An irresistible combo…

You know when a partnership has ‘click’ factor?  When you see pictures like these.  I’ve been enamoured with Jean Shrimpton aka ‘The Shrimp’ since…. god knows when and these photos of her shot by David Bailey for British Vogue in 1962 in Manhattan are a nice Saturday treat.  This was just prior to the ‘Swinging London’ era, when Britain ‘got cool’.  This was also prior to Bailey and Shrimpton hitting the big time, when they had something to prove, something to show beyond the stiff, overly-glamourous and unapproachable predecessing fashion photography.  Featured in this week’s Guardian Weekend, it’s good to be reminded me of one of the most alluring photographer-muse chemistries of all time and of course indulge in my ‘I want to run around Manhattan looking like a lost British waif’ fantasies.  It also reminds me I need to try and find my teddy bear again – a comfort toy in a big city is essential.   

EDIT: Thank you Rosa for pointing out my inability to spell – clearly blogging after gastro pub lunch is not such a good idea….

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