears sneakers like that, does he?

  6. He looks lots younger than 13, such a baby face.
    Anyway, I cant believe I was that old ten years ago. I had absolutely no sense of style, and I couldnt. My mom bought me every single thing I wore, gave me no choice, and it consisted of a lot of hand me downs. I definitely was not cool in the clothes and shoes department. Im glad Im well off on my own to take care of myself about things like that now.
    There’s this kiddo I see here in Las Vegas sometimes, I think his parents are big into the downtown artsy scene, cause he cant be more than seven or eight years old. But he has dreadlocks! long ones that come down to his butt, he must be the epitome of cool in his class.

  7. so have you been to the new COS shop – the upmarket H&M? I passed by today and the clothes reminded me of this journal so perhaps you’d like them!

  8. Even childhood isn’t sacred anymore, I remember seeing 11-12 years old dressed like he was on Hel-looks. I don’t know, something about it doesn’t feel right.

  9. I dunno, at that age in child development you’re not really supposed to have your “own look” yet. This is the age where kids are trying to find out where they fit in and thus testing the waters by dressing like “everybody else.” I’d be very surprised if this was his “own look.” But if so, more props to him!

  10. No OFFENCE! This lil guy looks SOOOO GAY!
    He looks half girl half unusual weirdo! So not my style! I like high messy buns with a mini skirt and a tank top with vans shoes and a head band or something is it were a girl. EWEWEW!!!

  11. OMG! Is he 13????? OMFG OMFG OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He looks like he’s a lil shy 9 year old! SERIOUSLY! PLEASE STOP! HE LOOKS SOOO GAY!

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